Jay Shetty Review – Legit or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Jay Shetty. Is it legit? Find out in this Jay Shetty review.

Jay Shetty is a guru who promises that you can be rich by following his path. The question is, can he be trusted? Do his teachings actually work or not?

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not Jay Shetty’s advice is right for you. And if it’s not, don’t worry – I’ll also share with you the alternative that I’ve personally used to make a full-time passive income online.

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Jay Shetty Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Jay Shetty
  • Founder: Seun Ogundele
  • Website: https://jayshetty.me/
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Book, training course
  • Niche: Self-help
  • Recommendation: Jay Shetty seems legit, but it depends on each person whether or not his teachings can work. Everyone has a different set of circumstances, after all.

Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty Review - 1

As a former monk, award-winning storyteller, podcast presenter, and author who is committed to helping others find inner peace and fulfillment in their lives, Jay Shetty has risen to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

Forbes recognized his transformative effect on the media industry by including him on their 30 Under 30 List in 2017.

Over 50 million people follow him across all of his social media platforms, and his viral videos have been seen over 10 billion times. Now in its second year, Jay’s On Purpose Health and Wellness Podcast has become the most popular of its kind.

The likes of Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and American Express have all welcomed him as a keynote speaker.

His Genius Coaching group has thousands of members in more than 100 countries, and his Online School has been visited by over two million individuals.

In this review, we will be talking about some of his books and his training course.

Jay Shetty is similar to Keala Kanae, Amanda Frances, and Joseph Hogue.

Think Like a Monk Review

Jay Shetty Review - Think Like a Monk

In his book, “Think Like a Monk,” author Jay Shetty distills the tenets of the Buddhist monastic way of life for the average reader.

Finding one’s life’s purpose, overcoming negativity, cutting back on excessive thinking, and finding happiness are just a few of the goals of this book.

The writing style is engaging and the content is useful for anybody curious about the monastic life and how to achieve inner calm and contentment.

The book is split into three sections, each with its own meditation and three or four chapters. Shetty begins detailing his early life and training as a monk in the introduction. Stories from his time spent in the ashram follow.

Shetty includes a quotation from a philosopher or spiritual author that is both instructive and enjoyable to read at the beginning of each chapter.

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First part

The first section, “Let Go,” introduces the concepts of self-awareness and overcoming apprehension and adversity. The final section provides an overview of why intention is crucial and how to make intention a part of your daily life.

Several engaging tales interspersed among the chapters help drive home key points and stick in the mind. The breathwork meditation that concludes the first section is important to the practice.

Implementing and auditing your own life is made easier with the exercises sprinkled throughout the chapters.

Second part

Part two, titled “Grow,” emphasizes knowing one’s mind and ego well, developing a routine that helps one achieve their goals, and discovering one’s purpose in life. Here, Shetty presents the concept of dharma and provides a basic explanation of what it means.

Understanding this idea and the way monks live according to their dharma is central to this work. Following the imagery meditation, we move on.

Last part

“Give” summarizes the mission statement in the final section. Gratitude, relationships, and service are the subjects of the three chapters that make up this section.

Specifically, it examines the best methods to donate without feeling drained and in a way that is consistent with our dharma.

This section of the meditation guides explains the benefits of chanting and provides a variety of chants that may be used for this purpose along with their translations.

Shetty provides several quotations from the book to illustrate the idea he is attempting to explain.

The chapters also have drawings, infographics, and an exercise box. Shetty includes an appendix in which a Vedic personality test and answer key are provided so that the reader may draw their own conclusions.

The book concludes with a full index of all the works cited by Shetty.

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My Favorite Program

Is it worth it?

Jay Shetty, a former monk, performs the legwork and simplifies it for the rest of us who don’t want to become monks for various reasons but still want to benefit from the wisdom of the monks in our daily lives.

Shetty has harnessed the power of a monk’s perspective by drawing on his wit, wisdom, and empathy to write this book.

This book would be a thoughtful present for friends and family members, and it’s also the kind of thing you’d want to keep for yourself and read again in a few years to reflect on your progress.

8 Rules of Love Review

The book’s title refers to the fact that its eight chapters cover different aspects of love. The book is structured so that each chapter covers a distinct aspect of falling in love, realizing it, appreciating it, holding on to it, and finally letting go.

The author has made an effort to find connections between the four phases of love and the four ashrams described in Hindu Vedic literature.

However, on several levels, this analogy is inaccurate and deceptive. Vedic ashrams are about so much more than trite romantic comedies. They are a way of life aimed at improving one’s spiritual and mental state.

Also, it seems like Jay Shetty would have his readers think that ashrams are primarily concerned with love: love of self, love of relationship, love of others, and love of society. That very much ruined whatever potential this book had for me to enjoy it.

Mr. Shetty, who formerly adopted a monastic lifestyle, elaborates in length on his experiences in both his videos and this book.

Each chapter is packed with his funny quotations and insightful observations on how to pursue and maintain a healthy, hearty relationship. He provides examples from his own life and marriage to illustrate the benefits and challenges of having a committed partner.

Is it worth it?

The book “8 Rules of Love” isn’t going to make you feel warm and fuzzy, but it will make you think deeply about yourself and the relationships you value. If you don’t read the book but listen to the author speak, you won’t miss anything important.

However, I think the reader would benefit more from doing some independent investigation than from buying into the author’s perspective on ashrams, which is limited.

Live Your Passion Review

Internet superstar and influencer (and former monk) Jay Shetty created a course called Live Your Passion that promises to teach you how to transform your hobbies and interests into a profitable online company.

Jay teaches the whole thing through a set of films broken down into 6 sections, or “modules.

There are 3 videos, a worksheet, and a quiz for each module (to test your knowledge of the material presented in that module).

To put it simply, a module is a collection of related videos.

The duration of the videos might be anything from a few seconds to twenty minutes.

You may complete a unit in an afternoon and the entire course in a week or less if you work at a rapid pace.


Tier 1 – The Foundation – $347 one time

You’ll just get the videos, worksheets, and PDF study guides to go at your own leisure. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a fantastic alternative.

Payment plans of two monthly installments are available.

Tier 2 –  VIP – The full course + live group mentoring, live Q&A sessions, and more: $997 one time

The whole course, including all extras and weekly live group coaching, is now available for a one-time payment of $997.00 with the VIP option, or at varying rates per month based on the payment schedule you pick.

The premium Live Your Passion member level, with complete course access, is included in all full course options.

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