Jelly Connect App Review: Can You Make Money With It?

Today we will be reviewing an app called Jelly Connect. Is Jelly Connect a scam? Find out in this Jelly Connect app review.

You probably saw a very misleading ad for this app while you were watching a video on a streaming site. If I could guess correctly, the video showed you quite a colorful matching game, with quite a tempting twist.

Well, I am sure that you would not be interested in a matching game alone. The gameplay is quite the same for all games like these anyway, so it can get old quickly.

So, what is so tempting about Jelly Connect?

This app claims that you can earn money just by playing the game. Interesting, right?

I mean, I could see why people would want to download an app like this. Getting paid to play a matching game sounds like easy money.

The reason why you are here today is because you are wondering if you will really get paid just by playing. Well, it looks like you came to the right place.

Before you decide to download this app, you should read this Jelly Connect app review first. You should check if it is worth all the effort before you dedicate your precious time to it.

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Jelly Connect: Quick Overview

  • Name: Jelly Connect
  • Developer: blinggame
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • App Icon:
Jelly Connect App Review - Jelly Connect icon

What is Jelly Connect?

Jelly Connect is a typical matching game. Basically, you match the jellies with the similar numbers and watch as they collapse and grant you a score.

The scoring system is not the typical one you will see in matching games. They use USD to represent the score.

This is just one of probably millions of matching games in the Play Store and App Store.

Basically, once you can cash out your earnings once you manage to accumulate $200. Cashing out is done through PayPal.

However, what you should be aware that this is a common tactic used by apps like this to get their players to play longer. This involves having to sit through an insane amount of ads.

The apps mainly earn money through the ad revenue they maximize from their players. What’s more, apps like this are quite easy to develop too, making them easy cash cows.

How to Play Jelly Connect

This game is fairly simple. Like I said before, all you need to do is match the jellies with the similar numbers in them. You need to connect them by swiping your finger through the screen.

Jelly Connect App Review - Jelly Connect Gameplay

Those jellies you match will then become a jelly with a higher number. You just have to keep doing this repeatedly until you get higher numbers. Matching jellies with high numbers in them will grant you diamonds.

Sometimes, some rare jellies will appear. Upon matching them, you will get a pop-up message with a ‘Collect’ button below, and in order to collect your special reward, you have to watch an ad.

Jelly Connect App Review - Jelly Connect PayPal

You can potentially earn up to $16 per ad that you watch, which is an absolutely insane payout since I am sure that the developers do not even make as much as 10 cents per ad.

There are also three tools you can utilize for better gaming experience:

  • Hammer: You can use this on any jelly to eliminate it from its current position.
  • Randomize Item: This tool will rearrange all the tiles in the board.
  • x2: Using this on a jelly will double its current number.

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Lucky Prizes?

From time to time, you get Streak Rewards for completing many levels in one seating. This involves having to flip through 4 cards, then watching ads which can grant you diamonds, cash rewards, and a puzzle piece.

This puzzle piece, along with 3 more, will get you a chance to win an iPhone 12. Other rewards are available as well, but of course the iPhone 12 is the one that people want to win.

Gameplay Video

This video will show you some gameplay footage of the app.

How Can You Earn Money in Jelly Connect?

Upon reaching the $200 mark, you can finally request to have the payment cashed out to your PayPal account. This is where things get difficult, though.

Upon clicking on the ‘Cash Out’ button, you will then get a message which states that your cash out request is currently “under review”.

Jelly Connect App Review - Jelly Connect cash out

What you have to do next is complete lunacy.

You are then given a sudden task where you have to watch 60 video ads in 24 hours in order to collect your money.

Once you are done with that, you get another ridiculous task. You now have to sit through 200 video ads in 3 days to get your money.

At this point you are probably thinking that this does not sound right. Something smells fishy here.

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Is Jelly Connect Legit or Not?

No, Jelly Connect is definitely not legit.

Even if you do all the ridiculous tasks they ask you to, you will never see that cash out payment on your PayPal account.

They will probably keep delaying your payment with more and more tasks each time you finish one, just so you will finally give up on ever receiving the money you worked hard on accumulating.

And those Lucky Gift rewards? Those are not legit too, so don’t even bother.

If the main reason why you want to install this game is to earn money, then you should probably not download it. You will just be wasting precious hours of your life playing a game and watching ads without earning money like what was promised.

Actually, there is already a red flag that will greet you before you even attempt to install this game on your device.

Jelly Connect App Review - Jelly Connect red flag

Apparently, the game is still in early access, meaning that it is still in development.

However, you should know that the developers is doing this on purpose. Users cannot really post reviews for apps that are still under development.

What this means is that people who are being scammed by this app cannot voice out their concerns publicly. This will then hinder people from knowing that this app is a complete scam.

Also, there are already a lot of red flags being shown to you before you even install the game. Remember that ad you saw?

In it, they show that it is very easy to make money. All you need to do is keep matching jellies, and you watch as your “balance” goes up. They often show ridiculous amounts, like $2 every match you do.

Imagine being paid amounts as much as what people who go to work everyday earn. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous to you?

When something is too good to be true, then it is very likely that it is a scam. Do not fall for things like these.

Alternatives to Jelly Connect

At this point, you may be convinced already that this app is not worth your time.

But you may ask yourself. Is there still a way to make money online while you’re playing a game that you like?

Worry not. If you want to make money online by just playing.

Then you may want to try your hand at NFT games. They provide some level of gaming fun, all while you earn a decent income.

NFT games can also come in any gaming genre, so there’s always an NFT game that is suitable for your taste.

However, there are still some drawbacks when you’re going to want to play NFT games as a source of income online.

  • NFT games are still based on cryptocurrency, which is a rather volatile investment. This means that the payout from these games can rapidly go up, or even drop dramatically, all on short notice. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.
  • If the NFT game that you want to join is already an established game, the barrier for joining these games can be very high, cost-wise. In cases like this, “scholarship programs” for these NFT games are available, where they’ll let you play the game without investing in anything. The condition, of course, is that you will split your earnings to the one that took you under their wing.
  • NFT games are mostly competitive in nature, so prepare for a bit of legwork if you want to really earn from these games.

Final Verdict – Jelly Connect

Before I end this Jelly Connect app review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

If you want to make money, then apps like these are definitely not the way to go. What saddens me is that people only read reviews like this one after they already wasted a lot of time and effort on these games that promise them money.

Apps like these have flooded the Play Store and App Store. All of them promise you that playing them will make you money, and will entice you with carefully crafted ads in order to deceive you into installing them.

While this game is pretty simple, it does make for a good time waster. Other than that, this is another app not worth the storage space.

That’s it for my Jelly Connect app review. Hopefully this review helps with your future endeavors.

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