Is Louis Navellier a Scammer? Accelerated Profits, Growth Investor, and More Reviewed

Today we will be talking about a guy named Louis Navellier. Is Louis Navellier a scammer? Find out in this Accelerated Profits and Growth Investor review.

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Before you decide to pay for these courses, you should ask yourself first: Is Louis Navellier a scammer of not? You should know if you can trust him with your money before you proceed.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Louis Navellier in any way or form whatsoever.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is a trader who aims to teach people how to do stock trading right. He is actually pretty good at convincing people that he is to one to be trusted when it comes to choosing which stocks to invest on.

However, from what I learned about him, it seems like most of his fortune came from teaching people how stock trading works, but not from trading. Sounds like a typical guru.

Louis has published books, authored newsletters, and created courses which all promise that they can make people who purchased them successful. Those promises were never delivered, though.

Actually, there are quite a lot of lawsuits filed against Louis, the latest of which happening in 2020. He was charged with fraud from defrauding people who invested in him.

To learn more about this lawsuit, you can read the complete document right here.

Louis is known for showing off his wealth and success. The problem with that is it came from the sales of his books and courses, not from trading.

Louis Navellier’s Offers

Louis Navellier courses

He is offering these products on his website. Let us discuss them all one by one.

Growth Investor ($299 Annually)

This is the cheapest offer available, costing you $299 for a whole year.

However, this is not really a course. It is only a newsletter. It can, however, help you pick stocks. The focus for this are mid to large cap stocks.

Included in your purchase are the following:

  • Monthly issues of the Growth Investor newsletter
  • Access to Navellier’s Research Library

You also get access to what is called the Technochasm Special Reports. This includes:

  • 3 must own stocks to buy
  • 3 companies that have the potential to show great growth over the next few years
  • 10 stocks that you need to sell 
  • #1 stock for driverless cars
  • Top AI stock opportunity

Breakthrough Stocks ($2,495 Annually)

Breakthrough Stocks is like Growth Investor, but its focus is on small to mid cap stocks.

The following are included in this newsletter:

  • 10 bagger potential stock picks that supposedly have a chance at gains as high as 1000%
  • Louis Navellier’s Moneyball for Stocks System
  • Instant trade alerts
  • Monthly positioning monitoring
  • Breakthrough Stocks model portfolio
  • 3 stocks that are poised to get 1000% returns
  • Breakthrough Stocks concierge service

Accelerated Profits ($2,499 Annually)

Accelerated Profits is focused on stocks with high volatility.

The inclusions of this newsletter are:

  • 3 to 5 moving trades per week
  • Two exclusive buy lists
  • Monday Weekly Profit Guides
  • Midweek Alters

Platinum Growth Club ($7,677 Annually)

This is the most expensive program that is being offered by Louis. The focus for this is medium to high volatility stocks.

You get the following by purchasing this:

  • Access to the other newsletters
  • Access to Platinum Growth Club Allocation Tool
  • Live monthly chats
  • Invitations to various conferences and in person events
  • Access to Dividend Grader
  • Access to Portfolio Grader
  • Direct access to Louis’ email address

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Is Louis Navellier Legit?

From what I have seen so far, Louis really wanted to push his offers to as many people as possible. I am pretty sure that you came across one of his ads, which brought you here today.

It seems like he spends more than $50k monthly on ads alone. That is quite an insane amount. To be honest, he could only afford that if he is earning a lot of money, and looks like he is doing well.

I mean, it would not surprise me if the ad enticed you. Actually, that is the exact tactic he uses in order to get as much clicks and sales as possible.

However, we already know that Louis is being sued for fraud, so will you really trust him? I mean, it seems like the reason why he earns a lot of money is by offering these programs, not by trading.

If Louis really is a genius when it comes to trading, then I’m sure that he wouldn’t need to create all these programs in order to earn money. He would probably be focused on trading alone and making more money by doing so.

It is completely on you if you want to trust him still, but I believe that I have done my fair share of warnings. I’m sure that you can find better, cheaper alternatives to his offers, though.

Why I Don’t Recommend Trading

Louis Navellier trading

You can indeed earn a lot of money from trading, once you get the hang of it. As a newbie though, I do not think that it is a good side hustle.

Before you can even start making money, you have a lot of things to learn.

High Financial Risk

Trading requires investment. If you are broke, then there is no way for you to invest. Also, remember that stock trading is highly volatile. You can either double your money in one day, or lose it all in the same day.

In my opinion, this business is suited for people who have money to lose. If you are barely getting by, then this is not a good business to invest in.


Let me get into this point further. In order to become a successful trader, you need to know when to take risks. This is easier said than done though.

You should know what deals to choose. A good deal will earn you money, while a bad deal can lose you all of it.

There are simply a lot of risks involved, which is why you need training before you start.

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What I Like in Louis Navellier

Honestly, I cannot say that I like or trust this man one bit. He seems like someone who pretends that he knows what he’s doing, but in truth, he has very little idea.

Innocent until proven guilty, but I still cannot trust him with my money. Hopefully the same goes for you too.

I’m afraid that I cannot say anything positive about this guy, but you cannot blame me. You’ve seen the indictment, and I have told you how he gets his fortune.

What I Dislike in Louis Navellier

Louis sells overpriced products, and judging from what we know about him, it seems like he has committed fraud, too. I am not sure whether these offers will really give you the success promised to you.

Aside from that, he makes you believe that his fortune came from trading. I think that isn’t true, as the fact that he spends $50k on ads monthly to promote his offers is because these are his main source of income.

His offers also seem way too costly for ordinary people. I do not think that people are willing to pay that much, especially if they are still starting out.

Final Verdict – Louis Navellier

Before I end this review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Getting into stock trading has a lot of risks. If you do not know what you are doing, then you are most likely doomed to fail. This is why training is needed before you can start to make sure that what you do will go smoothly.

However, if you are looking for training, I do not recommend that you get any of the offers from Louis Navellier.

I just do not trust the guy, and to be honest, there are better, cheaper alternatives you can find. There are even free resources online which could teach you the basics.

I suggest that you consult those free resources first and think about it before you get into stock trading, because it is a serious business. It could either make or break your finances.

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