Astro Flipping Review: Is Jamil Damji’s Course Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about a course by Jamil Damji, Astro Flipping. Is this a legitimate course? See for yourself in this Astro Flipping review.

Real estate is considered to be one of the most recommended assets to invest in. Whether it’s a piece of land title, a farm lot, or even a house, it’s already viable.

That’s because no matter what, the value of real estate is always expected to go up as time passes. While its appreciation timeframe is slow compared to others, you can be ensured that it’s very stable, and VERY RARELY goes down.

Thus, having a real estate investment brings a lot of stability to one’s investment portfolio. Or if you want, you can hold it for a rather short time (usually a year) and then sell it immediately to any interested parties. This business method is called “flipping“.

But real estate flipping, like any other online business, can still pose quite a challenge. And this is where Astro Flipping comes into the scene.

Astro Flipping is an online course that teaches students everything they need for a real estate investment.

But before you decide to invest in this online course, you should read this Astro Flipping review first. So that you can determine if this is a worthwhile business idea for yourself or not.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Astro Flipping review. I’m not affiliated with KеуGlее, LLC, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Astro Flipping?

Astro Flipping Banner

As stated on its official page…

Astro Flipping is a real estate education course that provides material to new and seasoned real estate investors. Its goal is to provide the tools and education needed for growing and scaling a professional wholesaling business.

For real estate beginners, this course will teach everything you need to know to get started on this business. For experienced real estate investors, this will help you even further on how you can scale your business as it grows.

They chose the name “Astro Flipping” based on the analogy of an astronaut in space. When an astronaut flips in that area, they can’t stop.

And the same is true for the Astro Flipping course. The real estate knowledge that they’re going to impart to students through will course will not only help them get started. It’ll also allow them to grow and scale their real state wholesale business.

While real estate wholesaling can be a fantastic, high-profit business idea, you should also take note of those costs associated with it. Even with the aid of this online course, you’d still need to put up with a very demanding workload AND a very huge amount of capital to be able to start.

And if you’re able to put with that expected workload, you might as well just start a system that ACTUALLY lets you earn money directly.

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The People Behind Astro Flipping

The primary teachers and developers of Astro Flipping are Jamil Damji and Joshia Grimes.

Jamil Damji

Astro Flipping - Jamil Damji

Josiah Grimes

Astro Flipping - Josiah Grimes

Josiah Grimes is the co-founder of KeyGlee and KeyGlee Investments, LLC. Of which Astro Flipping is under of.

Jamil Damji, on the other hand, has professional experience in financial services for 15 years, and he usually caters to expats in Dubai/UAE. He’s also the other co-founder and current CEO of KeyGlee.

Based on their profile, anyone can deduce that these guys really know what they’re doing for this course. If there’s anything missing from their business profile, it’s any mention of their net worth.

After all, if they’re going to teach an online course about starting up a business, their net worth will surely boost their credibility.

Astro Flipping: Course Breakdown

The Astro Flipper course actually comes in two variants. The only difference between the two variants is in the content.

Astro Accelerator

The Astro Accelerator course variant is for people who are new to the real estate business, and wanted to build a solid foundation for themselves.

It’s also great for existing real estate business owners, so as to give them more knowledge on how they can scale their business and acquire earnings of 6 up to 7 figures.

Here are the benefits and inclusions for this course variant.

  • 6 Week Training
  • 78 Step-by-Step Videos
  • Downloadable Contracts
  • Access To An Active Real Estate Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acquisitions Focused
  • Dispositions Focused
  • Microflip Focused
  • 2 Group Training Calls Per Week For 6 Months
  • Live Comping Assistant to Run Your Comps

Astro Accelerator Executive

As stated on the name itself, this online real estate course is intended for actual real estate business owners.

This course variant contains a more comprehensive and more intense real estate training that allows owners to further scale their business to earn more than 7, or even 8 figures in total.

Included inside the course are some training on how to grown your staff and build up your own real estate team. It also gives you access to several “done-for-you systems and websites personally customized and built by their professional team.

Here are the benefits and inclusions for this course variant.

  • 7 Week Training
  • 88 Step-by-Step Videos
  • Downloadable Contracts
  • Access To An Active Real Estate Community
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acquisitions Focused
  • Dispositions Focused
  • Microflip Focused
  • 2 Group Training Calls Per Week for 6 Months
  • Two Custom Websites Included
  • Full Customer Customer Relationship Management Setup Included
  • Workflow Automation
  • Team Build Out and Organization
  • Live Comping Assistant to Run Your Comps
  • Bonus Live Call With Jamil Damji, CEO and Co-Founder of KeyGlee & Astro Flipping (9 Live Calls Per Month)

Basically, everything from the Astro Accelerator course package is included. Along with some additions like a done-for-you system, and even more hands-on training.

How Much Does Astro Flipping Cost?

Now here comes some of the problems with this online course.

Again, they’re not being transparent about how much this online course can cost you. You can’t even find any hint of it on their official website.

The only way for someone to know the price of this online course, is if when they decided to book a call. Which is quite of a hassle.

According to some sources, the price for this online course can range from either $5,800 to $7,500. Which, as we all know, is very expensive for starters.

In fact, one of the comments on a review site described his experience on inquiring about the cost of Astro Flipping.

Astro Flipping Comments 1

As you can see, they’re not very upfront with the price. They will only keep on pitching you with the course until you gave in.

Which, of course, many of us won’t due to its steep price.

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What I Like About Astro Flipping?

One of the chief things that I like about Astro Flipping is the fact that the training they give here is quite comprehensive. And the gurus that will be teaching you came from legitimate business backgrounds, and therefore, not a scam.

The system also gives you the option of two course variants, in case you only needed only to know a few facts about real estate trading.

Finally, Astro Flipper also provides the technical tools needed to further manage your own real estate business, thus taking a lot off your own burden.

What I Don’t Like About Astro Flipping?

Simply put, it’s expensive. VERY expensive. The amount of money that you spend on this course is better off spending on yourself.

Besides, investing in real estate itself IS exorbitantly expensive. It’s not uncommon for most people to just invest in real estate at a rather late date in their life, usually once they have more than enough savings needed.

Also, while the training for Astro Flipping is quite comprehensive, it may not be enough. You still need to do some personal training on your own to truly succeed.

Astro Flipping Review: Final Verdict (Will I Recommend It?)

Closing off this Astro Flipping review, I would like to give my thoughts regarding this.

If real estate flipping sounds like an ideal way for you to earn big money, then it’s up to you to think that way.

But personally, it’s not really that ideal, especially for a beginner. The amount of capital that you’ll need to successfully establish a business like this isn’t something you can achieve in mere days.

Sure. It’s an investment that always appreciates, thus increasing its value. But the hard work that you’re going to put up with this may not be worth it.

For this reason, I don’t really recommend the business idea that Astro Flipping promotes. While it’s not a scam, it’s not really for everyone, either.

In fact, when it comes to real estate, digital real estate is so much better today. It’s much less of a hassle to set up a related business like domain flipping and even lead generation if you wish.

My personal recommendation for making money online revolves around lead generation and digital real estate. And if it works for many people, it’s certainly going to work for you as well.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Astro Flipping review.

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