Jason Fladlien Reviews – Affiliate Triad Scam?

Jason Fladlien Reviews - Affiliate Triad Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Jason Fladlien. Is he legit? Find out in this Jason Fladlien review.

In this thorough review of Jason Fladlien, we will evaluate his skills in affiliate marketing to determine if it is a viable way for people to earn money. We closely examine his program, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis assists readers in assessing whether these programs align with their objectives. The review considers Fladlien’s background, strengths, and program specifics to aid marketing enthusiasts in deciding if his offerings suit their specific goals.

Continue on this review to explore whether he is worthy of a try.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Jason Fladlien in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Jason Fladlien Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Jason Fladlien 
  • Program: Affiliate Triad
  • Website: https://jasonfladlien.com/
  • Socials: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche: Online Marketing
  • Recommendation: Achieving significant profits is unlikely. As an affiliate, success heavily relies on adhering to strict merchant rules, limiting control over strategies and decrease the potential for substantial financial gains.

Who is Jason Fladlien?

Jason Fladlien Reviews - Affiliate Triad Scam?

Jason Fladlien’s journey began in Iowa, where his love for rap music ignited during his younger years. Despite this passion, which initially served as a hobby, his upbringing was marked by hardship. A brain scan later revealed PTSD, a result of numerous traumatic experiences that punctuated his challenging childhood. Diagnosed with ADHD, he grappled with shattered emotions, anxiety, and panic attacks, prompting him to seek solace by becoming a monk.

His pursuit of a career in music led to an epiphany—realizing that he was focusing on a product with limited demand. This realization redirected his attention to the business aspect of music, sparking an interest in marketing. He became captivated with understanding consumer psychology, pivoting his expertise from music to information-based businesses.

Initially, his foray into this new arena faced obstacles. Juggling day jobs like painting houses while pursuing his business at night, he experimented with ghostwriting, article writing, and ebook creation, initially pricing his work at $4, learning as he went. Eventually, he fine-tuned his approach, creating one-on-one problem-solving products.

Now recognized as the “quarter billion-dollar webinar man,” Jason Fladlien’s expertise extends across various industries, including information products, software, coaching, consulting, speaking, and eCommerce. He’s sought after by multimillion-dollar companies to lend his marketing prowess, and he is the exclusive marketer called in by Zoom to train its users on maximizing webinars.

Today, Jason focuses on Strategic Positioning, emphasizing the importance of orchestrating the right elements for success. Renowned for his strategic insights, he commands a consulting fee of $3,125 per hour, a testament to his expertise and the value he brings to the table.

His primary platform for coaching and sharing resources remains undisclosed. Jason Fladlien’s journey from rap enthusiast to revered marketing expert is a testament to resilience, adaptation, and an unyielding passion for understanding and leveraging the dynamics of consumer behavior in business.

What is Affiliate Triad?

Jason Fladlien Reviews - Affiliate Triad Scam?

Affiliate Triad, founded by Jason Fladlien, is presented as a program and community for affiliate marketing. It claims to give participants exclusive access to expertise from top affiliate marketers, similar to having a backstage pass to learn directly from professionals. Participants are promised access to promotional materials and exclusive bonuses to enhance their affiliate marketing efforts.

The program highlights that any earned commission is solely for the participant, offering a rewarding experience. They also promise early access to product reviews for better decision-making and improved marketing. Other offerings include traffic coaching for tips on driving more traffic to affiliate offers and product reseller licenses to sell trusted products.

Emphasizing the opportunity to learn from experienced marketing experts in the affiliate marketing world, the program suggests that their stories could be valuable for those aspiring to similar achievements. Finally, they mention a comprehensive marketing software suite with tools essential for streamlining strategies and simplifying workloads.

Allegedly, this affiliate marketing program and community aim to create an environment for individuals to thrive, providing support similar to having a team of experts cheering participants toward success.

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My Favorite Program

How does it work?

Jason Fladlien Reviews - Affiliate Triad Scam?

The program offers a variety of resources and support meant to improve affiliate marketing efforts:

  • Done For You Webinars: Ready-made webinars for marketing use, saving time on presentation creation.
  • Done For You Emails: Pre-written email templates aiding communication in campaigns.
  • Traffic Automation Software: Tools to automate traffic generation methods.
  • Weekly Mentor Calls: Regular sessions with experienced mentors for guidance.
  • Reseller Licenses: Permission to sell existing products under established brands.
  • Coaching & Training: Sessions covering various aspects of affiliate marketing.
  • Done For You Funnels: Pre-built sales funnels to enhance conversion rates.
  • Done For You Bonuses: Pre-made bonus materials to attract potential customers.
  • Product Review Access: Early access to reviews for informed decisions.
  • Real Time Support: Immediate assistance for query resolution.
  • Member Spotlights: Opportunities for community recognition.
  • Private Community: Exclusive networking and collaboration space.

These resources aim to create a supportive environment for participants to excel in affiliate marketing.


The website formerly displayed the pricing for Affiliate Triad at $399 per month. However, it appears that this promotional offer has since expired. For updated pricing information or any inquiries regarding subscription fees and plans, individuals are advised to reach out to support@rapidcrush.com. The dedicated support team at Rapid Crush can provide assistance and details concerning current pricing structures, membership options, or any other queries related to accessing the Affiliate Triad program.

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  • Jason is a highly esteemed figure in affiliate marketing, recognized for his impressive achievements, including generating millions of dollars through webinars. He’s known as “the quarter billion dollar webinar man,” showcasing his ability to generate substantial revenue and making him a prominent leader in the field, admired by both peers and newcomers.
  • In the Affiliate Triad program, Jason provides tools like the Done For You Funnels and Bonuses package to boost sales through improved lead conversion rates. These pre-made templates guide potential customers, and the added value of bonuses attracts more purchases. This strategy enhances marketing efforts in the program, helping participants achieve greater success in affiliate marketing.
  • Monthly, Jason’s program highlights key launches, followed by live training sessions resembling masterclasses. These sessions, conducted by industry experts, offer participants valuable insights and strategies for replication in their own endeavors. It’s not just about learning but leveraging the knowledge to create successful campaigns.


  • A drawback of Jason’s Affiliate Triad is its heavy emphasis on teaching paid advertising methods. This could lead participants to face increased expenses, as these strategies primarily involve investing in paid ads for website traffic. Following these methods might compel individuals to allocate extra funds solely for advertising, posing a challenge for those seeking more cost-effective ways to attract visitors to their affiliate offers.
  • Ensuring a sufficient number of visitors is crucial for the success of an affiliate website. The lack of regular traffic leads to an unprofitable site, and many affiliate marketers struggle to find effective methods for attracting steady traffic. The main challenge lies in creating engaging strategies to sustain interest and maintain a consistent flow of visitors, posing a significant obstacle for affiliate marketers universally.

  • The Affiliate Triad program has very few enrollment openings, emphasizing its limited availability. Missing the designated enrollment window means a long wait before getting another chance to join the program. This strict limitation highlights the program’s elusive accessibility, requiring careful attention and prompt action to seize any opportunity to be part of the Affiliate Triad.

Final Verdict – Thomas Kralow Reviews

While Jason Fladlien’s method in affiliate marketing might have worked for a few, it is far from being a one size fits all solution for those pursuing similar success. The appeal of a pre-packaged affiliate marketing system might seem tempting, but it often drags along hefty expenses. Despite Jason’s assurances about streamlining sales funnel creation, the reality of engaging in the affiliate program is what truly tests one’s online marketing skills and the effectiveness of individual campaigns.

To excel in this pursuit, it demands a substantial drain on both time and money. Yet, it is important to note that these valuable resources could potentially be squandered. They could, instead, be diverted towards alternative business ventures that promise more reliable and passive income streams. Therefore, considerable doubt lingers over whether investing in Jason’s system aligns with individual goals. It is crucial to weigh these considerations against exploring other investment options that might yield superior returns in the long haul.

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