Is Hempworx Legit Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?[Review]

is hempworx legit

Hello and welcome to my Hempworx review.In this review we are going to talk about this company,whether it’s a scam or can you actually make money from it?

This will be 4000+ words detailed article on hempworx with video and link proofs.

First thing first,by any means I am not associated with Hempworx and will not try to pitch or sell you in this review.

In fact,this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.

Sowithout wasting any time,let’s talk about HempWorx.

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Hempworx Review

Hempworx is a CBD oil multi level marketing company which focuses on selling CBD oil as its flagship product.Hempworx was founded back in 2014 and merged with my daily choice in 2017.

So,you can say that it is a fairly new mlm company as compared to other mlms which I reviewed in CBD oil niche.

By the way,I have reviewed 100s of mlm companies in CBD niche and from them you can  make money too.

They are Navan global,Bioreigns,green compass,emris,young living,CTFO and Kannaway.

Now,like all mlm companies out there,Hempworx gives everyday people an opportunity to make money by selling it’s products and recruiting people in this company.

Is Hempworx A Pyramid Scheme

No,Hempworx is not a pyramid scheme,it’s legit mlm company which focuses on selling CBD oil to people.Now,what is a pyramid scheme?

A company enters the pyramid scheme zone when the only way to make money with that company is to recruit others into it.

This never ending circle continues and company makes all the money.Recently I reviewed a pyramid scheme called fx trading.

But Hempworx is not a pyramid scheme because they are not forcing you to recruit people,you can also make money by selling its products directly to people.

hempworx pyramid scheme

In Fact they are selling physical products which provide value at the same time.

Not like all other pyramid scheme scams where you just keep recruiting,recruiting,recruiting.

Now,why do most people say it is a pyramid scheme?

This is because of the second part where you can recruit people to make money.

But the truth is completely opposite to this.I have reviewed almost 300+ multi level marketing companies and I can say that it is 100% mlm.

Now,it is very important to know whether hempworx is a pyramid scheme or not.Why?Because pyramid schemes are illegal in the USA and most of the time headed by scammers.

Whenever noticed,FTC bans them.So,here are two question that you can ask from the person who is trying to recruit you to get a clear idea on hempworx,whether it is a pyramid scheme or not.

First question you can ask them is that how much money they are making from retail sales.If they are making less then 50% from retail sales,it means that hempworx can be a pyramid scheme.

Second question is that how big is their downline,or how many people they have recruited under them.

If they have more then 5 people under them,it can be a pyramid scheme,because FTC allows Mlm’s distributors to recruit maximum of 5 people.

Success Rate At Hempworx

hempworx mlm

Failure ratio is very high in Hempworx,not just in Hempworx,but all mlms.

Most of the stats shown that 73 to 99% people that join mlm companies end up losing their own money.

Moreover,56% people,just to keep themselves in these mlm,they acquire credit card debt.The stats are very high.

Why failure ratio in Hempworx is too high?

The reason is very simple and straight forward.Most of the people,almost 99%,that join mlms like Hempworx are completely newbies and they do not have an existing audience.

An audience where they can sell and pitch their products.

For this reason they end up reaching and pitching these crappy products and recruiting their family members and friends.

To be very honest with you,I do not want to sell anything to my relatives.

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Hempworx Products

Before joining any mlm company,I personally like to check it’s products.

hempworx product

Whether they are worth it or not?I have reviewed other CBD oil companies Emris international and Kannaway which have crappy products.

Now,Hempworx offers a large variety of products to its distributors which means more money to you.

  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Coffee
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Keto Creamers
  • CBD Gummies

They look like good products if we talk about numbers,but they are not different from other CBD mlms like Kannaway and Emris international.Let’s talk about it’s flagship product.

Hempworx Flagship Products

hempworx cbd oil

Here is their flagship product which is going to cost you $69.

They claim that their products are different from other cbd oil companies because they have their farmland in the USA.

What this means is that they know what they are putting in these products to make them  more effective.

Moreover studies shown that CBD oil has benefits and everyday people can benefit from it.Here are some of its benefits..

  • It reduce anxiety and stress
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce Diabetes
  • Reduce and control blood pressure

There are many more positive reviews about hempworx’s cbd oil.I have found a very decent video on hempworx,watch it if you have time and then we will move forward.

How To Make Money With Hempworx?

Like any other mlm company,there are two traditional ways to make money with hempworx.

1 – Sell their products directly to people and make retail commissions on it.

2 – Recruit people under you and make a big downline and make residual commissions on it.

Now,you can make money by focusing on anyone of them but most people go with the second one.

Because it looks sexy and easy for newbies.Right?But stick with me in this eye opening review.

Hempworx Enrollment Fees

hempworx scam

You will have to pay them $20 to join and this a one time fee and in my opinion,makes sense.

But there is a catch,you have to buy their other products to start using it before pushing it to your friends and family members and this will cost you $39-$600.

But this thing does not ends here..

Hempworx Monthly Fee

At first,I thought there are no monthly fees in hempworx but as I dig deep into it,I came to know that the truth is completely opposite to it.They have strict rules for their affiliates.

It is one of the mlms that want more and more from their affiliates instead of giving them something back too.

If you want to remain in this mlm,then you have to make sales worth $69 each and every month.

hempworx compensation plan

What this means is that if you fail to maintain your personal sales volume then chances are that you will end up purchasing these products and investing $69 each and every month.

More than that if you do not want to buy them personally,then you have to pay again $20 which is their enrollment fees.

Now,here is the thing.If you do not purchase or make sales worth 70 bucks each month then chances are that you are going nowhere.

I have done all the maths and this is the total amount of money you need to invest in Hempworx.

  • $20
  • $40-600 on products
  • $70 multiply by 12

Total is $900 – 1500.

hempworx legit or scam

According to their income disclosure,average affiliate of hempworx spend $1608 yearly just to remain active.

Hempworx Compensation Plan

Now,I have reviewed almost 300+ mlm companies and you know what’s similar in them?They all have complex compensation plan.

Most of their distributors make money without realizing where it came from.

For this,Hempworx is not different from them all too.

It’s compensation plan is very complex.In fact one of the most complex compensation plan I have seen.

You have to be really good at maths to understand this compensation plan.

It?s 16 full page compensation plan and here are the main points which I got after spending hours while searching on it.

Yes,it took me three hours just to understand their compensation plan,but still can’t get it.Here are the key points..which you can pick.

There are 8 ways from which you can earn money from hempworx and these are as follows..

  • Retail commissions – You will make 25% commission on every retail sale.Retail commission means commission you will make by selling its products directly to people.

Now,before talking about other aspects of this mlm company,I want to tell you one more thing which is very important.

They are giving 25% on every sale you bring to them?

Right.But let’s suppose the average price of their product is $100,you will make $25 on it.You have two options..

  • Sell $100 product to 100 people in mlms and make $2500.Which seems to be impossible.I will tell you later.
  • Option 2 – Go with my #1 recommendation to make money online and make $1000 on a single sale.
  • Jump start Bonuses
  • Binary commission bonus
  • Global bonus commissions
  • VIP auto club
  • Elite expenses account

Here is a detailed video on hempworx compensation plan.

After reading this session,,please do not make a false assumption because I have done all my research and still can’t get it,but I hope this video will help you.

Let’s talk about things which I liked and things which I disliked in hempworx.

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Things I Liked In Hempworx

There are many things which I liked in Hempworx,but here are the main ones.

Low Startup Cost

Now,you know where mlms most money came from?It’s from the money that people pay them for getting started.

Lots of CBD companies charge hundreds of dollars just to get you started and remain active with them.

Not,with hempworx.Hempworks startup cost is very low.You just have to invest $20 to get going.But the bad part is that you are paying $20 just to enroll in them.

When I say that other mlm companies are charging 100s dollars,in this they are also giving something valuable to you in return.

Whether it’s a website which you will show to your customers when promoting hempworx products,or giving you training on how to promote them effectively.

Not with hempworx,they just charge you for enrolling.

Positive Reviews

There are many positive reviews of hempworx products on google.

There are almost 300 reviews in which 70% are positive.

Or who knows they can be hempworx distributors?Best way to know whether these products are worth it or not,buy them personally.Simple!

Marketing Tools

They are giving you free marketing tools if you want to promote them online.It includes ad copy,email swipe files and many marketing materials.

But if you do not know marketing,or did not get any training on marketing,then these are useless to you.

Also you will need at least $200 to spend on fb ads to promote them using these marketing tools.

Because if you do not have an audience then the fastest way to make money with hempworx is by running ads,and ads never converts.

This is the reason I started this website to get free traffic.

Free traffic is known as organic traffic but hempworx owners are not teaching you how to get organic traffic when getting started.I value organic traffic because I know it’s worth it

Now,let’s talk about things which I disliked in Hempworx

Things I Disliked In Hempworx

There are many things which I disliked in Hempworx,but in this review I am keeping it short..

Expensive Products

I told you during this review that people find it hard to sell their products.Why so?This is because they are freakin overpriced and expensive.

Why are people going to buy your product when they can easily buy it cheaply from brands like Amazon?

Now,as you can see from the pic below,the highest CBD oil product amazon will cost you $5-10 but in amazon,it is going to cost you $70 in hempworx.

How you will convince people to buy your product which is insanely overpriced from the market.Do not worry,you can always sell their products to me.

I will try my best to buy,if I like the way you pitch it.

Hidden Expenses

If you do not go in depth,then it looks like that hempworx is going to cost you just $20 for joining,but give me your wallet please!

I can save you money before you invest it in mlm companies like Hempworx.

There are hundreds of complaints of people that are joining this mlm companies and most of them are regarding their expenses.

I think they are charging $20 as a front end and will grab your money in the backend.That’s how marketing works..

Here are some of the screenshots which I saw yesterday while doing research on hempworx.

Hempworx Has Pyramid Features

I am not saying that hempworx is a pyramid scheme,but it is very close to be one.Because most people that are making money with hempworx is by selling their membership.

They just do not focus on selling their products.Because this is out of their league.

No Money For You

Chances of you making money with hempoworx is as low as winning a lottery among 1 million people.

Yes,according to their income disclosure,only 0.38% people earn an average of $15,891/year.

This means that 1 out of 400 people that joins hempworx ends up making $1200/month.

You can not make even $1200 with hempworx.

See their full income disclosure here..

Not Teaching Distributors

They are not giving any kind of training to their distributors.

This means that you are on your own.And if you do not know marketing then it’s hard to make even a penny.

All CBD oil companies which I reviewed on beastprenuer are giving some kind of training to their students.Not with hemwporx.

They are just charging you money for enrolling with them and some money grabbing tactics at the backend.

Downward Trend

I searched it’s trend on google and it is going down day by day.

hempworks affiliate review

People are losing their interest from this mlm company.

I do not know the reason for this,but it is for sure an alarm for those who want to join this company.

Let’s talk about some ugly mlm facts.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

  • Almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money,According to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business  than joining these mlms.
  • Success Rate of online business,which will give you financial and time freedom,is 20% more than joining mlms for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from mlms.
  • According to the AARP foundation,47% distributors of all mlms lose their money,apart from this 27% do not make a single penny.
  • Remaining 26% that actually make money,53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% among those 53%,who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with mlm,because 50% of all mlms participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that join mlms say that they will never ever join any kind of mlm.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 mlms distributors and it was found that most of them makes 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale.60% of them makes less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their mlms involvements.


Is Hempworx A Scam?

No,hempworx is not a scam but I have a question for you.Why join mlms when there are more scaleable,sustainable and long term business models out there?

I mean that you are going nowhere with network marketing,then why go into them?Hempworx is definitely not a scam but I do not recommend it to you.

Not more fond of mlms,been there done that.

I hate selling anything to my relatives because they are the least people in this world that believes me.

Morever,mlms are destined for failures,Mlm = Waste of time and money.

The only person who makes money in mlms is it’s owner.You are company’s best customer,whenever you lose money,company makes money.

Here is a better business model.Lead generation,in this you have to generate leads for business owners.

Let’s say that you generated lead for a doctor and he closed that patient and made $1000 on it,he will be more then happy to pay you $100 for this.

Now,I want you to just image,where you will be if you can generate 100 leads for that doctor?That’s $30k/month.

Most of our students are making $100k/month,and thousands are making $10k/month or well more then this.

Simple,proven,legit,repeatable and long term business model.

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That’s it for today’s review.

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