Intentional Product Manager Review – Shobhit Chugh Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Intentional Product Manager. Is it legit? Find out in this Intentional Product Manager review.

To survive and develop in today’s corporate environment, product management success is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, the correct tools and advice may make a world of difference in your success as a product manager.

Here’s where Intentional Product Manager comes in, a full-featured platform that gives product managers the tools they need to succeed. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Intentional Product Manager such a helpful resource for product management experts.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Intentional Product Manager review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Intentional Product Manager in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Intentional Product Manager Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Intentional Product Manager
  • Founder: Shobhit Chugh
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Product management
  • Recommendation: This program can only be helpful for you if you are a product manager. This is not really for newbies.

Intentional Product Manager Overview

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Job search

If you’re an aspiring or seasoned product manager trying to take your career to the next level, starting your job search may be both an exciting and demanding adventure. To succeed in the highly competitive field of product management, it is essential to take a methodical and deliberate approach to finding a new position.

To equip product managers with a clear sense of direction and confidence during the job search process, Intentional Product Manager provides a detailed manual.

Intentional Product Manager’s “Intentional Job Search” program is revolutionary for product managers in search of new employment. A successful job search can only be achieved with the help of the unique tactics, experienced coaching, and crucial insights provided by this program.

Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out, this program will give you the edge you need to land your dream job in product management.

The need of developing a clear and methodical approach to finding employment is a central tenet of the “Intentional Job Search” curriculum.

The curriculum will help you figure out what you want out of your career, what makes you special, and how to best market yourself to prospective employers. Participants develop the self-assurance to approach their job hunt with clarity and purpose after working with seasoned product management specialists.

The curriculum

Individuals participating in the program will have a deeper understanding of the captivating narratives that showcase their skills and experiences as product managers.

Participants’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and behavioral interviews may be better tailored to product management positions with the help of this repository of product- and non-product-related career anecdotes.

The curriculum emphasizes the importance of networking and helps participants become master networkers. The program helps participants stand out from the crowd of applicants for product manager roles by teaching them how to effectively network in order to obtain recommendations and insider access.

Although interviews might be nerve-wracking, this curriculum will teach you how to ace them every time. Individuals may learn to excel in every kind of interview, from those focused on products to those focused on strategy and conduct, with enough preparation and practice.

Making a positive impression in interviews mostly depends on how well you express yourself. Participants will emerge as exceptional product managers who can connect with interviewers thanks to the program’s emphasis on communication skills.

Finally, the curriculum provides priceless assistance in areas such as bargaining and finalizing a transaction.

Even if program participants have a history of accepting the first offer made to them, the program helps them get many offers and provides experienced negotiating coaching to guarantee they secure the highest potential remuneration.

Product Leader Blueprint

Intentional Product Manager Review - Shobhit Chugh

Keeping up with the always-changing landscape of product management is crucial to your professional success, so do everything you can to learn new things and improve your existing abilities. Product managers who want to expand their knowledge and advance in their careers need go no farther than Intentional Product Manager’s Product Leadership Bootcamp (PLB).

Experts in the field have crafted the intensive and all-encompassing Product Leadership Bootcamp. This comprehensive bootcamp is designed to give product managers a leg up on the competition and equip them with the tools they need to face the intricacies of the modern product management environment with confidence.

At its core, the PLB is about developing into a more effective leader. The course explores the fundamentals of good management, giving product managers the tools they need to effectively manage their teams, inspire creativity, and make decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

One distinctive aspect of the PLB is its focus on product strategy. The course equips participants with tried and true methods for ensuring the success of their products at every stage of the product lifecycle, from brainstorming to releasing. This strategic groundwork equips product managers to develop and release products that satisfy consumers and advance organizational goals.

Product managers in today’s data-driven environment need to be able to make decisions based on that data. The PLB equips members with the resources they need to successfully exploit data, transforming insights into strategies that boost product growth and profitability.

After finishing the bootcamp, graduates join a lively network of product managers. This helpful group offers constant encouragement, promotes the exchange of information, and makes it easier to make genuine contacts with other experts.

The curriculum

Product managers will get the chance to develop into effective product leaders throughout this intensive 10-week program. The program is directed by a seasoned professional, and it provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and techniques they need to succeed in product leadership positions across a wide range of contexts.

The first week dives deep into “product leadership thinking,” dissecting a three-step process that effective leaders employ to sustain forward momentum in their thinking through routine habits. Participants will get insight on how to improve their leadership and judgment skills.

Challenges specific to each participant’s condition will be identified during Week 2. Participants will receive a bespoke strategy that takes into account their unique circumstances, such as the sort of product they are selling, the corporate culture, the timing of any upcoming promotions, and their own prior expertise.

Regardless of a product manager’s degree of expertise or the perceived worth of their product inside the firm, they may benefit from Week 3’s lessons on how to construct an impact plan. Participants may increase their influence and productivity by carefully picking projects and developing product strategies.

The fourth week digs into how anybody, no matter their level of expertise, may build a plan to exert authoritative influence on others. Participants will develop a stakeholder strategy to increase their profile and clout inside the business, as well as a compelling product story to highlight their offerings and accomplishments.

The fifth week is dedicated to tweaking the overall strategy in light of collected data. Through the use of practical advice, participants will learn to prioritize outcome-based and strategic goals, rather than relying on never-ending to-do lists.

By integrating the stakeholder plan from Week 4 with the strategic product strategy in Week 6, product managers may significantly increase their impact. To progress one’s profession, one must craft an enticing product story and personal narrative that will captivate audiences and inspire them to take action.

In Week 7, students learn to effectively convey their plans in writing. Maintaining forward momentum in volatile markets requires product managers to portray an accurate picture of their goods in the eyes of stakeholders and allies.

Participants are able to stop reacting and start planning around Week 8. This shift in priorities establishes them as leaders on the product team rather than just another unappreciated worker.

The advanced influence secrets employed by pros will be revealed to product managers in Week 9. Storytelling and the tried-and-true CALF model are two methods that are guaranteed to win over listeners.

The program culminates in Week 10 with instruction on how to best demonstrate the program’s value to the participant’s employer. This presentation paves the way for future promotional and development prospects, as well as strategic projects that might lead to a rewarding professional future.

In addition, attendees will learn to instill in themselves the kind of resilient outlook and routines that will make them future-proof leaders. The curriculum also teaches participants sophisticated methods for promoting themselves outside the confines of their current employer, which can open doors to other professional prospects.

Final Verdict – Intentional Product Manager Review

After researching Intentional Product Manager in depth, you should think about if it delivers as advertised. There are some possible negatives to consider, despite the fact that the program offers a thorough curriculum that covers fundamental components of product management.

The absence of information on the program’s success rates and efficacy is cause for worry. There is insufficient evidence to back up the platform’s claim that it provides product managers with the resources they need to thrive. Potential participants may be unwilling to commit time and resources if they cannot see evidence of the program’s success in the form of testimonials or data.

The program’s genuine aims can also be called into doubt due to its heavy focus on upselling further courses and recommending unrelated possibilities to make money. Be wary of such suggestions and ask yourself if you truly believe they are in your best interest.

It’s possible that not everyone will be able to handle the program’s intensity throughout the course of 10 weeks. It may be difficult for some product managers to devote the time and energy required by such an intense program on top of their other obligations.

Furthermore, the program’s emphasis on self-promotion and personal branding might not appeal to everyone. The focus on individual achievement and promotion may not jive with individuals who would rather work in a more collaborative, team-based style of product management.

Ultimately, while Intentional Product Manager does provide a thorough curriculum and claims to provide product managers with necessary skills and tactics, interested parties should think long and hard about the program’s benefits and drawbacks before enrolling.

There is a lack of proof demonstrating its usefulness, and some people may decide it’s better to go elsewhere for opportunities to further their careers due to worries about upselling and individualistic methods. Before making any financial commitment, it is important to do one’s homework and think about one’s own situation.

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