The Simplest Biz Review: Does John Charles Wilker’s Pallet Flipping Course Work?

Today, we’re going to check out John Charles Wilker’s The Simplest Biz. Will this work for you? Find out in this The Simplest Biz review.

A growing number of people are becoming aware that they can do more than just being stuck on a 9-5 job. Especially now that they’re even more stressed with it.

As if their previous work condition isn’t stressful enough, now they’re more exposed to it. With no thanks to the pandemic. Even worse, most of these employees are not properly compensated for this.

Even when the company has employed a work-from-home setup for its workers, problems may still occur. Especially when some of their superiors feel like it’s “proper” to call their employees for work-related concerns way after their designated work hours.

With these conditions, it’s no wonder now why most workers eventually quit their current job. And are now pursuing entrepreneurship opportunities. After all, we still need to earn money.

Of course, before we go diving into any business, we must learn the relevant skillset for it. Which is why online courses like The Simplest Biz are made, to teach users a new business opportunity that’s doable by everyone.

But before you sign up for this course, you should read this The Simplest Biz review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is a good money opportunity for you, or not.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with The Simplest Biz, and John Charles Wilker, in any way.

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What Is The Simplest Biz?

The Simplest Biz’ name was chosen because, as the creator said, it’s one of the easiest businesses one can do. But despite its claim of simplicity, it has the potential to make a huge amount of profit.

In this online course, you’ll be taught how you can make money successfully by flipping industrial supplies. Specifically, pallets.

What Is Pallet Flipping?


Pallets are those flat structures that you usually see on delivery trucks, ships, or anything that usually transports large amounts of goods. Their main purpose is to provide a flat surface for much easier transfer of various heavy cargo from one transport to another.

Usually, these pallets are technically one-time-use items. Once the goods contained on them are transported from the production warehouse to retail, they’re usually stored away and aren’t used again.

But there’s actually a great demand for these pallets because billions and billions of cargo are being moved around everytime. And pallet orders are placed in great amounts week after week.

The idea for The Simplest Biz is that you’ll be a middleman for these industries. You can easily get these pallets for an extremely cheap price, sometimes even free. Then you can sell them to other industries, or even individuals, that need those pallets, and potentially make a profit.

For example, a single wooden pallet can be bought for a single cent, or even gotten for free. And depending on the industry or individual needs, it can be sold for at least a dollar.

It might seem like small numbers for starters. But if you take into account that you can get several hundreds of these pallets and sell them all, the profits you can get are large enough to be significant.

But as this business idea usually involve slight heavy labor, especially with the delivery of several pallets at once, this may not be for everyone. Furthermore, you should also take into account the resources that you’ll need for this, especially with transportation.

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Who Created The Simplest Biz?

The Simplest Biz pallet flipping course is created by John Charles Wilker.

The Simplest Biz - John Charles Wilker

He may be an average guy for many of us, and for the most part, he is.

However, he’s been in the pallet flipping industry for 23 years, since 1998. He claims that he loved pallet flipping as a side hustle because not only did it help him earn a good amount of income, but he can also have more time to do the things he love.

Due to his experience, he has already learned the most effective methods to make the most out of your pallet flipping, including scouting for supplies and customers for his pallet flipping business, how can you make a good profit from pallet flipping, etc.

And through this course, he’s going to teach you everything he knows about pallet flipping.

The Simplest Biz: Course Overview And Inclusion

The Simplest Biz online course contains a total of 13 training modules. Each module contains learning videos and images, as well as PDF learning documents.

In addition to the modules, members will also have access to a private Facebook group for more training, as well as downloadable docs, even more specific training videos, etc.

You’ll also have access to The Simplest Biz store, where you can purchase some optional enhancements to your business like done-for-you websites, scouting software, etc.

MODULE 1: Introduction

The first module will introduce you to The Simplest Biz online course, essentially giving you an overview of it. This module will also give you a brief introduction to pallet flipping and what it’s all about.

This module contains 5 sessions.

MODULE 2: Supplies

The second module will run you down on the tools and supplies that you’ll need in order to get started on pallet flipping.

The most obvious one is that, you need your own large vehicle. Since you’ll need to deliver those huge pallet stocks. But you’ll also need some other tools for record-keeping and others.

This module contains 4 sessions.

MODULE 3: Scouting

In this module, you’ll learn how to scout for prospective buyers and sellers.

Wooden pallets are easier to flip, because most of them can be purchased for a massively low price per bulk, or even free of charge.

Hard plastic pallets are a bit more difficult to flip because only a few companies are willing to let go of them. In fact, if you attempt to flip a branded plastic pallet (one that has a company logo written on them), you might get arrested for theft.

This module contains 3 sessions.

MODULE 4: Fundamentals

This module will focus on teaching members the most commonly-used terms in the pallet flipping business. Terms like the standard size and dimensions, pallet styles, and others that you need to know.

This module contains 6 sessions.

MODULE 5: The List

This is essentially an expansion of the third module. In which you’ll learn more advanced strategies on scouting for potential pallet buyers, sellers, and sources that you can use to your advantage.

This module contains 5 sessions.

MODULE 6: Bird’s Eye View

In this module, you’ll learn how to make, and properly keep track, of your inventory list and your buyers’ list.

This module contains 4 sessions

MODULE 7: Pricing

This module will now teach members how to give good pricing on the pallets they intend to flip. Generally, plastic pallets command a higher price than wooden ones because of their material. But wooden ones can usually be sourced for free, and some industries are still willing to pay for the price of the wooden pallet.

This module contains 4 sessions.

MODULE 8: Pro Tips

In here, you’ll learn some more tips you can use when you’re pallet flipping.

The creator of this course, John Charles Wilker, already has 23 years’ worth of experience running a pallet flipping business. So you’re assured that most of the tips he’ll share comes from experience.

This module contains 6 sessions.

MODULE 9: Additional Revenue

Flipping pallets is the main idea behind this business method. But you’re not limited to those pallets only.

In this module, you’ll learn how you can expand your business. Not only pallets, but you can also flip crates, drums, or any other industrial-grade storage equipment.

With this, you’ll be able to expand your inventory and let you earn even more.

This module contains 7 sessions.

MODULE 10: Sales Speak

Now that you have other products to sell, you now need to learn how to sell them.

This module will teach you the proper sales talk to your clients so you can convince them to buy their needed industrial equipment from you.

This course contains 13 sessions.

MODULE 11: Safety

In this module, members will learn the right ways to transfer their pallets, and other industrial products, safely.

In my opinion, this is a very important module to consider. Since you’re going to deal with potentially heavy cargo here, there’s some risk of injury or even accidents if proper safety guidelines aren’t implemented here.

This course contains 4 sessions.

MODULE 12: Inspiration

This module contains 5 sessions, and only consists of some words of inspiration from a few high-earners of this business model.

Aside from the creator himself, you’ll also find other inspirational speeches from other people who claim to have succeeded in this.

MODULE 13: Management

The last module for this course deals with bookkeeping and other backside tasks that you’ll need to learn for this business.

For this purpose, you’ll learn how to use the Quickbooks software for your bookkeeping needs.

This module contains 14 sessions.

VIP MODULE: Brokering

This module is said to be only available for the “paid in full”members of this course. It’s not really clear what that means.

This module will deal with how you can hire a broker for this business. Having a broker will help ease up some of the work needed when dealing with your clients, and allows you to earn passive income for this business.

This module contains 6 sessions.

How Much Does The Simplest Biz Cost?

To join The Simplest Biz online course, you need to shell out around $2,797. But on some special occasions, you can access the course for a lower price which is $1,997.

While the price is rather expensive for an online course, it’s the result of John Charles Wilker’s extensive experience in pallet flipping. So, in a way, it can be justified.

However, you should also take note of some of the extra expenses that you need to invest if you’re going to this business method. Most obviously, transport.

Since you’re dealing with heavy equipment here, you’ll need, of course, a suitably sized vehicle. But if you already own one, this may not be a problem.

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Pros And Cons Of The Simplest Biz


  • The name “The Simplest Biz” isn’t really just for show. Out of all the flipping side hustles out there, this one’s probably one of the simplest ones to do.
  • It’s entirely possible to work for less than eight hours a day from pallet flipping, and still make a good amount of income.
  • Depending on your scouting success, you get your pallets to flip for a very small price, sometimes, even for free.
  • The course itself is a culmination of the main author’s extensive experience in the pallet flipping business, and it reflects on the course quality.


  • Not all areas have a company or industry that buys or sells recycled pallets. Therefore, you may find it a bit hard to secure an inventory, or to even have a client buy your pallets.
  • Some companies only want a specific type of pallet that they prefer to buy. For example, plastic pallets are better selling than wooden pallets because of several factors. This is sometimes bad as most of the time, you can only buy wooden pallets for a cheap price.
  • Due to this, it’s quite unheard of for a day to go by without a sale. Despite what the course says, you still have to invest in a storage facility for unbought pallets.
  • The initial investment for this business can be high. If you don’t have a large and sturdy enough transport for your pallets, and a storeroom for storing them, you need to invest in them if you want to do this business method.
  • Overall, this business is physically quite demanding, especially with pallet transport. You can hire a trucking service and a broker to ease up the labor (thus turning it into a passive income hustle), but it’ll only add to the cost of paying them.

And My Verdict Is…

My personal opinion is that The Simplest Biz online course isn’t really worth it.

Yes. The course is quite informative and insightful at what it does. But I do feel that there’s so much unnecessary stuff included in the course.

Because if they claim that this is one of the simplest businesses out there, then why stretch it to more than ten modules. I do really feel like the entire business model could be explained in around six to seven modules and still be comprehensive enough.

I do even feel that the author of this course isn’t really earning enough in his business area, and so created this course so he can earn more money.

I’m not saying it’s a scam at all. But I do really feel like this course is just a cash grab.

The Simplest Biz Review: Final Thoughts

Before I end this The Simplest Biz review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Pallet flipping by itself is a rather labor-intensive business. Which many people may not mind as long as it can give you a good amount of money.

But that’s the thing. Unless you live near a pallet recycling plant or the place that you scouted for buying or selling pallets is quite near to you, you may not get a good return of investment by following this business model.

You should also take note that most companies right now prefer plastic pallets over wooden ones. Most of the pallets that you can get for free or for a very cheap price, are made of wood. Therefore, you may experience low demand for these products.

The only good upside of this business model is that you can be your own boss in this. And with proper execution, you only need to work a few hours a day and still earn a good amount of money for this.

At best, The Simplest Biz, and pallet flipping in general, is only good as a side hustle. But if you try to scale it so it becomes your full-time way to earn money, you’re going to have to invest in a lot more.

And most of the time, your return of investment may take longer with this.

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I’ll see you on the other side.

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