iPEC Coaching Cost And Concerns

Today, we’re going to talk a bit more about iPEC coaching. Like how much can iPEC coaching cost you, and plenty of other concerns about them.

For most of you, being a life coach is probably one of the last things that will come to your mind when choosing a career. Yet a career like it definitely exists, and some people prefer that career choice over others.

But why would someone choose a life coach career? As with any other career choice, it largely depends on their affinity to it.

Maybe you’re someone who has that natural affinity for helping people. Especially when they’re in need of plenty of advice and guidance not only for their own careers, but also for their own lives.

But starting a life coaching career isn’t just something that you can do on a whim the moment you decide to be one. Even if you’re already skilled in that aspect, credentials are still needed to make yourself more legitimate.

And this is why educational programs like iPEC exist. Not only to train you, but to give you the certification that you need.

Of course, there are other life coaching courses other than iPEC. That’s why here, we’re going to focus more on how much can iPEC coaching cost you, as well as other factors that can help you in deciding whether you want to start a life coach career, or not.

Note that this is a fully-independent article. I’m not affiliated with any of the iPEC personnel in any form.

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What Is iPEC?

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To start of, let me tell you first about the iPEC company, and what it’s all about.

iPEC stands for Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. It’s a learning institution that gives training to individuals who are planning on having a life coaching career.

One of the selling points that iPEC state on their website is what they call their “Core Energy Coaching” process, which seems to be the foundation of their training. Though in reality, it’s just a fancy term for their teaching style that empowers their students to be what they really want to accomplish, be it in their career, or in their overall life.

iPEC was founded in 1999 by Bruce D. Schneider. Bruce D. Schneider is also a Master Certified Coach, and a licensed psychotherapist. He’s also quite active as a speaker, having held several seminars, keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions.

One of the main reasons why people enroll in institutions like iPEC is for them to get certified. This is possible as iPEC is also a certified member of the International Coaching Federation.

This means that you can be an ICF-certified professional coach as part of your credentials if you enroll in iPEC’s educational program. A necessary step to take if you plan on applying as a life coach in many companies.

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How Much Does iPEC Coaching Cost?

The cost of enrolling in iPEC can range from $2,495 to $13,995. The cost depends on which program you choose to enroll in.

If you only want to learn the basics of life coaching and an introduction to it, then the Life & Leadership Potentials training program is what you need. Most people who are just starting out may find this program enough for their needs, especially since it’s much cheaper.

But if you’re really set on your career path to becoming a life coach, and you want to be certified for it, then the main iPEC coaching program, is what you need. Apart from providing intensive training, you’ll also become an ICF-certified life coach once you finish the program.

Still, this is one of the main concerns about iPEC. Due to its very high price, not everyone can certainly avail of it. But you do get what you pay for, though.

It is certainly a very big investment for this program. Therefore, my advice is to make sure that you’re really willing to spend that much if you want to start your life coaching career.

But then again, I have searched for other ICF-accredited institutions. And some of them offer similar programs that iPEC does for roughly the same price of iPEC’s Life & Leadership Potentials Program. They even give coaching certifications, too.

So it may not be worth it for some aspirants to spend too much on iPEC in the long run.

Is Being A Life Coach Lucrative?

iPEC Coaching Image

Choosing a professional coaching career may raise some eyebrows for some, thinking that it’s not a “real” job. But lately, professional coaching has been getting the amount of respect that it deserves.

And this is mainly due to the economic uncertainty many of us are facing, which can even lead to forced career changes. Furthermore, some big companies are even investing in professional coaching services to make their operations efficient and productive in the midst of financial challenges.

And why should anyone choose being a professional coach, be it an executive coach or a life coach, as a career? Because it affords some flexible options when it comes to earning money.

First of, there’s the pay. Professional coaches have the privilege of setting their own rates, but of course, it still depends on the coaching quality and expertise they can offer.

The usual rate coaches can charge for every hour can range from about $25 to $300+. The standard rate for coaches coming out of a certification program is $100-$150 per hour. Again, these can be higher depending on the coach’s background, other expertise, and location.

Secondly, they can afford the freedom of time. Most life coaches usually work on their own schedule, depending on the availability of both the coach and the client. They have the option of working all day, or they can choose to close off consultations and take a break first.

These are some of the main reasons why many people are seeking a life coaching career. Not to mention that some of them have a natural affinity to help people out and teach them.

But Can Anyone Be A Life Coach?

A life coach career may sound like a great opportunity for making money. And due to its high-income potential, it may very well be.

However, a life coach career may not be suitable for everyone. It may work for some people, but not for all.

One of the reasons for it is that not really everyone has an affinity for teaching and coaching. Even if someone is already an expert at a certain aspect of life, some may find it hard to impart the same expertise to others.

Some may say that this is due to the charisma of the coach. It’s only a part of that, but there could be more.

The next reason is that starting a life coaching career isn’t just something you can do on a whim. As stated before, you need to be an ICF-certified life coach so that you’ll be more attractive to clients.

While iPEC may provide that needed certification, the biggest barrier to this is that the training program for it is very expensive. Obviously, not everyone has the money to avail of that program.

Finally, this might be easy for some, but as a coach, you need to maintain a higher image standard to that many people will see you as credible and legitimate. After all, the improvement of your client, whether it be on an individual basis or a company basis, rests in your hands.

I cited this as a concern because some people may find this aspect a bit intimidating. Because everything you say or do, may reflect in your life coaching career.

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iPEC Coaching Cost And Concerns, Final Thoughts

Let me just give some final thoughts before I close off this topic about iPEC coaching cost and concerns.

In closing, that’s not to say that iPEC coaching is a scam. It’s far from it. It’s completely legitimate.

In fact, a lot of students’ feedback that I see on various internet sources states that their experience at iPEC has been a very fruitful one. Basically, everything they need to know about being a life coach, they’re able to learn in iPEC.

Thus, investing in one of iPEC’s training programs can be a good idea if you plan on starting a life coaching career, and wanted to get certifications for it.

But due to its very expensive price, it may not be worth it in the long run. Besides, there are still plenty of other life coaching courses out there that offer the ICF certification that you need, but cost almost a fourth of the price iPEC offers.

And just as I stated before, a life coaching career may not be for everyone. However, you don’t have to lose hope just yet.

Because there’s also a good opportunity here that can give you a steady flow of recurring income, while still affording you the freedom of time, and being free from your boss of any kind.

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