Jordan Blackman Booking Big Fish Clients Reviews – Will This Work?

Today, we are going to talk about Booking Big Fish Clients. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It’s sometimes difficult to market your business to prospective clients. You can’t really forego any form of marketing. That would be bad for business. How would they know about your business if you’re not doing anything for them to know about it?

Although, you’re still on an uphill battle despite having marketed the heck out of it. It’s not guaranteed that all of the people who you’ve marketed to will actually patronize your business. Some of them will. They have a need for the services that you’re providing.

It isn’t surprising that there are different places that offer digital marketing and lead generation services. There’s a demand for leads in a lot of different niches. It could be for products that you want to sell on your e-commerce shop. Or maybe you need leads for people who want to sell their property. Lead generation plays a big part in any kind of business, whether online or not.

So when I heard about Jordan Blackman’s Booking Big Fish Clients training program, I was intrigued by it. The name that it goes by may confuse some people. But once you know what the training program is about, it makes a lot more sense.

There is a lot to unpack with this particular program. Can it actually help you book bigger clients once you finish this program? Or is it just your run of the mill lead generation program?

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Booking Big Fish Clients Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Booking Big Fish Clients with Simple Video
  • Founder: Jordan Blackman
  • Website:
  • Socials: Not available
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Digital marketing, lead generation
  • Recommendation: This is one of the more affordable training programs about video marketing that’s available online. Even though you will be learning a lot about video marketing, it takes a lot of work before you can see the results. Though, that’s just part for the course.

Who Is Jordan Blackman?

Booking Big Fish Clients founder Jordan Blackman

There’s not a lot of information that could find about Jordan Blackman online. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of public accounts on social media. Besides an inactive YouTube channel, the only other social media account he has that’s public is on LinkedIn. There’s actually so much that glean from viewing the Experience section on their profile.

Jordan graduated with a degree in philosophy at UCLA. Though most of his work experience was in the video game industry. One of his first jobs was at a studio called NovaLogic. He spent about three years working for the company, first as an associate producer then as a producer. After that, he went on to work at Ubisoft for about five years.

It seems that he gets promoted every few years. After that stint at Ubisoft, he then went on to work at Zynga one of their design producers before becoming lead game designer. He then went on to work at Adrian Crook & Associates. During his stint there, he started his own company called Bright Black. They seem to offer consultancy services to other development studios, mostly those that develop free-to-play games.

Then at some point he started another consultancy company called The Premium Solution. This company is focused more towards entrepreneurs and freelancers. Aside from that, he also hosted a podcast called Playmakers where he talks to different people working the video game industry.

There isn’t really much else to Jordan Blackman besides that. It seems that he’s a lot more focused on The Premium Solution. Which leads us to Booking Big Fish Clients.

But before we go in depth with what you need to know about the Booking Big Fish Clients program, why not take a look at the recommendation on the link below?

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What Is Booking Big Fish Clients?

Booking Big Fish Clients with iPhone Video is a training program that Jordan Blackman offers under The Premium Solution. It is a training program that teaches you how to get high-quality—”big fish”—clients using low-budget videos.

The reason why Jordan created this particular program is that a lot of businesses don’t really have a strategy when it comes to creating content. In a digital age, it feels like you’re supposed to have some kind of presence on social media. That’s one way of reaching new people who may otherwise not know about your business.

Because you’re running multiple social media accounts, you have to have content to post on all of them. And that’s where people struggle a lot. While it looks good to have regular content on those pages, it doesn’t guarantee that those content translate to sales. You’ve basically just wasted your time trying to attract clients that aren’t going to come.

Through the training program that Jordan offers, you’re still going to make content. But this time around, you’re doing so with a purpose. A lot of people struggle making videos to promote their business. There are a lot of people who get scared talking in front of a camera. You also have to worry about buying new equipment or learning new software to edit those videos.

But as the name of the training program suggests, you only really need a smartphone with camera to do what you’re going to learn through the program.I have reviewed programs similar to booking big fish clients which are as follows:

So What Are You Getting From The Program?

The inclusions in the Booking Big Fish Clients program

It’s pretty much your standard online training program. For a one-time payment of $27, you get access to a video course where you’ll learn how to produce videos using just your smartphone. Like most online training programs, you will go through each module. And each module has videos where Jordan breaks down everything you need to know.

Aside from that, you also get access to different templates that you can use. There’s one about video structure. Another one is a content calendar. You also get a guide on how to plan an entire quarter’s worth of video content in online 90 minutes. Then there’s a library of video ideas that you could use.

It seems that it’s pretty much similar to other training programs out there. But the price is really what makes it different from its competitors. A few them are a lot more expensive. Though they offer roughly the same inclusions as this one.

It’s actually really surprising to see them offer a one-year money-back guarantee. Other training programs do offer money-back guarantees. But I haven’t seen a lot that has that long of a grace period. Some last only a few days. Two months is the most I’ve seen prior to this. They must be really confident to offer that kind of guarantee.

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Final Verdict – Booking Big Fish Clients Review

There’s not a lot of faults that I could find with regards to the training program that Jordan Blackman offers. The pricing for the training program isn’t too expensive compared to some of the other training programs that I have reviewed. Although, those other programs are for a different skillset. Still, this is one of the programs that I think most people can afford.

For the most part, it’s really just a training program that’s targeted towards those running accounts on different social media platforms. Especially those that own or are working for a smaller business. Not everyone can afford to hire a digital marketing agency to do the work. So if it’s somebody who is more hands on with the business or a part of smaller company, Booking Big Fish Clients might be something that would interest them.

As one of the inclusions suggest, you don’t even need to produce content every single time. You can do most of the work in bulk within a day or two. It’s fine to record stuff in advance, especially if in the coming days, people may have to do more work.

Though, there is a caveat to this whole thing. Even if it’s expected that the videos would lure in big fish clients, it’s not guaranteed that it will always be the case. Maybe it can attract more regular clients. But there’s still a chance of getting bigger ones. It does take a while to make something work. At least you’ve put in the effort.

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