Joe McCall Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a guru named Joe McCall. Is he legit? Find out in this Joe McCall review.

Real estate investing has gained quite a lot of popularity these days. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by a business prospect where you can make huge amounts of money with every sale? I would not be surprised that anyone presented with that wouldn’t be tempted.

There are quite a lot of people looking at real estate as a business option. After all, learning how to be a real estate agent is now possible online. The realm of online coaching and e-Learning has definitely became more popular during the pandemic.

Knowing that online coaching and e-Learning is now a pretty viable option makes me happy and excited, as it is indeed possible to learn in a more flexible manner.

What saddens me though is that this realm is now filled with scammers who are willing to take people’s money by providing them with expensive yet mediocre courses.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Joe McCall review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Joe McCall in any shape or form whatsoever.

But before I start …

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Droperts Overview: Quick Details

  • Name: Joe McCall
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Business solutions
  • Niche: Real estate
  • Recommendation: Joe McCall may not be a scammer, but his programs are still worth looking into. I suggest you do more thorough research before signing up for his programs.

Who is Joe McCall?

Joe McCall Review - Joe McCall

On the get go, Joe McCall looks like your typical friendly, optimistic neighbor. When I first saw his pictures, I immediately got the impression of him being a good guy. I guess this impression he puts out is the reason why people get attracted to his energy and trust him.

That said though, I decided to look into Joe McCall’s website to see what he is all about. That is when I started to feel disappointed. That is because I found the information about him on his website didn’t really say much… What I found on his website though is how religious he is, and how God changed his life.

Well, I guess there are really people like Joe who are willing to write blogs about how God changed their lives for the better, and how their life has definitely been a lot better because of His blessings.

However, with that said, I am not so sure about Joe McCall’s background, as all he said in his About Us page is about how religion changed him and gave him all the blessings that gave him his comfortable life that he is now enjoying.

Joe McCall brands himself as a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He also mentions that the most important things to him are God and his family.

With Joe properly introduced, let us discuss Joe McCall’s program offerings.

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My Favorite Program

Joe McCall Programs Overview

Joe McCall Review - Joe McCall 2

Simple Land Flips

In this course, Joe promises that you will discover the secrets to effortlessly securing dozens of monthly checks ranging from $300 to $500, all while dedicating just a few hours per week to your endeavors.

This lucrative opportunity operates on autopilot, allowing you to enjoy a steady stream of passive income without the need for exhaustive work hours. By harnessing the timeless allure of one of humanity’s oldest asset classes—land—you can unlock the potential for sustained financial success.

Basically, you will be diving into the realm of land investment and learn how to capitalize on this historically proven strategy to cultivate wealth with minimal effort and maximum returns.

This program will cost you $4,997.

Simple Lease Options

In this offer, Joe says that you will uncover the effectiveness of lease options in navigating today’s tumultuous and fiercely competitive market landscape. In here, you can learn the secrets to expanding your deal portfolio and reaping the benefits of immediate cash, ongoing cash flow, and future financial gains.

You also have the potential to unlock the strategies for amplifying your deal flow and capitalizing on lucrative opportunities in the market. You will be taught how to secure instant cash injections to fuel your financial endeavors and maintain a steady stream of monthly income through astute lease option arrangements.

Additionally, you may find the way to position yourself to capitalize on future profits by leveraging the power of lease options to secure promising assets for the long term.

By mastering the art of lease options, you can effectively navigate the complexities of the current market environment while simultaneously maximizing your earning potential.

This will cost you $2,497.

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My Favorite Program

Automated Wholesaling

In this course offering, you will learn about automated wholesaling, and potentially discover the keys to establishing a seamlessly integrated wholesaling enterprise. Joe says that with this course, you can learn how to leverage cutting-edge technology and strategic processes to flip properties or parcels of land effortlessly, all from the comfort of any location worldwide, armed with nothing more than a laptop and a phone.

Joe also says that you can bid farewell to the traditional constraints of in-person interactions with sellers or buyers, tedious direct mail campaigns, and time-consuming negotiations. Instead, you may now embrace a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, liberated from the confines of a fixed office space.

By delving deeper into the realm of automated wholesaling, you may uncover a wealth of untapped potential, from streamlining operational workflows to optimizing deal closures and beyond.

This program costs $497.

Easy Outsourcing 101

This program is designed as  a straightforward, comprehensive training program designed to guide you through the process of successfully closing your inaugural wholesale deal.

Basically, this course promises to help you equip yourself with all the essential tools and resources necessary to navigate your first foray into wholesaling effortlessly. From meticulously crafted marketing materials, persuasive seller scripts, and precise offer calculators to meticulously drafted contracts, this training package leaves no stone unturned in preparing you for success.

You will be provided access to all the instructional videos from each module, allowing you to absorb the material at your own pace and convenience, regardless of your location.

This course will cost you $297.

MLS Hacks

In MLS Hacks, you can delve into a treasure trove of essential knowledge and strategies to thrive in the real estate arena, encompassing everything from market selection to offer creation.

By uncovering the secrets to identifying lucrative markets primed for investment, you are promised that your efforts yield maximum returns. You can potentially navigate the intricate landscape of property searching with precision, leveraging the best online resources to unearth hidden gems ripe for acquisition.

Joe promises to teach you the art of offer calculation and creation, tailored to suit your specific investment strategy—whether you’re delving into wholesaling or exploring the possibilities of lease options.

This is Joe’s cheapest offering, which costs $97.

Is Joe McCall Legit?

Joe McCall Review - Joe McCall 3

So, it doesn’t seem like Joe McCall is a scammer. At least, I wasn’t able to find any proof that says that he is a shady guy.

On the other hand though, his many offerings can be quite confusing. His website didn’t really properly specify the differences between the course offerings, so you may end up paying expensive prices for courses that you wouldn’t even need.

So, what makes me feel like Joe McCall cannot help you at all is that the products he is offering could be quite intimidating. His website is of no help on explaining which is which, so I suggest you do further research.

To avoid this unnecessary confusion and potential waste of money, maybe you shouldn’t work with him instead.

Final Verdict – Joe McCall Review

Joe McCall’s programs do hold promise, but I wouldn’t trust the effectivity of them 100%. After all, these courses do not really possess breakthrough information; they are pretty much regular courses with some training involved. That’s about it.

If you want to make some money and be able to start today, then real estate investing is not for me. This could take a while to even start making a single dollar, as you actually need to take some classes and courses in order to learn how to do real estate investing properly.

With that in mind, I believe that a better opportunity for you is something that involves an easy and quick-to-start opportunity.

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