Is Dropshipping Worth It ? Harsh And Bitter Reality

You are looking to get into dropshipping business?And here to find the answer that dropshipping worth it or not.


This industry is very large.The real question is can you really make money with dropshipping.

Is it worth your time and investment.Do it have the ability to give you financial freedom?I will not bullshit you.

No BS nothing.There will be harsh and bitter truths of this industry that why it does not worth the time and investment.

This will be going to be very in depth review of dropshipping.Everything that I will talk here will be based on my personal experience.

We will talk about the ugly side of dropshipping.In the end I will talk about why I love affiliate marketing and compare them.

People and most of the guru?s don?t talk about it.I will be revealing all the things here.So,let?s start.

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Is Dropshipping Worth it?

No,dropshipping do not worth your time and investment.It will be terrible business idea to start in 2020.

I will be keep talking about my readers about the three worst business online.Dropshipping is one of them.

I will be talking about every single aspect into detail why it does not worth your time and investment.

You may seen a lot of guru?s saying that they are making $10k/day and other such claims.

Reality is that from the early 2017,dropshipping become really competitive and it is totally scam.

Yes,I am saying that dropshipping is a total scam.Dropshipping is super saturated now a days.

Gone are the days when facebook ads are dirt cheap.In the early 2012,people made banks with dropshipping.

Dropshipping is the hardest business model to sustain in 2020 and further.

Now,coming to the Guru?s.You see all the days on youtube that guru?s claims to earn shit.

But let me tell you the reality.They are making money not from dropshippng but from dropshippers.

It?s simple they sell their courses to dropshippers and make money.They are talking shit all the day that how easy it is to make money in dropshipping.

But the truth is to earn money from dropshipping seems to be impossible.

I reviewed  lot of courses of dropshipping.What I noticed was that almost 99% of the people bought their courses lost money.

I am still finding that 1% to give you some solid proof.You can read them here.

There are lot of issues with this business model but we are going to talk about the main ones.

Which seems to be pretty common reason why 99.9% of people fail in dropshipping.I also wrote how to sell on amazon.

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Amazon become very dominant and that?s the basic reason that people do not buy ecommerce stores.

Now,when I say that people made banks with dropshipping.

This means that they actually done it when it is not saturated and Amazon did not come into play.

Consumer education

Now a days almost all people know about dropshipping.They easily figure out them.

They know all things about Ali express and free shipping methods.

This is the very basic thing that dropshipping business is losing roots in online business.

If you ae already owner of an online store,I do not want to hurt you.JUST DO NOT EVER GIVE UP!!


If you are going to start dropshipping than it has a lot of risks involved.

Droshipping ain?t cheap.

I read a lot of articles saying that you just need 100 or 200 bucks to start with droshipping.

It is not 2002 when facebook ads were dirt cheap.Now a days they are super expensive.i know facebook ads.

This is the bitter reality that going to give it a shot and test your luck.You must have to invest at least three to five grands.

Guru?s keep saying do this,start with this little mo ney.These advises are crap.

The other reason why I am saying of risk is that you are not investing in proven marketing strategies.You are running with luck!

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Commissions in dropshipping

This is one of the basic reason why I started affiliate marketing.In dropshipping you will get only 20-30% commissions.

While comparing it to affiliate marketing you can earn upto 40-50% commissions.

The program I am recommending you can earn upto $1000 on a single sale.It seems to be easy to make five to ten sales with affiliate marketing.

With proven marketing strategies.We will be talking about it in detail.More ever you don?t have to deal with any issues like in dropshipping.


You have to deal with suppliers.The thing is that it is the hardest part of dropshipping.

You can not work with any suppliers.You have to find certain suppliers on a criteria.I will give you tips on how to find them.


Good suppliers keep their map very low.Map means minimum advertising price.

This means wholesaler has set the price to the lowest price that you can sell their product.

2-Subscription wholesalers

Try to keep yourself away from subscription wholesalers.They will eat up so much profit of store.

There is no importance of them.They just play the role of a mid man.

3-Contact them

Contact the supplier directly.Call them.It is the best option to check whether they fit in your criteria or not.

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No Control Over products

One of the many issues with dropshipping is that you do not have control over the products.

This is why I will recommend you to work with more than one supplier.

Most of tye times it happens that product are in stokes.And their demand increase suddenly.So,I think that it is save to play safe(;.

Answering Calls

Ah!there is a lot of shit things in this business model.Just don?t worth the time and investment.

This is one of the most reasons that I left this industry eaons ago.You have to answer the calls of the suppliers.

Or you have to hire someone else to do this job for you.

Conversion rates

I want to give you guys value with bitter reality.I am not saying you to not jump in this industry.

But dropshipping worth it or not.My answer will always be it is a scam. 

A scam by guru?s to sell you their digital products.Why not selling digital products is one of the fastest way to earn bucks.

The conversion rates in the dropshipping industry is terrible in 2019.It is noticed that the conversion rate is 2% only.

This means that if hundred people came to your site only two of them will buy.for example you are selling thousand dollar product,you will make $200.

In my opinion you will need at least five hundred dollars in facebook ads to get this much buyers to your site.

Is Dropshipping worth it?

Now coming to the point.Is dropshipping worth it.

My answer will be no.It is a totally scam and a terrible business idea to start in 2020.

If you are going to try it than more than welcome.But the truth is the industry is getting super saturated and a great chance that you will end up losing your money.

A lot of guru?s who are good at selling their products,they sell you courses worth up to $5000.

This is the only money they make.By teaching and selling you shit how to make money dropshipping.

I did almost all business online.From dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.It seems that in dropshipping there is a lot of investment and less return.

This also goes with smma and amazon fba.

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Alternative OF Dropshipping

Affiliate marketing is the best business online to start today.It is less much hustle than dropshipping.

It is the only business online which gives you passive income.Another thing is that dropshipping commissions are very low.

i like affiliate marketing because

  • 1 – Less hustle
  • 2 – High commissions
  • 3 – Proven marketing strategies
  • 4 – Passive income

You maybe thinking that why it is easy.Well because ou can easily earn upto five to ten thousand a month with just five sales.

Yes you heard me right.You will just need one sale to make a grand.That is why I like everything about affiliate marketing.

I prefer high ticket affiliate marketing because it only needs one saole to make thousand dollar.

I think that you are in the right place.I want you to take a big step to your journey in success.

Jump into my number one recommendation.It will only needs $7 to join them.I will not bullshit you.

This is the best affiliate marketing program in the industry.I have been in the affiliate marketing for more than three years.

So,I know what I am saying you.The other thing is the skill.The skills that you will be going to teach in it is super powerful.

It?s the best time to jump into affiliate marketing.I want to see you successful.

I wrote review on dropshipping products and some scams in which people lost their money.Like Online retail mastery,Zero up and ecom hacks.

Best of Luck!!!


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