JeaFx Review – James Allen Forex Trading Course Worth Buying?

Today, we are going to talk about JeaFx. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It always interesting to see so many different training programs exist within a certain industry. You would assume that the more well-known programs would be the ones that a lot of people flock towards. They have the notoriety to attract a lot of people. There’s a reason why there are well-known. A lot of people use them.

But sometimes, a newcomer enters that specific industry. Just because there are a lot of other more well-known programs that exist doesn’t mean that there’s no space for new programs to be introduced. It’s not really good for competition when only a certain program takes up the majority of market share. You do know what you’re getting into, at least. But often, a program that has existed without much competition would stagnate in its quality.

So it’s not really surprising whenever I learn about a training program that is new to me. And as somebody who writes reviews for these types of programs, I always welcome those programs with open arms. It’s also beneficial for me because I have another program to compare it to. Not all programs are made equal. Sure, they use roughly the same concepts and information. But they would often differentiate when it comes to their execution.

The main question that I often have when it comes to these reviews is this: What makes this particular program that I’m reviewing worth trying out? Because there is some level of competition within that certain niche, why would something like JeaFx be a better choice than some of the other forex trading-related online courses that are already out there?

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JeaFx Review: Quick Details

  • Name: JeaFx
  • Founder: James Allen
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Forex trading
  • Recommendation: It is one of the more well thought out courses that you could find with regards to trading. But the price point for it may not be affordable to a lot of people. Getting into the trading market poses some risk. Be mindful of how much you’re willing to put out for this venture.

Who Is James Allen?

JeaFx founder James Allen

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of details that you could find online with regards to James Allen, forex trader and the creator of JeaFx. I’m honestly surprised that somebody like him hadn’t been interviewed by some random forex trading podcast. With so many people making podcasts about different niches, you would assume that they would try to get as many guests that are active in that niche. But I guess James Allen isn’t famous enough to get interviewed by any of those podcasts. Despite the fact that he has tens of thousands of subscribers on his YouTube. That’s big enough for some random podcast to consider, right?

This is pretty much surprisingly common with a lot of these types of programs. Not a lot of people who create these training programs are privy to talk about themselves. Though, most of the time, a lot of these creators build some kind of lore around them. Sometimes, you really need an inflated sense of self whenever you create your own training program. Let’s be honest, people don’t create training programs if they don’t see the potential for them to income from it. That’s just how the business is. You can offer a free course, which most of these creators do. But it’s often just a way to get people to be interested in the paid course.

Luckily, James Allen has a LinkedIn profile. Based on his profile, he had taken two different skill-related courses. One was for creative media, journalism and PR from 2014–2016 and one was for digital marketing from 2016–2017. So it does seem that James had an intention of getting into the world of marketing.

Sometime in 2016, he did an apprenticeship for a local digital marketing firm. By the time that he had finished his diploma in digital marketing, he went on to work for two different digital marketing agencies. Most of what he did was related to SEO or search engine optimization. Once he ended his career in digital marketing, he then went on to become a forex trader and, eventually, mentor. It’s kind of an unusual jump considering he almost four years of experience in digital marketing. Though it happens sometimes.

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What Is JeaFx?

JeaFx is the brand that James Allen created that’s focused on every single forex trading-related thing that he offers. If you’re wondering what the “jea” part of JeaFx means, it’s probably just the three initials of his name. It makes the most sense, right? The “fx” part is foreign exchange. Somehow he managed to shorten forex into just two letters.

There are a lot of different programs that James Allen offers through the JeaFx brand. As I have mentioned earlier in this review, a lot of creators such as James offer a free course that serves as the jumping off point for the paid one. James calls his free course the “10K Blueprint.” A lot of other creates have used some variation of that naming scheme for their own courses. When you think of the word “blueprint,” you immediately think of the plans for a house. Like, you have to follow the measurements to a T in order to get the results that you want. You can’t really deviate from that structure or else the results would be different. That’s pretty much the same idea when it comes the free online course that James Allen offers. He tries to give an idea of exactly what he did in order to find success in forex trading.

In order to access the free 10K Blueprint course, you have to input your name and email address on the funnel page for the free course. Most other free courses do that sort of thing as well. They’re not going to make it easy to access even the free stuff. You have to sign up for their email list before you can access the free course. Though you could easily unsubscribe from the mailing listing after you’ve watched the video for the 10K Blueprint course. Believe me, they will spam your email if you don’t unsubscribe.

There are many forex trading/day trading courses and mentorship programs I have reviewed on this website before, some of them are as following:

These gurus and their scams are everywhere now a days.

But What About The Other Courses?

A screenshot from the JeaFx 10K Blueprint course

The last ten minutes of the free one-hour $10K Blueprint course is pretty much just an advertisement for the Trading Accelerator course that James Allen offers. In the video for the sales page for his Trading Accelerator course, James prefaces that the course might be something that could be usable for both beginners and those that already have some experience in trading. It’s more for those who have been struggling a bit with their trades recently and those who want to better their knowledge so that they don’t fail as much as they currently do.

Basically, James attributes his success to these systems that he created based on every single resource that he could find. Apparently, he looked at every single resource that he could find. Books, interviews, and a lot of other stuff that these well-known traders have said in some form. He pieced together all of the things that made those traders successful and applied it to his own trades. Seemingly, it worked out for him? He alludes to this in the free one-hour course that he has. The sum of it is that you should be adapting your strategy to what you are like instead of following whatever these strategies other people are using. It may work for them. But it may not work for you. The main thing that James says in the video is to focus more on your success in trading in the long-term instead of the short-term. It’s good to have a successful trade every now and then. But you shouldn’t expect that you’re always going to succeed every single time.

The Trading Accelerator course basically expands on the free course James Allen offers through JeaFx. For those wanting to start their foray into forex, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading, including the different types of trading you could do. There’s actually some pretty meaty chapters in the course. Somehow, you’ll learn a bit about macroeconomics in the course?

The cost of the course is a one-time payment worth £695 or a three-month installment £375. Aside from the main course, you also get access to the Iron Mind and Scaling Up programs. You also get access to the members-only community as well as regular live trading sessions.

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Final Verdict – JeaFx Reviewjeafx scam

The courses that James Allen offers through JeaFx are probably one of the more well thought out that I have reviewed so far. It does seem that James has put a lot of effort into his Trading Accelerator course. While it’s possible that you might find success in trading if you use the information you have gotten from his course, it’s not guaranteed that you will always find success in it. Yes, James has also said that in some form during his free course. And he’s right.

Anybody who gets into trading has to be aware that there is always an innate risk that comes with it. That’s just the nature of the niche that you’re getting into. While the courses at JeaFx seem to be one of the more worthwhile courses you might find out there, the price might not be accessible to a lot of people. You’re not going to learn a lot from his free course but it might be worth a watch just to see how James approaches trading.

Other then this, let’s talk about the business model itself.Day Trading…

Day trading is the worst investment anyone can make because market always wins at the end.There have been studies which says that 99% people who do day trading lose money and only 1% become prodfitable.

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There are thousands of gurus out there teaching you how to day trade.I have reviewed thousands of gurus on this same site,they are popping from left right and center.Real way they make money is bycteaching others how to make money from day trading.Like in jeafx,when you see their official website, James Allen has very bold claims (like any other day trading guru) and showing students profits as testimonials.But what about student loses?Who will talk about that?

This is the thing almost all,ALL gurus hide from you.Whether you buy signals or pay for mentorships,there’s always sketchy things inside them,it’s not worth the time and investment.I sometimes think that these gurus are morally corrupt.What kind of a man want to make money on pump and dump schemes like crypto, like in day trading you don’t know which currency or stocks will go up or down.. etc.

What you learnt in the end of investing in trading?


You learnt nothing,despite of the fact you make money or not.It’ll not build you as a man what so ever.This might be a reason why most of forex day trading gurus are geeks.Sitting infront of computer like a nerd and getting excited one second and sad the other, is not a good idea.Instead learn a real skill.A skills which will teach you something new.

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