Jason Palliser Review – 2 Day Blueprint Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Jason Palliser. Is he legit? Find out in this Jason Palliser review.

Investment has always been this deep, intimidating word that people tend to avoid talking about. I mean, financial security has always been a topic brought up in conversations, but talking about investments is not really being talked about that much. In fact, a lot of people are intimidated by the prospect, and I am not surprised about that.

Being able to invest something means you already have the money to do it. The scary part is investing itself, as all investments come with risk, one way or another. Investing is basically entrusting your money to an entity that you trust, and hopefully make money with the money you provide to them.

What makes investing scary is that you risk losing everything if you enter into it blindly without knowing a thing. And that is what a lot of people are fearful about.

Jason Palliser is one such guy who wants to ease your fears in investing, so let us talk about we he can do for you,

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Jason Palliser review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Jason Palliser in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Jason Palliser Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: 2 Day Blueprint
  • Founder: Jason Palliser
  • Website: https://www.2dayblueprint.com/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Business solutions
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend real estate investing, because the capital required to start on this business is way too high.

Who is Jason Palliser?

Jason Palliser Review - Jason

Jason Palliser is an off market acquisitions specialist. Big words, I know. Anyway, let me explain to you what he does. Jason is a systems builder who wants people to stop and retire from their jobs and become a full-time investor. He work in the real estate industry, but then he realized that it is too much work. That is why he branched out to teaching investors instead with tried and tested techniques that worked for him.

I could totally understand Jason’s point in here, as real estate investing does come with a lot of work. You have to scout properties, learn about property designing, construction, and management, and be able to market with people you can sell the properties to. You have to be a jack of all trades and focus on different facets of the business, as each one needs to go swimmingly.

Jason has over a decade in experience as a real estate speaker and investor, and he plans to take over as the world’s leading real estate investing tutor. A bold feat to conquer, but Jason is striving to teach his students to become proud and competent real estate investors who can close deals easily.

Before we dive into his program, let us have a quick refresher about real estate investing.

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What is real estate investing?

Venturing into real estate stands as a pinnacle achievement for many novice investors, offering a tangible asset that defies market volatility. Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate provides a physical presence, an earthbound sanctuary amid market fluctuations. Even during a market downturn, your real estate stake remains steadfast, an enduring slice of the world.

For numerous investors, the comfort derived from possessing a tangible asset is unparalleled, a stark contrast to investments that may appear more intangible, even if backed by robust corporations. However, a common misconception persists, leading many to believe that real estate values can only ascend, an assertion debunked by the reality of potential depreciation.

Property neglect or shifts in neighborhood desirability can precipitate diminished returns or a complete collapse in property value.

Diverging from the simplicity of stock investments, real estate demands ongoing maintenance, whether through personal efforts or professional assistance. Additional financial obligations, including taxes and insurance, persist regardless of profitability, further highlighting the nuanced nature of real estate investment.

While real estate often retains intrinsic value even in tumultuous times, it lacks a foolproof guarantee. Like any investment endeavor, a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, competition, target clientele, and income potential proves paramount.

Real estate investment may lack the glamour of trendier options, yet it serves as a stabilizing counterbalance to the volatility inherent in riskier ventures such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of real estate investment

Properties appreciate in value.

Real estate assets generally gain value over time, boosting investor earnings, particularly with a long-term strategy. You can convert this appreciation into income by utilizing mortgage financing or selling the property at a profit.

Your properties can protect you from inflation.

Certain investments may fail to match inflation, resulting in a decrease in the purchasing power of your invested dollars. Real estate, on the other hand, serves as a safeguard against inflation. Typically, as inflation rates rise, so do real estate values. This ensures that your investment maintains its value relative to inflation, preserving the strength of your dollar.

You may choose how involved you are.

Real estate investors have the option to oversee rental properties independently or enlist a property management firm for assistance. This flexibility empowers you to manage your investments according to your preferences. Whether you seek a hands-off approach with higher expenses by delegating management to a company or desire full autonomy over your rental property, the choice is yours to make.

Passive income is guaranteed.

Real estate investing boasts significant advantages, primarily through its potential for passive income. The earned income can be utilized to expand your real estate portfolio, cover monthly expenses, or contribute towards achieving various financial objectives.

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2 Day Blueprint Overview

Jason Palliser Review - 2 Day Blueprint Logo

So, it turns out that this is a 2-day only coaching experience where Jason Palliser promises to teach you all about real estate investing and how to grow your business. Simple as that.

There are three primary topics that are covered in this, so let us discuss those.

Marketing lead machines

In all businesses, marketing is key. Knowing how to properly market your properties is indeed a good skill, as this will make your life a lot easier just by being able to know who to market your property to. This way, you will know who to contact once you are convinced that your property is up to speed.

In 2 Day Blueprint, you are promised by Jason that you would not need to worry about getting leads anymore, as you will be taught how to regularly get leads who will be in contact with you regularly. Hoo boy… That sounds like a pretty bold claim.

Automation and systems

So, 2-Day Blueprint will teach you how to be able to build an automated system. Jason even boasts that his team will teach you how to run an automated system which will help you to close deals quickly. He says that he can even build you an exact replica of the system he uses. Sounds handy, right?

Yeah, I am not so sure if he can live up to that promise, so take that with a grain of salt.

Negotiations and closing deals

Jason says that he can teach you how to build negotiation skills in order to close deals quickly. Astounding, I know. Closing deals is usually the toughest process in the business, and I am quite surprised that Jason is happily parading around, telling people that he knows how to make negotiations go smoothly and have you close your deals as soon as possible.

Hmm. Maybe Jason is on to something here, but do not believe him that easily.


Unfortunately, I could not find any pricing information on Jason’s website. This is not surprising anymore, as this sounds like a pretty high-ticket program. That means that you shouldn’t expect a cheap price for this program.

You have to pay a high price for this, so expect a price tag of maybe $500 or more. For a 2-day program which promises to teach you everything you need to know, that sounds like a fair price, at least for Jason. He set that price, anyway.

Final Verdict – 2 Day Blueprint Review

I am not going to lie, 2-Day Blueprint sounds like a pretty delusional promise. Imagine being promised to learn real estate investing in a period of two days… That is just a little ridiculous and hard to believe.

You have to be able to learn a lot of things before you can do real estate investing, and I know that it takes more than two days to learn all that. That is why I do not believe what this program says.

With that in mind, I suggest that you do not trust this program easily. Go ahead and try my top recommendation instead.

Before You Leave…

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