Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam Or Saturated?

The question that goes all the time in online industry is affiliate marketing a scam?

Every other person who wants to start this business has two main questions about this.

Is affiliate marketing a scam and the second one is that affiliate marketing is saturated.

Means that we are able to make six figures with affiliate marketing or should we consider some other business.

The answer to this question is not as simple but we are going to go in depth of this.

It is quite easy for me to say Oh , it is too much saturated and is a scam or no it’s not and you can expect to make six figures with it.

But I want to go in-depth of this topic.

I will tell you everything with logic and hope that it will convince you somewhere.

First of all I want to clear this affiliate marketing concept with you.

What it is.Now,there are two big ways that you can make money online.

In fact you can expect to make six figures with both them.

Either selling your services to someone on freelance sites like airtasker and upwork.

Or selling your or someone’s product online.

And when you sell someone product online it is called affiliate marketing.

Let’s start our topic.

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Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam or legit?

No,affiliate marketing is not a scam.It is totally legit.

I heard a lot of people in my 3 years of affiliate marketing journey saying that affiliate marketing is not legit and it is outdated business model.

But this is not truth.

These are the people who do not succeed with affiliate marketing and do not put enough work.

My question for you is that why affiliate marketing can be a scam?I mean there is not a single reason for it.

You are connecting a customer to a company and helping company to get more sales.

In return company is giving you commission.

That’s it.It is not a scam.

Selling stuff online is not a simple task or thing.

In fact you have to do the work for it.

It is the most important thing that will help you succeed in this business.

Now,a lot of companies even if it is small or big,have an affiliate program.


Because they think the only way they are going to make more sales and money is with the help of a team.

A team of affiliate marketers.

This is called affiliate marketing.Selling company’s product with ethical ways and marketing is affiliate marketing all about.

Most people saying these type of things are fearer and you are farer.Realistically you can expect to make 6 figures a day.

Even 6 figures a day.

Yes a lot of people made 6 figures in a day before you.

But it will take time.

These are the skills that you are not going to learn in a night.It is totally up to you how fast you learn and implement things.

Affiliate marketing changed the lives of millions of people.Yes,this industry is scaling day by day.It is not a small industry.

The industry net worth is $6.4 billions.And these figures will increase day by day.

Because it is the best business online and simple to understand.

You do not have to deal with anything.

Yes,everything is done for you by the company that you are promoting.

You do not have to worry about things like customer care or something like that.

In fact on my site I am telling this exact thing to people over and over again.

That affiliate marketing is the most legit,simple business online.It is the only business that provides people like us with the opportunity to generate passive money in the sleeps.

When you have all setup for this,you will generate money while sleeping.

Passive means the money that you do not need to do any work for.

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Is affiliate marketing saturated?

Next question is that i affiliate marketing saturated or not.No,it is not saturated.It is misconception for most people.

Even I first while starting affiliate marketing though about that.

Was thinking that I have to fight with a lot of people.

In fact hundreds of people to make a single sale.

You know what I was wrong.

When I finally put the work and did everything practically than came to know that my competition was two or three people in the world.

It is not saturated.The people who are saying these kinds of things are promoting dropshipping,lead generation or amazon fba.

I have done these business practically and with my experience I can say that these businesses are the most saturated business online.

In fact these kind of businesses is a terrible idea to start in 2020 and moving forward.

Why let me clarify you this thing.

I tried lead generation but failed.



Because every second person is picking his phone and dialing business owners.

Most of the time business owners rak out.And the worst part is that every second person is claiming that they are best at running ads.

Tried dropshipping and amazon fba too.

In these business you will require huge capital/investment.And the worst part is that you have to buy the expensive products and deal with customer complaints,suppliers and all these things.

People buy expensive products most of which never sell and they end up wasting their money.

Best Business Online

In my opinion,affiliate marketing is the best business online for 2020 and moving forward.The future of affiliate marketing is very bright.

You can not imagine that how much the potential of this business.It is totally up to you.

I mean how much you make with affiliate marketing.

You can expect to make anywhere from $1 to infinity.

Sky is the limit of the business.

Once you get that taste of first sale than no one in this world is going to stop.

But it is not going to happen for you overnight.

You have to do whatever it takes.Keep yourself in one direction and away from shiny object syndrome in the market now a days.

A lot of people are trying to get sales by lying you.They make it too simple to make money online.

So,beware of these kinds of marketing gimmicks.

Now,a lot of people struggle to find the right guidance that will let them make money straight away.

For this I highly recommend you to go with my number one pick for you to make money online.

Take part in this challenge and change your future.It is totally up to you.


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