Jennifer Houghton Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Jennifer Houghton and her net worth.

Social media platforms would sometime suggest you accounts based on the people you follow. That is just the nature of platforms like that. They use the data based on how you use their platform and suggest you things you might enjoy. It’s the thing that pushes you to spend more time on the platform.

There are a lot of niches that exist in a lot of social media platforms. I had recently written about a subcommunity of people on YouTube that talk about their lives as nomads living in vans. The amount of subscribers to that channel was really substantial. It was around 600 thousand subscribers.

It’s hard not to get sucked into the rabbit hole sometimes. You never really know where your swipes or likes will lead you. That’s why I don’t often turn on auto-play when I watch videos on YouTube. If a suggested video interests me, I will click on the thumbnail to watch it.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid all those account and post suggestions on places like Instagram Twitter. Even if you turn off the suggestions every now and then, when it comes back it will be a lot more aggressive with its suggestions. Maybe it’s good? Who knows.

But a lot of people enjoy looking at interior design accounts on Instagram. Everybody wants to imagine that they too could have a cozy looking house that costs over a million dollars to build and decorate. And then the dread comes around.

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Jennifer Houghton: Quick Details

  • Full Name: Jennifer Houghton
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Occupation: content creator; interior designer
  • Social media: TikTok, Instagram
  • Estimated net worth: $10 million

What Could You Find About Jennifer Houghton?

Somehow, despite having done an interview on a syndicated talk show like The Kelly Clarkson Show, there hasn’t been a lot of interviews with Jennifer Houghton since she has gotten viral. The video was from February 2020. She was already viral before the pandemic even started. (Weird choice of words, I know.) Her last appearance on “Kelly” was in an episode from October 2021. She hasn’t gotten to a point where she could be a regular fixture on the show.

Despite having a viral moment, not a lot of publications and websites have done interviews with. If you for the keywords, “jennifer houghton interview,” you wouldn’t really get any results for interviews with her. Sure there are some interviews with a Jennifer Houghton. But it’s not the Jennifer Houghton.

The second non-video result when you search for those keywords does lead to an interview with the Jennifer Houghton that I am writing about. But there isn’t a lot of information you could get out of it. I think nobody really cares all that much about Jennifer’s early life. Why would they? She’s just some random person who became popular on Instagram.

One thing that stood out from her interview with DMagazine was a memory from her childhood. She was about six years old at the time. And she had heard a sound coming from somewhere around the house. As a curious child would be, she decided to check out where the sound was coming from. She went to the garage and saw her mother making Christmas ornaments.

Somehow, that was the moment that really changed her life. It’s as if she had found her calling. Memories can be weird like that. Sometimes it feels like memories can be changed to fit a narrative.

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Lights Are About To Be Hung Up The Walls

She seems to have lived a decent life with her family in Bountiful, Utah. In college, she went to Brigham Young University. I guess that was she met her soon-to-be-husband Steve.

Early on in their marriage, Jennifer mentions that they didn’t really have a lot of money to spend on decorations. She was only able to afford a single string of Christmas lights as decoration. Jennifer waited until the Christmas decorations were on sale so that she could use it for the next holiday season. Honestly? A smart idea.

Slowly her collection of decoration started to grow. Then she had children. So she was able to share her decorating style with even more people. I guess soon enough Jennifer was able to start buying decorations in-season.

Fast forward to a few decades, Steve had started his own investment firm. Her oldest child was in their thirties and she had four other children that she loved dearly. Her family’s lifestyle had gotten better and she was able to decorate her home however she wanted now.

The Beginnings of Turtle Creek Lane

Jennifer Houghton hadn’t really posted all that much on social media. I somehow managed to find one of her older accounts on Instagram. The earliest post on their was from 2013.

In that account, she mostly posted photos of her family out and about. They were celebrating the holidays together. You know, regular ol’ post from a regular ol’ suburban mom. She just wanted to posts photos in a semi-frequent fashion.

But the seeds had been planted to what she would eventually go on to do. It was a post from 2015. Just a week before Halloween. In that post, you would see two chairs next to the staircase decorated in orange and black decorations. There is a witch sitting on one of the chairs.

The post was basically her being excited for the trick or treaters coming next week. At this point, Jennifer was mostly doing this for her family and her neighbors. You wouldn’t really expect that this is for thousands of people on the internet.

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Jennifer Houghton Rises To Internet Fame

It was in probably in 2016 that Jennifer started her website Turtle Creek Lane. One of the first ever posts on the blog was about something called the negligee effect. It basically had to do with what the eyes see first. In this case, it was the front yard.

Looking at the blog post, it pretty much gives you a sense of her decorating style. She also included photos of her work. You can definitely see that she has spent a lot of money on this.

She continued to post on her blog frequently. I’m guessing that she had already started a new Instagram account in tandem with the blog. She really goes through every part of the house for every single blog post. It’s hard to dump everything into just one post. It will get boring.

The growth of her blog and Instagram account was probably very slow. It’s harder to start a blog now compared to the early 2000s. It is amazing to see people still continue to operate and post on a blog.

I guess it around late 2019/early 2020 when the Turtle Creek Lane Instagram account started to get noticed. Sometimes it takes a while for something to just hit. Jennifer has probably establish an audience prior to her decoration set ups going viral.

What Is Jennifer Houghton’s Net Worth?

It’s safe to say that Jennifer Houghton and her family are pretty well off. But considering that Steve’s the one that’s really pulling in the money, it’s hard to say exactly how that contributes to Jennifer Houghton’s net worth. I guess you could consider it as a cumulative net worth between the both of them. It’s estimated that Jennifer Houghton’s net worth is around $15 million.

It’s not at all surprising that Jennifer Houghton has managed to find ways to monetize her brand. I mean, if you have more than 800 thousand followers, you probably could get some of them to buy your products. In this case, Jennifer started her own online shop.

Depending on the season, there are decorations that are being sold on her store. At the time of this writing, she is selling a holiday decoration mystery box for $150 dollars. Apparently, the value of those decorations could be worth at least $300. Aside from that, she also has an e-book about living healthy. And considering who she is, it’s not at all surprising.

Aside from the online store, she also does sponsorships like all the other social media influencers out there. You kind of have to find as many revenue streams as you can. It’s hard to rely on just one way to earn money, especially if you are an online creator or an influencer.

I don’t think that Jennifer Houghton will struggle financially. It seems that his husband’s company is doing well. And she has sponsorships and all that. Her three oldest children are adults now as well.

It’s amazing to see people find success through social media. So many people are trying to earn money from making videos or posting photos. And somehow it all works. But I don’t think that everyone can find the same level success as another person.

All of the bigger niches seems to have already filled up. But there is still probably still an audience out there that hasn’t been catered to yet. Sometimes people want to be able to relate the creators and influencers that they follow.

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