JT Franco Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about JT Franco and his works. Is it legit? Find out in this JT Franco Review.

JT Franco offers a lot of valuable insights as he already has sacrificed his education to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He’s one of many to believe that lack of educational attainment is not a barrier to success.

In this review, we’ll see what he has done in the years that he’s in the limelight, encouraging and helping countless people be successful in the online business realm, becoming one of the prominent figures in the world of Amazon FBA.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with JT Franco nor with any of his works. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

But before I start …

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JT Franco Reviews: Quick Details

Name: J.T. (Jerold Tan) Franco

Website: https://www.profitinpeace.co/

Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Niche: Online Business

Recommendation: JT Franco has a load of experiences in the entrepreneurial realm, and maybe you can get 1 or 2 ideas from his youtube channel, bringing you to the courses/programs that he has to offer.

About JT Franco

JT Franco

J.T (Jerold Tan-Franco) is from Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. A high-school dropout wanting to fulfill his dreams to become an entrepreneur. His first one is a catering company that made him over 30 grand profit, but at the cost of his time and energy.

Most entrepreneurs nowadays want to have a business that is less time consuming,  because that’s the ideal part of having your own business, and not being stuck in the four corners of your 9-5 job. That’s like your way of escaping, being free, and being a slave to your own company is not that much of a difference.

He started attending business events and through that, his perspectives widened, meeting Nicholas who will soon be his business partner in his next company, Amazon FBA Empire Academy.

That’s also the time where he started his own YouTube channel which now has 100K subscribers as of writing this review. He posted free content about Amazon FBA and the overall movement of the online business realm. But sadly, he’s been inactive for a year now.

Now, he is a self-made millionaire, renowned figure in the Amazon FBA space, and continuous to inspire and help people be successful in the online business realm with his Profit to Peace movement.

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My Favorite Program

His Programs

Amazon FBA Empire Academy

Amazon FBA Empire Academy

Amazon FBA Empire Academy is what made him so popular to the point that he’s been named the “NO B.S Amazon Seller”. 

Through this program, he has taught and helped countless online business owners earn multiple 6-7 figure businesses, making them leave their 9-5 jobs and focus on their newly found venture.

This Amazon FBA Course has a total of 10 modules, making it a 10-week intensive course where you can literally know how to leverage the Amazon FBA feature from start to finish.

Module 1: The Keys to Your Empire

This is where Jerold will show you a quick difference between being in your 9-5 job and starting your own online business.

He shared that getting into Amazon FBA is a “get-rich-quick” scheme. But don’t get him wrong, it is because he compared it to being a slave in a company until you turn senior. 

It’s a concept that working 3-5 years in Amazon FBA while all those years, you’re optimizing, scaling and being consistently earning revenue is much faster than working 9-5 jobs, day-by-day, inside the corners of a room, sitting, facing your computer, traveling to and from your office, etc. isn’t it too dreadful just thinking about it? 

Module 2: Foundation is Everything

Decision phase whether you want to go for an LLC, sole proprietor, or a corporation is up to you, but you should be able to pick one out of these three, so that you can set your foundation straight, and in JT’s recommendation, you should go with establishing an LLC. 

And he talks about a lot of stages that you’ll go through while setting your foundation up. At least he’s hands-on in doing this to guarantee you do the right things. 

Module 3: Amazon FBA 7-Figure Fundamentals

This module shows you a 6-step model to be successful in Amazon FBA, earning you 7-figures and beyond. 

  • Product Research finding the right product that can solve problems in people’s lives, no matter how small or big it is.
  • Finding the right supplier looking for reliable suppliers while taking into account the product quality, MOQ, and most especially, the price.
  • Create a Listing – once you’ve found your supplier, you directly send your ordered product to Amazon so they can start and create your product listing.
  • Launch Product via PPC – he will teach you how to utilize Amazon PPC campaigns to drive initial traffic to your listing while monitoring so that you can adjust them based on their performance.
  • Optimize Through Split Testing – continuously optimize your product listing through A/B testing, and gather customer feedback and reviews, addressing any issues or concerns promptly.
  • Get Paid – literally. You can also track your expenses, profits and overall financial performance to have data-driven analysis to further improve your business flow.

Rinse and repeat, until you’ve built your own Amazon FBA Empire. 

Module 4: Product Exploration Part 1

This module delves on finding the product that has less competition but will be able to generate income. He also has what he calls the FBA Calculator, and is always mindful of the 30% profit rule so that you’ll be able to gain more profit than losing money in the process. 

Module 5: Product Exploration Part 2

J.T has a trick and he will let you in with it. It’s called the Autofill Method. Type a single word and let your search engine do the rest. The top ranking result is what most people are searching for as you already know. 

And with the Viral Launch platform, you’ll know how good the products are really doing, it’s up to you whether you skip or hop on the train. 

Module 6: Bring Your Products into Reality

This is what most people skip when participating in an FBA store. They’re negligent with the actual product quality. Having to test 1 or 2 samples of the product will save you a lot of time, effort and most of all, money. 

If you found it durable, then go, if not, then find another supplier. As simple as that. 

Module 7: Shipping Logistics

J.T talks about how your products from the supplier goes directly to the Amazon fulfillment center with less time and less cost. And one of his recommendations is Freightos

Module 8: Creating Sales Driven Listing

Creating a sales-driven listing on Amazon involves a lot of elements like captivating product title, product image, description, persuasive bullet points, and everything in between.

Module 9: The Perfect Product Launch

JT Franco shares a lot of valuable insights and useful tips so that you’ll have your first ever product launch, perfectly executed without a hinch. 

Module 10: PPC and Advertising

This module is so important so that you can make informed decisions on what avenue of advertising works and what doesn’t. You can measure your total revenue when computing the total cost for ad spend and the total sales you’re generating with it. 

The cost of Amazon FBA Empire Academy is $997. The funnel for this course however has expired because JT Franco hasn’t renewed his contract with ClickFunnels, but with the tidbits of information, together with the videos on his YouTube channel, you can connect the dots and find some valuable information on how to start an Amazon FBA business.

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My Favorite Program

Profit In Peace

Profit In Peace Challenge

Profit In Peace’s catchphrase is “Discover how so many “introverts” are making 5-figure income a month with the new “inside-out” business”. It consists of 5 stages expected to be completed in just 5 days. 

  • Day 1: The Strategy
  • Day 2: The Solo Startup
  • Day 3: Stealthy Source and Launch
  • Day 4: Execution Plan
  • Day 5: Long Term Domination

All access for the cost of $47, with free bonuses such as:

  • Peace x Power Course
  • Time Saving Toolkit
  • No-money Bonus Call

And you’re protected with their Peace of Mind Guarantee. Attend the 5-day event and implement all the knowledge that you’ve attained. If you’re still not satisfied with your results, JT Franco will refund your money, no questions asked, within the 7-day timeframe. 

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My Favorite Program


JT Franco is not a scam. He has made a name for himself, most especially in the Amazon FBA space. We really can’t ignore his stand, but that’s his opinion. Luck is also part of life but I’m not saying that his success is all that. He has persevered to attain the success that he’s experiencing now, and maybe that’s the lesson that he wants to impart to every aspiring entrepreneur out there. There’s no concept of being late to become an entrepreneur, you can go with your own flow, and that’s just how Jerold ventured his own.

Having different educational attainments doesn’t mean that one can be successful while others can’t. 

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