Local Marketing Vault Review : (2024 FEBRUARY Updated)

Today, let’s take a look at James Bonadies’ Local Marketing Vault. Is this course worth it? Find out in this Local Marketing Vault review.

Normally, most people will think about getting a 9-5 day job in order to earn money. And for the most part, there’s nothing wrong with that mindset.

However, the biggest drawback about this work setup is that more often than not, you’ll be having less time. But most of the younger people today don’t even care about their time anymore, as long as they can earn more money.

Which, as James Bonadies and Jason McKim have proven, doesn’t have to be that way. There are still other opportunities out there that let you earn money while still being able to take control of your schedule.

The problem is that there are also many moneymaking opportunities out there that are simply scams in disguise. They take advantage of these unaware people for their own monetary benefit.

And this is what this Local Marketing Vault review is for. In this review, we’re going to see what the Local Marketing Vault online course is all about, and what it can offer for you.

So that at the end of this review, you’ll be able to decide if you should take this online course. Or not at all.

While I’m also a member of the Local Marketing Vault, you can be assured that this will be a completely neutral review. Thus, I’ll be tackling everything that I’ve learned while being in this course, whether it be positive or negative.

But if you’re interested in joining this course for yourself, feel free to join by clicking on the link down below.

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Local Marketing Vault Review: What Is The Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault Logo

Local Marketing Vault is another one in a long list of online courses that can teach you a new business idea to make money online.

And similar to other online courses like Ippei Kanehara’s Job Killing and Joshua T. Osborne’s Bad Ass Marketers, Local Marketing Vault will also teach you how you can build your own online advertising agency and offer your lead generation services to local businesses.

But unlike these online courses who rely on the “Rank-And-Rent” method and SEO for the lead generation, LMV will teach you how to do those by running Google and Facebook ads instead.

While these are admittedly a bit more expensive than SEO, they have several advantages that make them more preferable. Such as increased visibility, higher conversion rate, and many others.

Setting up a lead generation agency can be one of the most lucrative businesses of today. But the current pandemic situation has only improved the demand for people who are trained with these skills.

That’s because, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several small businesses were forced to close. But now that quarantine restrictions are being gradually lifted and people are starting to go out again, these businesses are preparing for their re-opening.

And of course, they’ll need someone who can handle their marketing. Since most of them either don’t know how to do this themselves, or are simply occupied with various other business-related tasks. Such as bookkeeping, inventory, customer service, etc.

And this is where you and your lead generation know-how will enter into play.

The goal of the Local Marketing Vault online course is to provide its students with expert marketing and lead generation skills. To the point that you won’t have to seek out clients to earn money.

Because they’ll seek you instead.

Two Page Sites is the website funnel where local marketing vault sells their online lead generation course on how to make money.There are hundreds of lead generation courses I have reviewed in the past ,some of them are as below:


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Who Created The Local Marketing Vault?James Bonadies and Jason McKim

The Local Marketing Vault is created by a team of two people. They are James Bonadies and Jason McKim.

James Bonadies

Local Marketing Vault - James Bonadies

Jason McKim

Local Marketing Vault - Jason McKim

I’m honestly quite skeptical of these two the first time I joined LMV. But after sitting through and availing of this course, I can safely say now that they’re the real deal.

Similar to most of our stories, these guys started out first as employed individuals. James as a vice-principal of a school, Jason as a financial consultant. But after realizing that they can do more, much more, they both started their journey into internet marketing.

And since then, they’ve been successful names in the internet marketing business, and still going strong.

I also have a pleasant experience to working with James himself. Let me tell you a bit of a story about it.

My Personal Experience With James BonadiesLMV

So, me and James Bonadies worked on a project a few months back. We worked for three months and the project was completed, which was my choice based on just testing some digital marketing offers.

Our business dealings ended between us, and I assumed I wouldn’t receive any more money since I chose to work with someone else (I’m still questioning this decision until today). Surprisingly, I checked my Payoneer account a month after, and there was $1,500 in it. I was shocked he continued to pay me, even after I chose to work with someone else.

2 Months after our business ended, he sent me more money, $877. To me, this showed what a class act these guys are. $2,500 is not a big amount of money that he sent me, but I just wanted to mention the integrity of this man. I was very very impressed by his honesty and will definitely say that he is a man of his word.

James is a very professional man. He always wants others to be on their A-game and to succeed. I have never worked with a more credible man than him. I hope to be doing business again with him soon.

And if you click on the link below and join now, you’ll also get an opportunity like mine.

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What’s Inside The Local Marketing Vault?Local Marketing Vault Review

The Local Marketing Vault has a total of 24 modules for its entire course. If you want to know what’s inside before you can start trying these out, here’s a breakdown of each of them.

But don’t get daunted by the number of modules in this online course. Each and every module is quite easy to digest for yourself, yet comprehensive enough for you to learn everything you need about lead generation.

Module 1: Getting Started

Of course, as with every online course, LMV starts with James and Jasons themselves giving you a brief overview of the online course.

Here, they’ll show you what you can expect from this online course, what can you learn from it, and a guide on properly asking questions in their group.

They’ll also give you a quick look at the course layout. But even more importantly, they’ll also give you a tip to position yourself in front of your clients, so that they’re going to think highly of you.

Terms like “SEO specialist” or “Freelancer” will only let your clients think a bit lowly of you (no offense, though). But proper positioning gives a feeling of empowerment for yourself and makes your clients much more confident of your skills.

Module 2: Getting Clients

This section of the course is all about getting clients to work with. Here, you can expect to be taught plenty of things, like cold calling, cold emailing, advertising your services through different platforms like Craigslist, etc.

Let me be frank. You’re going to endure plenty of rejection at this stage. But this is what this training is for.

It gives you not only the proper words to pitch to potential clients. But also to develop your confidence skills so you can stand proud and face them head-on.

A good mindset for this is this: If they reject you, remember that it’s their loss, not yours.

Module 3: The Vault Mindset

Again, this is maybe something you can expect from other online courses. But nevertheless, it’s something very important.

This module is primarily headlined by Jason McKim, and deals with the proper mindset for this online business. Basically, he’s like “hardwiring” your mind so that you’ll be focused enough to take your online business to success.

One oddity that some people (even myself at first) may be put off about this is, Jason McKim talks about not giving yourself “too many options.” Basically, one should not have a backup plan in case this fails on your end.

Now I know this may sound strange. But if you think about it carefully, he has a point. Having options isn’t a bad thing, but this also puts you in a rather relaxed position, which may cause you to fail.

If your mindset is that you don’t have a backup plan, you’ll put yourself in a somewhat “do or die” mode. This means you’ll do almost everything to succeed here. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Module 4: Vault Marketing Strategy Training

Here, you’ll learn something called the “Value Ladder”.

To put it simply, this is like upselling your services to your potential client. Basically, you offer a service that can prove to be of good value to your client for free. Your aim here is to build trust with your client.

Then once you’ve built your client’s trust in you and your abilities, you can then charge your client for more valuable, even better services, as you both slowly walk up the value ladder.

Module 5: Vault Services Training

This is where you’ll learn the services that you’ll be offering your clients. With the goal that you’ll be able to bring in more leads, conversions, and sales to your clients.

Basically, you’ll learn here the various marketing strategies that you’ll use for your clients, based on their liking. There’s some SEO, video marketing, Google My Business & NAP optimization, social media marketing, and more.

This module will also introduce a new tool you can use It’s called Dashclicks, and you can use it to generate all kinds of reports, as well as for outsourcing.

Module 6: Vault Sales Strategy Training

As you go along, you’ll see that the modules you’ll learn get progressively more interesting. And they are.

This module will teach users about the entire sales process to your clients. From consulting the client’s needs, giving value to the services you offer, processing their payments, and finally closing the deal. There’s also something that teaches you how you can retain your clients, and convert them to patrons.

Don’t worry if you’re not a born salesperson. This module will teach you everything you need, and get you up to speed so you can engage with your clients with full confidence in your skill.

Module 7: Building Your Agency

This module will now focus on showing you everything you need to build your marketing agency.

Here, you’ll learn things like establishing routines, planning out your prices, offering other marketing services to increase your profit potential, and even the tools that you need.

Again, this places emphasis on the hard work that you’ll have to put up with this. But in order to keep you going, you’ll also be given some motivational stories and coaching from the course creators themselves. And hopefully, that can inspire you as well.

Module 8: Done For You Value Ladder

This is basically a bit of an extension of the fourth module, which focuses on the value ladder.

Only this time, the mentors James and Jason will show you the exact strategies that they use for their own value ladder. The main idea here is if you can’t think of your own, then you can freely replicate theirs

And if it can work for them, then it can work for you. But additionally, you can also use their strategies as a base for formulating your own.

Module 9: Funnel 101

In this module, you’ll be taught how to create your own sales funnel website. For this situation, you’ll learn on how to use ClickFunnels to build one.

A “marketing funnel”, or usually called a “sales funnel”,  is a visual representation of the steps a customer makes before they finally avail a product or service.

The analogy of a funnel is used because while many will be interested in the product or service you’re offering, only a few of them will actually buy it in the end.

The steps contained in the funnel can vary depending on your business goals, but most of them follow this diagram.

Marketing Funnel - Sales Funnel

A sales funnel website usually contains a “squeeze page” and a “Thank You page”. This module will tell you more about them.

Module 10: Funnel Automation Training

This module is twofold. It introduces you to email autoresponders and how you can effectively make use of them to generate your leads. It also introduces you to a fully-automated funnel system using Zapier.

Zapier is an online platform that helps you automate workflows by connecting the apps and services you use. This allows you to automate tasks without having to build this integration yourself. Or hiring someone to build this integration for you.

Basically, you’ll learn to automate and integrate Zapier well with your funnel website and autoresponder. So that you can do things like sending a notification to your client whenever a new lead comes in, among others.

Model 11: Vault Software Training

This module will introduce you to Local Marketing Vault’s proprietary software tools. While anyone can use these tools for free, only by joining the Local Marketing Vault will you be able to receive effective training to use them.

These tools are…

  • HOWDE – It’s an automated follow-up tool It takes leads that come through contact forms and automatically reaches out to them until they respond. These alerts can come in the form of a text message, a voicemail drop, or an email, and can be repeated per day until the lead responds.
  • TrueReview – This tool helps automate the process of obtaining reviews. It can send out an alert whenever a bad review shows up so you can act on it. And it also helps in reaching out to past clients.

Module 12: Facebook Ads 101 Training

In this module, you’ll now learn how you can run Facebook ads to generate the leads that you need.

You may think that this kind of training for Facebook ads can already be found on other free resources. And you’re probably right.

But there are also some strategies here that most likely, you won’t find anywhere here. Such as tested marketing blueprints covering every known niche.

But more importantly, you’ll also learn the so-called “3v3 method”, which, to simplify, goes something like this:

Local Marketing Vault - 3v3 method

Module 13: Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Training

As the module title says, this will cover everything that you’ll need to know about running Facebook Messenger chatbots for your marketing needs.

You’ll also be taught on using ManyChat for your bot needs. This tool is quite effective and easy to use for its purpose, and it’s a must-have when you’re building your chatbot campaign.

Module 14: PPC 101 Training

For this module, you’ll then be taught on running Google Pay-Per-Click ads.

An important subject that you’ll be learning here is keyword research. Basically, you’ll be looking at the most relevant and common search terms that users will look for.

LMV teaches you these three subjects you need to know when doing keyword research.

Local Marketing Vault - Keyword Research

Getting to know these proper keywords is an integral part of Google ads. This will ensure that your website will show up high on SERP whenever that keyword is typed.

This also ensures that you don’t need to bid for unnecessary keywords that don’t even have traffic at all, thus saving a lot more of your PPC budget.

Module 15: Campaign Review

This module basically contains plenty of videos that showcase some of James and Jason’s own successful marketing campaigns, as well as those created by some of their successful students.

These videos are around one-hour in length, and they serve not only as case studies for this online course, but also as a visual guide so you can adapt any of their marketing strategies into your own.

Module 16: Weekly Q & A Calls

The mentors of Local Marketing Vault also hold some live Q&A calls, that let their students ask any question, and they’ll do their best to answer them.

These calls can be attended to anytime. But if you happen to miss some of them and plan to re-watch them, then this is the model you should go to.

Module 17, 18, 19 & 20: Done-For-You Campaigns

The training in Local Marketing Vault is quite effective at teaching you how to set up your lead generation business model, complete with your own marketing campaigns.

But if for some reason you don’t want, or can’t, build your own campaign, then LMV also offers several done-for-you campaigns that you can freely get anytime you need them.

This means everything is set up for you so you don’t have to do the manual work.

There’s a campaign for some of the common niches that you may prefer. And the reason for the Tier System is that, lower tiers generally are much easier to set up, but their potential profit is possibly low as well.

The Higher niche tiers generally can offer higher profits, but this also means you may need to do more work to achieve them. Regardless, these campaigns can greatly simplify your business setup you can start earning quicker.

Module 21: LMV Tech Concierge

To simplify the explanation, this is the personal LMV support section for Local Marketing Vault.

The people here are ready and willing to guide and help you whenever you may encounter a single obstacle during your lead generation campaign. And they’re quite friendly, too…

Module 22: Advanced Gold VIP For Paid In Full Members Only

You can only access this module if, when you enrolled in this course, you immediately paid the fee in full (i.e. no installment plan involved).

Here, you can get things like advanced sales scripts, advanced funnels, more lead generation secrets, and more.

For me, this is a very good incentive for you to pay for your membership in full. Because the content in this module is so effective, some of them are included in the case studies presented in the previous modules.

Module 23: The 10K Club

This is an extra incentive being provided to every Local Marketing Vault member who achieves $10,000 in sales or more in a month. You will receive various benefits and extras that only members of the $10K club are eligible for.

It’s a rather neat bonus that can help you scale your business so you can earn even more than $10,000.Local Marketing Vault

Module 24: Local Marketing Vault’s Partnership Program

This is personally one of my favorite inclusions of the Local Marketing Vault.

The partnership program basically gives you a chance to partner up with another member and build your business together. Thanks to this partnership, any skill that you may lack can be complemented by your partner. For example, you create the funnel websites, while your partner takes charge of dealing with clients and closing sales.

This is also a great opportunity to build long-lasting business partnerships, that can be even more beneficial in the long run.

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Local Marketing Vault Review: How Much Does This Cost?Local Marketing Vault Review: Can You Trust Jason & James? | CFWL

Okay. At this point in this Local Marketing Vault review, I’m going to be honest here. The price for joining the Local Marketing Vault can depend on several factors. In fact, it could be anywhere from $2,000 to even $3,000.

The packages all have their main training, but the price difference in each package increases based on how fast you want to succeed. The more you pay, the more bonuses and tools you get to land your client faster. And of course, making money.

I also know that they offer a few scholarship pricing deals, which can help people who are in a tough financial situation. They won’t give it away for free, but they will take some money off the total if you qualify.

Overall, the price may be quite steep for some of you. But what you’ll get in return is very good and high-quality business opportunity training. Besides, when you succeed in this, your return of investment would be far greater than you think.

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Understanding This Business Model

In this section of the Local Marketing Vault review, I’ll be pointing out the effectiveness of using Google (or even Facebook) ads for your lead generation business, and why does this work.

Running Google ads for business owners and making money out of it is indeed a lucrative business idea. And here are some reasons why this kind of business can also succeed for you.

  • Most business owners do not know how to run ads.
  • They do not know how to use their business on Google, Facebook, even Bing.
  • Many of them do not know how to build a website and attract visitors to it.
  • They are too busy for all this.
  • Or he/she is willing to invest, only in things from which their business can grow.

Considering all these things, it is readily apparent that setting up your own online ads agency can help you in earning passive income in the long run.

This is why courses like the local marketing vault can help you with it. While watching numerous YouTube videos and learning from other mentors can help you in setting this up, a full course is needed to get you up to speed on everything related to the business.

Why Google Ads Work?

Since this course is also about making the most out of your Google ads campaign for other businesses, it’s also important to understand just why Google advertising works, as well as why businesses are eager to use it.

Wider Visibility

Essentially, Google is the internet right now. Almost anything that the users wanted to find, Google can point them to the right place.

Searching for a new household tool? Just Google it. Looking for a new place to eat out with friends? Google can give you directions.

And most likely, one of those searches will be problems in which your business can offer a solution. So if your business is more visible in Google than your competitors, even if it’s just via an ad, the chances of the customer picking you are very high.

Surefire Intent Magnet

With Google & Facebook ads, most of the time, you are not looking for people to advertise to. Rather, it’s the users who will come to you for your services.

Because, if the keywords that they’re looking for are significant to the business that you have, it’s more likely that they’ll avail of your products and services because that is exactly what they’re looking for.

Combined with higher visibility on search engines through SEO, you’ll be sure that the leads you’re getting will all be relevant, which means higher chances of sales.

Workable Budget

You can also adjust your budget allocation based on the performance of your ads. If you notice that one of your ads or keywords is performing extremely well, you can allocate an increased amount of budget on that ad to make it more visible to potential leads.

Similarly, if you notice that one ad is underperforming, you can decrease the budget it has to allocate it to somewhere else. Or even make it stop so you don’t waste any further.

Even Better Performance Than SEO

Now, just a reminder. SEO is still very important in any kind of online marketing, and a good and proper SEO setup will always be useful in the long run.

But if you wanted quick results and you got the necessary budget, running a Google Ads campaign is almost a surefire way to get search engine visibility.

Most of the time, Google ads, Facebook ads, and SEO are complementary. If you run a successful ads campaign on Google and Facebook and a large number of prospects see you, you’ve got almost half of your SEO work done.

Measurable Metrics

Finally, all your progress in Google Ads is measurable. The metrics are usually shown in an easy-to-understand format that monitors the performance of your ads in an almost-realtime manner. That way, you can make adjustments to your Google Ads campaign whenever you need to, and plan ahead with your budget.

Why Facebook Ads Work?

Aside from Google ads, the Local Marketing Vault also teaches you how to setup and run a successful Facebook ads campaign for other businesses.

Essentially, the benefits of running a Facebook ads campaign are more the less the same as running a Google ads campaign, along with a few additions:

Build More Engagement With Customers

This is certainly a given. Facebook is a social media site, intended for communicating with anyone.

By using the features of Facebook that facilitate communication with others, you’ll be able to connect more with potential customers.

This is very important, especially when customers wanted to inquire about your products and service, or even give suggestions to your business. Remember, engagement is the key.

Further Increase SEO Rankings

While a strong Google Ads presence can also improve SEO, your social signals on your Facebook can dramatically increase your SEO even further.

Social signals mean every activity that happens on your Facebook posts, which includes Likes, Shares, and especially Comments. With Facebook advertising, your brand posts will surely get a boost on Facebook’s news feeds, which in turn, can create more engagement from your potential customers.

Of course, you’re not alone in this. Each of your competitors will also use Google and/or Facebook ads to some extent, to boost their online visibility. Ultimately, it comes down to which of you have more knowledge in handling your own ads campaign. The Local Marketing Vault course teaches you just that.

Local Marketing Vault Review: Pros And Cons

Prosjames bonadies two page sites reviews

As I previously mentioned before, the mentors are not only legitimate at what they teach here, but are also very supportive. If you have some difficulty in this business model, they’ll actually be easy and friendly to approach, and you can get some good insights about marketing from them.

The LMV community is also welcome and supportive as well. And through their partnership program, you may even have a chance at building good business relationships with your fellow members, or even build a large business network.

But as for the course and business model itself, it’s also very good. The skills that you’ll learn from this are very useful for many businesses. And with enough training and refinement, you may even come to a point where you won’t even have to approach clients.

In fact, the clients themselves will be looking for your expertise instead.

Moreover, the course itself has hundreds of positive reviews across different platforms..Local Marketing Vault Review 1Local Marketing Vault Review 2

Local Marketing Vault Review 4


The only real con about Local Marketing Vault is that it’s quite expensive to join. I’m not going to ask you to get a loan or something similar to avail of this course, as only scammers do that.

But the price can easily be mitigated when you start earning from this. Your ROI would be impressive here, so it’s not going to be a huge factor in the long run.

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But Why Local Marketing Vault Still Has Some Haters?

Okay. They’re not really haters. Rather, they just give a somewhat negative review about this online course, despite the fact that even Trustpilot has plenty of positive and legitimate reviews about LMV.Local Marketing Vault Reviews localmarketingvault.com

But usually, these people who recommend a different course other than this, points to an online course that also teaches about setting up a lead generation business, but uses the SEO method of lead generation (we call it “Rank-And-Rent”, “Digital Real Estate”, etc.).

As I said before, there’s nothing wrong with SEO. It’s still a very useful tool in marketing. But the constant work to keep your website ranked high, and without even knowing if it’s going to rank at all, isn’t worth the effort most of the time.

Think about this. A student of Local Marketing Vault, given enough expertise and resources, achieves the same results as someone who uses the “Rank-And-Rent” SEO method to rank his sites in 6 months of hard work. And he could do it in just 5 minutes.

Local Marketing Vault Review: Final Verdict

james bonadies scam

I’m going to close this Local Marketing Vault review by saying some final words about this.

The lead generation business model is only hard at first, especially with regards to setting it up. But it’s one of those business ideas where you’ll have complete control of your precious time while you still earn a decent income.

Thus, if you want a business model that may give you a chance at financial freedom, then you may want to try your hand at this business model.

And yes. There are plenty of other lead generation online courses that claim that they’re method of education is very effective. And for the sake of fairness, they may be right.

But for me, you can’t go wrong with Local Marketing Vault. Friendly mentors, effective teaching, a very warm and friendly community, and a business model that can let you earn around $100,000 of income if set up correctly.

What more could anyone ask for?

I hope this Local Marketing review has given you some insight if you want to take this course or not. But I would highly recommend that you join this.

To do so, you just have to click the link below. And if you do…

I’ll see you on the other side, future partner.

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