Is Amazon Fba Worth It?No One Will Tell You These Truths

You are more likely to start amazon fba business and want to know that is amazon fba worth it or not?Do you know there are 2 million people who are selling on amazon.

Some of them are doing affiliate marketing and some are in amazon fba.This business becomes one of the most genuine ways to make money online.

It is now the third growing business online.After affiliate marketing and dropshipping it is third in the list.

I wrote a post on tips for selling on amazon.You will love it.

In person,I think that amazon is the worst business online.

I also reviewed a lot of amazon fba courses like millionaire millennial course and marketing heres.

In these review I kept saying people that amazon fba is a terrible business model to start in 2020.

No one will tell you about this.Even the big guru?s out there.

But in this post I will tell you all the hidden reality.

So,without wasting our time let?s talk about whether amazon fba worth it or it is waste of money and time.

If you want to know is dropshipping worth it you can check it out too.

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Is Amazon Fba Worth it?

Before diving into this topic I want to tell you what amazon fba is.

For this business you have to own a product.

Then you have to send it to amazon.Amazon store your products in their warehouses.

After this it all comes to amazon.Whenever a customer orders a product,amazon will pack and ship it for you.

They also take care of the returns and refunds.Amazon charge for it,for both shipping and fulfillments.

Fba stands for fulfillment by amazon.

If you want to know my straight forward answer than it will be no.

A big No!!!Amazon do not worth your time and investment.

Infact it is becoming saturated everyday.As I said you earlier that two million people are already selling on amazon.

This is getting so much saturated that it seems hard to compete with other sellers.

There are reasons for it.which is amazon keywords competition is getting almost impossible to compete on.

I mean to say that you just can not rank your keywords for amazon on google.So,what you have to do as amazon seller.

You have to choose which product to sell on amazon.

The hardest part is to get traffic.

You have to do the branding and advertising of your product.You will have to check regularly that your products inventory are in stokes or not.

This is just you have to do.It?s not as easy as to read.You have to work your ass off to make money in amazon fba and too much competition in it.

Why I don?t recommend amazon fba

Well there are lots of reasons that I do not recommend amazon fba and thinks that it is the worst business model online.

I will talk about all of them one by one.Let?s be honest with you.These are the reasons that you will not come to know anywhere.

Because nobody is talking about it.Big youtube guru?s claims that they make $10/month or more by selling on amazon.

These claims are just bullshit.Yes they make money but not by amazon fba but by selling to amazon sellers.

They kept on bullshiting all the day.

I tried all the business out there.From SMMA,dropshipping and amazon fba.

This is why I am saying that I know what I am saying.

Let?s talk about the gaps in this industry?

FBA Costs Money

I want to tell you that there is not a single business online that costs this much while starting.

First you have to pay for fba.That is the fees that amazon will charge you.

After this you have to keep care of the products that they are still profitable after giving the money to amazon.

This is not the money that will cost you while starting.You will need at least ten thousand dollars to give it a real shot.

This is because you have to advertise your product too.The best way to promote them is by amazon fba.

This ain?t cheap.I know that fb ads are not cheap.

They cost very much now a days.Gone are the days when they are dirt cheap.Back in 2012.

When I started my journey with fb ads.i thought that I will set the ads and money will flow in.

Everybody advised me not to do that.But without any knowledge and ran them and lost about two thousand dollar.

This is for your knowledge.That except from the fees of amazon fba,you need to have at least ten thousand dollars in your pockets.


Other factor is risk.You have to take high risks if you want to make money selling on amazon.

This is because there is nothing like proven marketing strategy which worked over and over again.

That is the one of many reason I like affiliate marketing.Affiliate market.

You are working on proven strategies that worked time and time again.In amazon fba it is not the case.

It is more than likely you will end up losing your money.So,I will advise you to go for it if you are ready to play with ten thousand and have no fear to lose it.

Storage fees

You are more than likely to face storage fees.

This is because amazon is selling business not storing.

If you put the products in inventory for too long,you could face sky high storage fees.


You may see high rates of returns from the customers.

There will be a ot of reasons of that.But I don?t want to talk about it in detail.

Some of many reasons are the impulse buy from the customers.

When starting as amazon fba seller

When you start as amazon fba seller,it takes a lot of times.

Yes it takes a lot of time to get the things up and ready for you to run.

This is because the preparation of the product.

Either from the amazon side or you.

Tracking Inventory Difficulty

It is very difficult when starting to keep an eye on inventory.

You have to keep in mind which products are selling,which one are not and are in stokes.

A lot of hustle compare to other online businesses.

Sales Tax Difficulty

Collecting the taxes has a lot of difficulty in amazon fba.You have to keep in mind that which tax are you paying.There are two conditions in it.

  • You are collecting tax from amazon product shipping place or where the business is located?

  • Or From where the amazon operates it.


 Amazon fba is saturated industry.There is a lot of competition in amazon fba.

People are always beating for things like beat boxing and listings.

Dropshipping and amazon fba are the two hardest business to sustain in 2020.

I will not recommend you to give into it till you have ten grands to give it a try.

Amazon Fba business model

Amazon fba business model is one of the worst online business model out there.There are lots of risks involved in amazon fba.

You have to be a risk taker and mentally prepare to lose this money.The other is thing is that these three business models are not passive.

Passive means financial freedom.That once you put in the work.After this you do not have to do any work.And still the income keep on coming.

Affiliate marketing is the one and only business online which gives you passive income.That is why I love affiliate marketing and believe that it is best online business on internet today.

Yes without any doubt.Secondly,like amazon fba you are not running with risks.Or need to have this much amount of money.

You can start with seven dollars.Yes you have to skip a cup of coffee of your Starbucks coffee.

This is because affiliate marketing business ran on the proven strategies.Less hustle and everything.

You do not have to work hard like dropshipping and amazon fba.I mean nothing is possible without hard work.

I am comparing them both.This is because you jus have to promote other people product.

Secondly the business model is build on the proven marketing strategies.Strategies which worked for people over and over again.

I like high ticket affiliate marketing in which you get at least one thousand dollars for a single sale.

It requires effort but five or ten sales are easy per month.That is why I am recommending this program to you.It is the best education platform on affiliate marketing.

Start your journey with affiliate marketing with just seven dollars.

Best of Luck.CHEERS!!

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