John Crestani Review: Legit Guru Or Scam Artist?

Today, we’re going to talk about John Crestani. Is he a legitimate guru? Or is he just another fraud? Let’s see in this John Crestani review.

Most of you dear readers may already be quite familiar with the name “John Crestani”. If you do, it’s most likely because you’ve seen one of his advertisements while you’re browsing randomly.

But if you’re not, then I can’t really blame you.

John Crestani is one of those “internet marketing gurus” that you may see around. Like most people of his kind, he claims that he knows a strategy that can help you in making money online.

And he’s willing to teach it to anyone interested. Of course, for a price.

There are claims that those who took John Crestani’s mentorship have become successful internet marketers earning a lot today. But there are also others that claim he’s just one of those fraud marketing gurus.

So the question that you may ask yourself is, who’s telling the truth? This review is made to answer just that

In this John Crestani review, we’re going to discuss who John Crestani, and what he can offer to you. More importantly, we’ll also determine if joining any of his coaching programs will be worth your money, or not.

So stick around in this review for you to find out. And to help your decision if you’re going to try out his programs.

Note that this is a fully independent John Crestani review. I’m not affiliated with John Crestani in any way.

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Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing.

He’s one of those people who felt like working on a 9-5 day job simply won’t cut it for him. So he took the challenge, developed his skills, and is now one of the more successful internet marketers around.

John Crestani 2

His online marketing business started back in 2012. And by 2014, he was already earning a million dollars, or even more.

Due to his accomplishments as an internet entrepreneur, he’s been featured in a number of well-known online publications. Most notably, Forbes and Business Insider.

How John Crestani Got Started From Rags To Riches?

In the beginning, however, it also wasn’t that easy for him. As the story goes, he’s not the one that turned his back on the corporate world. Rather, it was the opposite.

According to his story, he was working a day job at a certain marketing firm in Los Angeles. The firm specialized in “pay-per-click” advertising, and it was here where John developed his internet marketing skills that would be vital for his (unforeseen) success in the future.

The marketing firm enjoyed success as he’s been managing over 20 clients during his work tenure. And he even brought one client a 40 times revenue increase through his ads campaign. Thus, letting the firm earn around $110,000 or more.

But his salary remained the same then, so he asked for a raise for all his hard work. Sadly, it was rejected.

Naturally, this resulted in a drop in morale for John himself, which was reflected in his dwindling work ethic and enthusiasm. Due to this, he was fired from the company.

But this turned out to be for the better as, during his tenure with the company, he’s also made a number of clients at his side. His marketing skills also permitted him to achieve great success earning a rather large amount of income in affiliate marketing and online advertising.

Today, he’s now focused on teaching aspiring affiliate marketers how to succeed in this field. He’s doing so because he claims that he also wants to show others how to escape the 9-5 day job lifestyle (of course, this could be just a marketing tactic to get you to enroll in his course.)

And to that end, he created his own course, the Super Affiliate System.

What Is The Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani - Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is John Crestani’s online course. It’s an educational program designed to help enrollees create a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch, that generates a sizeable monthly side-income, or part-time income.

It was formerly known as Internet Jetset. Personally, I don’t know the reason for the name change. But it could be related to John wanting to rebrand this product for reasons still unknown.

Unlike some online marketing courses that rely on textbook knowledge, this course is based on the tools and techniques John himself has used to make himself successful at internet marketing.

The course content contains a total of 42 informational videos and 34 “hands-on” videos, each of them focusing on various internet marketing topics. Such as the skills you should have, tips, and how to use paid ads.

One piece of advice about this course, though. I would say that you should stay away from using paid ads at first, especially if you’re a beginner. Not only do you need a hefty budget in order to set it up properly, but you also have to carefully monitor its analytics so that you don’t go over your budget.

Fortunately, the Super Affiliate System also has some training for generating free, organic traffic through SEO. Thus, you won’t have any problems covering all your traffic needs.

Overall, if you’re someone who wants affiliate marketing as a way to earn money, then the Super Affiliate System could be the course that you need.

If you want to know more about the Super Affiliate System and its inclusions, you can check out our previous review here.

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John Crestani’s Marketing Strategy

John Crestani’s marketing strategy (which he teaches) also revolves around the heavy use of various paid social media ads, especially PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Which is pretty much a given since his former work revolves around him using these methods

Personally, this may bad idea for affiliate marketing newcomers because of the risk involved. If you don’t manage your paid marketing campaign well, you may end up losing quite a bit of your money.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid any type of paid advertising. It’s still an effective marketing tool if used correctly.

It only means that, as a newcomer, you may not have access to enough capital and skills to use paid ads. So you should only use them when you’ve already built a good affiliate marketing foundation.

Fortunately, through his Super Affiliate System, John Crestani also offers a $1,250 ads credit to his students. This means that your first paid ads campaign will be entirely funded for you. And using the techniques this course teaches on running paid ads, you can be assured that you’ll be able to effectively manage your paid ads campaign so that you’ll be able to earn revenue from it, while at the same time minimizing your additional costs.

Is John Crestani A Scammer?

Plenty of people have accused John Crestani himself of being a scammer. Most of these people claim that John himself has deceived them, that his methods aren’t working for them, and that his shady past makes him quite unreliable.

Shady past? Yes. Well, you see, during the time when he was still studying, his university got him suspended because hacked into their exam system, and sold their answers to some of its students.

He was also banned from PayPal once, by selling products they didn’t approve.

While there are other reasons, these two are the primary reasons why many people call John a scammer. But I’d like to point out one thing.

Assuming these were true. Will these bad records still matter today? Is it still a proper basis for John’s credibility as an affiliate marketing mentor?

Personally, I don’t think so. In fact, John himself has admitted to some of these wrongdoings, even until now.

Despite the successful picture that John constantly paints on the outside, he does admit that getting there isn’t all smooth-sailing.

He admitted that he constantly tried several methods before on how to make money online. For four years he was constantly striving. Yet most of those methods failed on him, until now.

Am I saying this so as to gain your sympathy for John? Not at all.

I’m saying this to prove that John certain has plenty of experience in internet marketing, and that his Super Affiliate System can give you credible training in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, his working experience at an advertising firm before, means he already knows the best internet marketing techniques and tools to help any brand achieve plenty of revenue.

Finally, you can also find several success stories from students who availed of his course.

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Can John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Work For Anyone?

The Super Affiliate System can easily work for anyone, regardless of your skill level. Ann you need to have is the drive to succeed, just like John had.

One thing that I should note here, is that some detractors of John Crestani think that Super Affiliate System works like one of those MLMs. Because most of the students who succeeded in the course, do so by promoting Super Affiliate System itself to others.

If you think affiliate marketing is also like MLM, then you may be right. But in reality, Super Affiliate System is not.

Sure. Like most other affiliate marketing courses, Super Affiliate System also offers an affiliate program that allows any interested affiliate to earn a commission everytime they successfully sell this course. But it’s not like one of those MLMs.

Because if it is, then the training you’ll receive from Super Affiliate Training will be centered on promoting this product only. As with the case of some others who are definitely scams.

Thankfully, it isn’t. The affiliate marketing training you’ll get from here is quite general, and can be applied in any niche that you chose to promote.

It’s a pretty mixed bag, however. As some of his students are known to be affiliated with not only legitimate products, but also questionable ones. While it may leave a bad record on this course, it also is a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided by John Crestani

John Crestani Review: Final Thoughts

John Cresanti - Quotes

Let me close off this John Crestani review by saying some final thoughts about him.

There’s no question that the internet is still full of fake business gurus that claim to help you achieve success quickly. But a few of them have questionable legitimacy, and worse, they will just simply take your money and leave you in the dust.

But let me assure you that John Crestani is a legitimate business guru. And he’s certainly not a scam.

The only reason why most people label him as one, is because he’s just so good at marketing himself, and his courses.

In truth, his claims do have some truth in them. But he still emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance in order to achieve the level of success that he got.

What he can do, however, is guide you on the proper path so that you won’t have to endure several of the mistakes that he encountered.

Also, I understand that affiliate marketing may also not be your preferred method to make money online. And that’s alright, because I’m also here to offer you an alternative in case you don’t like this business model in any way.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading this John Crestani review.

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