Internet Gurus — Web of Deception, Lies, and Manipulation

I’m very confident that these bogus guru adverts have disrupted practically everyone’s social media platforms. The flashy vehicles, large homes, and the promise to improve your life are all there.

The terrible aspect is that, despite the fact that I, for one, recognize these adverts as a fraud, many others do not. And as a result, many lose a significant amount of money.

These ads claim to transform your life, make you wealthy, teach you new useful skills, and so on. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for it. They believe they will make more money if they sign up for the “training courses” that these gurus offer.

However, they wind up losing all of their money with no positive results to show for it. Well, for an ordinary person, it could be hard to distinguish truth from fiction from a guru. After all, they are trained to lie.

In this article, we will be discussing what you need to know about internet gurus, how to spot scams, and how you can properly equip yourself in order to send them away.

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What are Internet Gurus?

Internet Gurus

You’ve probably came across one of these individuals on social, or Google by mistake or by searching for terms such as “Make money online” or “Passive income.” Interacting with their material is one of the worst experiences you would have to sit through.

Your screen is filled with the cheesiest, scumpiest advertising, from your Facebook wall to your YouTube feed. Once you click an ad, it begins screwing up your algorithm, which explains why you will begin to see them more often.

You can’t ignore your social media accounts since they are accessible from all of your devices. They will follow you around until you fall victim to one of the various cons which could come in whatever convoluted form.

What Niches Do These Gurus Frequent?

Forex trading – a term that makes any financial expert shudder — has become the most popular way for phony gurus to defraud their victims. In only six months, teens under 19 claim to have transformed twenty thousand dollars into millions of dollars. We all know that cannot be true, right?

However, it’s only after years of experience in the financial markets that you realize bi-monthly returns of 10,000 percent are unachievable. This is why a lot of people fall for their lies.

Then there are the infuriating dropshipping experts who suggest that selling on Amazon, the most congested online marketplace, is now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Meanwhile, according to Marketplace Pulse, just 4% of Amazon sellers earn the same as a Costco employee. Selling the dream is how the actual money is made. Despite the fact that this is the truth, many people continue to believe it.

This, however, may change. Short-sellers continue to uncover high-profile corporate criminals, and internet scam busters are doing the same with impostor online gurus.

Fraud detectives have morphed into content producers, using social media to expose charlatans. They provide a public service — often better than the government — via anything from outright exposés to interviews with former victims.

How are Internet Gurus Making Money?

Let me tell you something that many phony gurus would rather you didn’t know.

They often earn more money marketing courses than they do from their primary businesses. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that many ads online offer courses, masterminds, or online items when seen from this viewpoint.

Many individuals are yearning to transform their lives, and fake online gurus know this. They are well aware that there is a lot of money to be earned.

As a result, they fabricate personal experience in order to look authoritative, and then charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a quickly assembled “course” in order to make a quick buck from these people.

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How Do You Spot Fake Gurus?

They often show off their wealth.

Gurus usually begin with a relatable narrative. Once they get your attention, they will slowly reel you in with an almost ridiculous story as to how they amassed their wealth. They often emphasize that it takes shorter than you can expect.

Gurus are often pictured in a high-end vehicle, as well as an impressive house and property. If you spot of these elements appear in the commercial or marketing material, it’s a clear indication that someone is posing as a guru.

Remember that these days, you can easily rent expensive cars and properties, as long as you know where to look. So, if you see someone professing to live a lavish lifestyle, keep in mind that they might be deceiving you.

They charge ridiculous prices.

If someone is really successful and earns a decent living from their company, they are unlikely to charge hundreds of dollars for an online course or product. They would be open to providing them for dirt cheap prices if their goal is to educate as many people as possible.

Fake gurus, on the other hand, do exactly the opposite. They recognize that it is simpler to earn a fast buck from an online course than it is to start a real company. As a result, they establish a preposterous prices.

They provide no proof to justify any of their claims.

If someone is offering you a product and claims to run a successful company but doesn’t give specific instances or evidence, you should know that that is big red flag straight away.

It’s worth noting that screenshots of sales figures may be forged using photo-editing software. There are lots of those available for free in internet, so anyone can easily use them to defraud others.

So, before buying a course from a self-proclaimed expert, you should attempt to get some proof from them first. If they really are as honest as they claim, they would not hesitate from answering the hard questions.

They exploit people’s emotions.

Exploiting your emotions is the greatest approach for these gurus to obtain what they want from. They have you because they have triggered your money-making attitude. And they know how to get you.

They use relatable anecdotes, such as a rags to riches story, and then slowly manipulate you into thinking that their lifestyle is achievable.

Once they lure you in, you will be more easy to convince that their “course” can help you achieve your dream lifestyle. Most of the time though, these courses are not worth the price they charge you for them.

Should You Trust These Gurus?

Internet Gurus 2

If you fall victim to the phony guru trap, you will lose a lot of money, get no skills from any of the courses, and have a lot of regrets.

If you truly want to master a skill, you can do it for free nowadays. You don’t have to enroll in these pricey courses taught by these phony gurus. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube on almost everything. You can also take free courses from sites like Skillshare.

These platforms, at the very least, have genuine competent professors and accreditations.

So, are all online courses scams?

This is a good opportunity to point you that we do not feel you should avoid enrolling in a course taught by a professional in the field. There are a number of excellent courses available that will teach you a great deal in a short period of time, after all.

The problem is that for every decent course with strong material, there seem to be five imposters disguised as “entrepreneurs” claiming the same thing.

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These gurus are desperate for your attention.

It makes no difference whether the attention is gained as a result of an output of factual material that the viewer may actually profit from. It’s still attention whether it’s acquired by fabrications.

Unfortunately, well-sounding rubbish is less expensive to generate than true facts based on statistically significant results or genuine study.

Any online celebrity/personality that tries to get a lot of attention is typically marketing themselves as a brand, rather than concentrating on genuine quality. Regardless of the content’s authenticity, attention creates profit.

These personalities are enticing speakers who can pass themselves off as experts in a field, even if they aren’t. They seem to be self-assured individuals.

The gurus make a lot of money by creating material for a gullible audience that virtually never checks to see whether what they’re hearing is accurate.

Internet gurus usually prey on simple-minded people.

People like these appear to lure young people in their twenties who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. It’s probably simpler to wow a novice audience with claims that usually have no substance.

I don’t consider inexperience to be a disadvantage. Are you in your early twenties and itching to take on the world? That’s okay, since everyone on that stage has that desire.

However, you should remember than you have a finite attention and learning capacity. Keep an eye out for phony gurus who will waste your time and money.

You shouldn’t rely on internet gurus for major life decisions.

Most people, in my opinion, want simple solutions to complicated problems. That is one of the reasons they become easy victims of con artists.

You must learn how to think for yourself. After all, you are going to be making major decisions for yourself.

Digging around is never a waste of time. What you’re doing is learning about the nuances that may seem to be irrelevant at the moment. However, rather than being spoon-fed answers, they enable you to fully comprehend something.

It’s critical for advancement to happen upon ideas by accident. It mostly occurs when you let yourself to explore and attempt apparently ridiculous things, with failure as a perfectly acceptable conclusion. This is oftentimes ruined by following others word-for-word.

It will all start to make sense after a time. You’ll begin to see patterns and connections. These aha-moments will begin to occur to you. You would have earned genuine knowledge and experience.

Because of this, you will then discover that gurus aren’t necessary.

Final Thoughts

Internet Gurus 3

Now that I have told you all you need to know about internet gurus, I guess you now have enough knowledge to make proper decisions. After all, you now know how their scam works, so it would be pretty easy to avoid them.

My final words for you are pretty simple — keep pushing forward. You need to be able to think for yourself, like I said earlier. Following a guru is more like following a cult leader, if you ask me.

Because gurus are expert in manipulation, I know that my analogy is not really that far off. They are experts in terms of convincing people that their methods are absolute, and that their advice needs to be followed word for word.

We already know that gurus are all about squeezing as much money out from people. This is why I advise staying as far away from them as you can. Learn to second guess whatever advice they are giving. You are not a sheep.

If you want to make something great of your life, then claim it for your own. Enroll in legitimate institutions that can really teach you what you need to know.

Or better yet, strive and work hard. You will get there eventually. You know your worth, so justify it, and claim it. After all, you know you can do it.

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