Joshua T. Osborne Review – Scam Artist?

Yet,another review.Yet,another day.

Yet,another guru.Yet,another rent digital assets business model(rank & rent).Yet, another get rich quick scheme?

But guess what?

I love to educate people about this online industry,i-e online courses related stuff.Being in this make money online industry for years,I have learned one very difficult thing.

And that is to differ,real gurus and con artists.

Nowadays everybody seems to be a guru.Everybody claims that he can teach you how to make millions online And nobody knows whether their shirt is owned by them or they borrowed it from their friend.


Joshua T. Osborne..


The guy who I am Facebook friends with and talked to many times on messenger.He is the guy with whom I have worked with.So,I can give you some details or you can say information about Joshua T. Osborne.

Question is whether he is a fake guru or a real deal?

Let’s get into it.

Before talking about him,I have reviewed his course called Badass Marketer’s.Give it a Read.


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Joshua T. Osborne Review

Joshua T Osborne course cost scam

Joshua T. Osborne is an online guru,who teaches people lead generation for small business owners.Basically lead generation by renting websites to small business owners.Here how it goes.


1 – Purchase a domain around that niche.

2 – Pay fiverr $100 to make a website for you.

3 – Rank it by doing Seo related stuff.

4 – Rent it to small business owners when it starts getting visitors,i-e customers.

5 – Rinse and repeat.

6 – You are a millionaire now,drive a Lamborghini.

7 – Or read this review,to know behind the scenes (;


Go here and read why I do not recommend rank and rent(rent digital assets business model)


My Favorite Program

Is Joshua T Osborne A Scam?

Not really,the thing he is teaching is legitimate and yes,you can make money with it.But the problem is that when Joshua T Osborne presented this opportunity in his sales funnels video,it really sounds like a get rich quick scheme.

I-e.Pay them today for their course and.make money the next day.But the reality is not the same.

Let me explain this to you.

There Aliso a free group of Joshua T Osborne where he keeps on showing people’s success and how they are making money.

But you have to understand,this is a one time money.

Basically ,the concept is to make a website for a small business owner for $100 on fiverr and sell it to him for $1000s.

Really,short term and unethical way to build any online biz

It kinda reminds me of a business model discovered by Dave Kettner called Mumpreneur.Quick money here and there.Not Passive, scalable or anything like that.


I have reviewed Ippei Kanehera, another guy who was selling the same thing as Joshua Osborne.


Read Why I Don’t Recommend Digital real Estate (rent digital assets).


You have to understand that, with this business model you will only make money when you rank a site.


Ranking a site requires Seo Skills.


Seo,takes time.

This site got any kind of traffic after 5-8 months.So,till then keep working hard.


Seo is a WAR.. you have to compete with hundreds of people in the same niche,who have more skills then you and have spend years in this field.


Why you should never do SEO lead generation (rent digital assets,BAM)


Competition is hard.


Do I Recommend Badass marketers?

Here is what I learned.When you fall for a get rich quick scheme… you gonna pay for it.In result of regret.

I don’t Recommend Joshua T Osborne course.

If you want to make money online, checkout my #1 recommendation after reviewing 300+ online courses.

My #1 Recommendation