Joel Kaplan Reviews – Agency Lab Scam?

Today we will be talking about Joel Kaplan and his SMMA coaching agency called Agency Lab. Are they legit? Find out more in this review.

Joel Kaplan, one of the renowned social media marketer that has gained his Two Comma Award because of his agency Atlas Digital, which has helped countless practitioners in the medical field fill their calendars with appointments. And now he made it on a broader scale.

SMMA coaching agencies such as Agency Lab specializes in guiding entrepreneurs through the process of starting and scaling their own social media marketing agencies. These programs include coaching calls, community support and direct assistance to help navigate the complexities of the industry.

In this review, we will cover real-life potential challenges that most entrepreneurs face and if Agency Lab is relevant enough as a coaching platform in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Joel Kaplan nor with his Agency Lab. This is solely an unbiased review of his course.

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Joel Kaplan Reviews: Quick Details

Name: Agency Lab

Founder: Joel Kaplan


Socials: LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram

Type: Coaching program

Niche: Social Media Marketing

Recommendation: Social media marketing has a big impact on any known business we have nowadays and being one who can guide is a big help especially for those starting their own businesses from scratch. Whether I recommend something like Agency Lab or not will be seen in the conclusion section.

Joel Kaplan Overview

Educational Background

Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan is from Colorado, United States. Finished his Bachelor in Arts Major in Philosophy as a Cum Laude in Temple University. After graduation, he applied to become a fellow from 2 different companies, having 4 years of total experience.

Covid-19 Outbreak Breakthrough

Amidst the outbreak, Joel Kaplan brought in together a special project called Bulletproof Agency to keep businesses going during the pandemic. Certain problems that has risen up during the recession like:

  • Leads are slowing down and cost-per-leads are increasing
  • Clients are asking to pause or even canceling all together
  • Client acquisition efforts coming to a screeching halt
  • Retaining clients plus adding new clients to your agency

Had been addressed, making the Bulletproof Agency a success. They have successfully positioned the economic downturn as an opportunity to help businesses in a time they need it the most while making money. 

Content Creator

Joel Kaplan YouTube Channel

On a side note, he has a huge following in his YouTube channel, having over 240K subscribers, where he posts videos about free contents on how to be a successful social media marketer and how you can impact other business owners to scale their businesses.

These videos can be helpful and keep you going up to a certain extent, but there are advanced strategies, skills and contents available in his Agency Lab.

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My Favorite Program

About Agency Lab

Agency Lab

Agency Lab specializes in providing consulting services tailored to entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the realm of online marketing agencies. They offer insights, strategies, and practical advice on how to start and scale such businesses.

It includes guidance on business planning, client acquisition, digital marketing strategies, and giving specific industry insights. They aim to be a trusted partner for individuals navigating the challenges and opportunities of building successful SMMAs.

Agency Lab Programs

Agency Lab has two different programs called the Agency Lab Flagship and A.I Appointments Machine. These programs cater to specific needs of an entrepreneur.

Agency Lab Flagship

A flagship program designed to offer a comprehensive and hands-on approach to mentorship, community engagement and personalized support which are all essential elements for entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their own SMMAs to seven figures.

100+ Coaching Calls per Month

This is an extensive coaching infrastructure with over 100 scheduled coaching calls each month. These calls cover a variety of topics essential for starting and scaling SMMAs. It includes discussions on strategy, client management, marketing tactics and more. The high frequency indicates a commitment to providing ongoing support and guidance.

Community Support

Entrepreneurs enrolled in this flagship program have access to a network of like-minded individuals and professionals. The community serves as a valuable resource for sharing insights, troubleshooting challenges, and fostering collaboration. Networking within a community can lead to meaningful partnerships and shared learning experience.

Direct Support With Client Success Coaches

Direct support with client success coaches gives personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs. These coaches have expertise in the online marketing agency space and can provide guidance on individual challenges, goal setting, and strategy implementation. This one-on-one support can be a key factor in helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of their unique business journeys.

A.I. Appointments Machine

A.I. Appointments Machine aims to empower entrepreneurs with a powerful tool and a guided implementation program to enhance their lead generation efforts and achieve meaningful, qualified appointments.

A.I Outreach System

The core technology that drives the program. An A.I used to personalize and automate outreach messages to prospects. It has the ability to send 100,000 personalized messages per month, indicating a high volume and efficiency in reaching potential clients.

Qualified Appointments

It is not about reaching a large number of prospects but the goal is to ensure that the appointments set are with individuals or businesses that align with your target audience and objectives. It is still quality over quantity because both you and the client don’t want to waste each other’s time.

Flagship Implementation Program

You are not just provided with a tool but will be guided all throughout the process of implementing and leveraging the system effectively. They will set everything up for you, and help you manage the system for the future. It gives entrepreneurs like you handle the core business activities while the program handles the technical aspects.

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My Favorite Program

Free Resources

Agency Lab also offers different free resources so that people like you can have an idea of what they do inside and how they do it.

10K Agency 10-Day Course

Joel Kaplan has what he calls the “E.Y.O Framework”, and it has been broken down to 10 modules that can also be finished within 10 days (1 module/day). These are:

Day 1 – Mindset

Day 2 – Niche Selection

Day 3 – Creating Your Offer

Day 4 – Building Your Prospect Leads

Day 5 – Organic Prospecting

Day 6 – Paid Ads Prospecting (Part 1)

Day 7 – Paid Ads Prospecting (Part 2) + Intro Call

Day 8 – Demo Calls

Day 9 – Client Results

Day 10 – Graduation Day

And he claims that these are also the things that he did to scale his marketing agency to 200+ clients.

7 Figure Agency

7 Figure Agency

This one’s jam-packed full of training videos, insights and recorded seminars that Joel Kaplan has organized for you to learn from. 

Cost and Refund Policy

The cost and refund policy for the two programs that they offer are not indicated anywhere in their website. The only possible way to know more about these kinds of stuff is to schedule a call in their calendar, and be able to talk to one of their representatives.

Pros and Cons


  • Joel Kaplan is a renowned expert in the world of social media marketing and his achievements speak for itself.
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals foster networking opportunities, shared experiences and collaborative problem-solving.
  • You can potentially save a lot of time navigating through the intricacies of social media marketing, learning proven strategies and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Direct support from coaches addresses specific challenges, providing tailored solutions for each of your business’ needs.
  • A lot of free resources are available for you to use, giving you an introduction to the world of social media marketing before building your own agency.


  • The fast-paced evolution of social media platforms render some strategies outdated quickly, so it’s better to know your goals and needs before applying for a coaching program like Agency Lab.
  • The cost is not mentioned, giving you all the guest work knowing whether you want to commit with them or not. 
  • Some advice is generic, meaning you already have heard it somewhere before, or some coaching program that you’ve been with before Agency Lab. 

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My Favorite Program


Social media marketing is an important aspect of every business as we all know that it has possessed exponential growth over the past decades. SMMA coaching programs like what Agency Lab offers gives a deeper understanding on the roadworks through the SMMA industry, helping you gain invaluable insights. 

They claimed to have helped over 100K entrepreneurs and making 200 of them 7-figure agency owners, which goes to show that success depends on entrepreneur’s dedication, ability to implement strategies effectively and the competitiveness of the market.

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