James Bonadies Review – Do Two Page Sites Work?

james bonadies scam

Knowing james bonadies for more than 5 years now.First time I heard about this guy was on a youtube ad, where he was claiming that he makes 40k a month through lead generation business model or by running an ad agency.This was back in 2019, February if I remember it correctly.To be very honest with you, my first impression was that ah, another get rich quick guru trying to over exaggerate things just to make money by selling his own online course and skipped that ad. Back then, I also read comments on that ad by going to his youtube channel, and comments were not so good too.People were trolling him over that ad.So, obviously my first impression was that this guy is a scammer.Scammer may not be a right word for that but I do though that just another guru trying to sell me his course.Five year later I can say I was so f**cking wrong,.The guy changed my life for better.I am literally getting cold sweat while writing these words.I have wrote local marketing vault review too, but this time I am writing about the man, the myth, the legend (well,at least for me) , James Goat Bonadies.Yup bro, even if you are reading this review, I respect you and your honesty so much.And if you are a visitor and reading this review, it may seem that this review is written by his fanboy, well I would say, I am indeed his fanboy. I am a fanboy of every person in this entire universe who works hard for himself and others, stays true to his words, never lies, stays away from greed, prioritises relationships over money ,over and over again.So, let’s get into this James bonadies review.

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James Bonadies Reviewjames bonadies cost

James Bonadies is a lead generation expert, lives in New Jersey,USA.He graduated in economics from Rutgers University.He also got masters degree in administration in education and business. He is the creator of visibility cloud llc ,two page sites ,course at scale and local marketing vault course itself.James Bonadies started lead generation business back in 2014 and in 2017 he got a check of 74k usd+ from a single client.Above is the image of James Bonadies clicking with that check on that same day.Seventy four plus thousand dollars from ONE single client.WOW….

And till this very day,in 2024, he closes clients and runs his own SMMA Agency.This means that he still practises what he teaches.Imagine , the guy did 27 million Usd worth of sales online, runs a successful course selling business (where he teaches other how to do the same), have 7000+ students and still practise what he teaches!!! Amazing.

I have been in the online business for more than five years and I can say from my personal experience that this is very rare.Very very rare.Let me tell you this in a bit detail.

So, most people start an online business, make 10k usd a month from it and their next step is to have multiple income streams.For this,they teach the same business which made them successful.Their goal isn’t to scale that 10k business which already made them successful to 20,30K, because most business can’t be scaled.with SMMA, sky’s the limit.Perfect example is that in free time, James Bonaides closes SMMA clients for fun!!!

There are lots of gurus who teach lead generation business online and I have reviewed almost all of them.Some teaches rank and rent and some teaches paid marketing.These courses are job killing, map pack heroes, digital tentmakers, badass marketers, agency incubator,grow your agency,modern millionaires and many many more…

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Rank & Rent Vs Local Marketing Vaultjames bonadies two page sites reviews

So,there are many paid SMMA programs.In all of those,LMV is the BEST.Now, let’s talk about rank and rent business model, or I would say seo method.Btw seo lead generation method has also been taught inside local marketing vault too, just seo is not the main thing which they teaches.Let’s talk about rank and rent model.I have been in seo and online industry for more than 5 years and I am going to be completely honest with you,COMPLETELY HONEST, I PROMISE.

In the rank and rent business model you have to rank websites and then rent it to business owners.I have multiple websites and have in depth knowledge about SEO.First point is that it’s so hard to keep up with the competition when it comes to local lead generation.There is not only you,hundreds and hundreds of people competing for that #1 spot.And there is not any hack or trick which someone will give you and you will rank number one on google.You have to tests different strategies to get that first spot.Let’s say you got that spot,you are not going to be on that spot forever.There are google updates which hits websites regularly and it completely destroy website positions and traffic.And these google updates happens to be at regular intervals.There are thousands of google updates in a year.And you don’t know which one will gonna hit you.Because there will be an update that will destroy your business eventually.And I am talking by experience.Let me tell you a short story,I have a site which was getting 1200 a day traffic and there happened to be a google core update.On September and December, both these update hit my website and traffic came to 100-200 a day.Other websites traffic remain same and didn’t hit by this update.So, in seo it is just a matter of time when a google core update will hit your site and your all hard work will go in vain.That’s why rank and rent is a hard business to deal with.I can’t imagine scratching my head every early morning and 24/7 in tension whether my keyword will rank or not.It’s not worth the tension.Very dangerous business model.

There are many courses I have reviewed which was teaching rank and rent business models which are as follows:

Local marketing Vault Cost?

Some say LMV costs 5k, some say 7k or even 8k.But this is not true.The real cost of James Bonadies Local Marketing vault is 3k Usd or $3000.If you can’t afford to pay it at once,they have payment plan for it too.Does this price worth it? , F*** YES.

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What Are Two Page Sites?James Bonadies Reviews

Two page sites is the website or I  should say funnel from which Lmv is being sold.And yes two page sites are legit and it is not a scam.Does these types of two page sites work?Yes, definitely,even one page sites work if you know what you are doing(;

PPC doesn’t see if the site is two page,one page or half page.You pay google to run ads for you and that’s it.

My Personal Experience Working With James Bonadies:

Simply put,AMAZING.The guy is honest and teaches what he practises.There were times when he paid me money when I least expected.I think it was about 8k.But let’s talk things aside of money.He is always there when someone needs help.Whether it be me or any other random Josh Moe, he is always there to help.

Not greedy, knows how to build relations and value his own and other people’s time.

Should You Buy Local Marketing Vault?

You should,there is a facebook group of local marketing vault where James and Jason goes live every two or three days of the week.Here is the group schedule:james bonadies

During these lives you can ask if you have any questions.So, it’s like a community,where people are helping each other, finding opportunities to work and learn new things too.

Other than this, students success is itself proof that James Bonadies walks the talk.Over 7000 students are in the course and hundreds of positive reviews on trustpilot.Many people are doing over 50k plus in revenue.Many are doing 10k plus in profit.You can see some of the case studies on the sales page itself.

Final Verdict About James Bonadies

James Bonadies is a legit guy and local marketing is a legit program which has more than 7000 students at the moment.There are hundreds of positive reviews about LMV and two page sites on trustpilot. Other than this,Local marketing vault is BBB accredited too.In the end, I highly recommend you to join this program.That’s it for today’s James Bonadies review, I hope it helped you to take a decision.

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