The Multifamily Masterplan Review – Jullien Gordon Scam?

Today, we’re going to review The Multifamily Masterplan by Jullien Gordon. Is this legit? Find out in this Multifamily Masterplan review.

It is widely believed today that out of the more commonly-stated investments to be made, investing in real estate is one of the more recommended ones. And for a good reason.

That’s because no matter what, the value of the real estate property is always expected to go up as time passes. While its appreciation timeframe is slow compared to others, you can be ensured that it’s very stable, and it goes down quite rarely.

But the usual problem people encounter with investing in real estate is that it’s very daunting. As you have to consider a lot of factors when investing in it. Such as location, and future profitability, among other things.

Thus, Jullien Gordon, a real estate authority, has created a training program to address these concerns. And he calls his program, the Multifamily Masterplan.

So, is real estate something that is worthwhile doing for you?

Before you invest any amount of money into this program, it’s better if you read this Multifamily Masterplan review first. So you can decide for yourself if this program is going to be worth it for you, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully-independent and unbiased Multifamily Masterplan review. And this is based on information that’s publicly available, along with my own opinions.

Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with the creator of the Multifamily Masterplan in any way or form whatsoever.

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The Multifamily Masterplan Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Multifamily Masterplan
  • Owner: Jullien Gordon
  • Website:
  • SocialsInstagram, Facebook Page, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Type: Online Class/Masterclass
  • Niche: Real Estate Investing
  • Price: $3,997
  • Recommended?: No, because what you can learn from this course can usually be found online for free. Plus, investing in real estate can be too expensive, and not anyone can do it in earnest. For most people, there are better moneymaking opportunities out there.

What Is The Multifamily Masterplan?

The Multifamily Masterplan is an online training program that teaches you everything there is to know about real estate investing. As with other real estate online courses like Free House Formula and Clever Investor, it also shows you the various methods on how you can earn money from the real estate industry.

Some of those methods include buy-and-hold (simply buying the property and keeping it long-term), house flipping (where you sell the property you bought at a higher price), and wholesaling (selling a contract to buy a property).

However, unlike other real estate courses, the Multifamily Masterplan has a strong focus on investing in multifamily real estate property. A multifamily property is any structure that has five or more dwelling units on a single lot.

Good examples of these multi-family units are apartments, condominiums, and even others. Basically, any property that has five or more units that can be settled on basically counts as multifamily real estate.

This is similar to other real estate courses that focus on these multifamily properties, such as the Multifamily Mindset.

Why Invest In A Multifamily Real Estate Property?

Out of all real estate property types, why multifamily properties, though? Why should anyone invest in an apartment or condominium instead of a single-family property?

Well, Jullien recommends starting on multifamily properties because there is always a demand for them. Buying a house can be expensive, meaning that there will always be people who want to rent homes.

Also, compared to single-family properties, multifamily ones are more affordable to procure, but with bigger returns. This is especially true if all of those units on the property are rented out.

Even if it’s just two or even three units being occupied by tenants, they can already help you produce an income that’s more than enough to cover the expenses of maintaining the property, yet still have income.

Finally, they are also much easier to visit and maintain. Instead of having to visit multiple properties for routine inspection, it is easier to just visit multiple units on one roof. Which is rather convenient.

Real estate is arguably one of the more popular industries today. As a testament to it, in the U.S. alone, there are already 2 million real estate agents around. And their numbers just keep on increasing.

But would I recommend real estate investing as a method to earn money to someone like you? Not quite.

Because as interesting as it may seem, the hard truth is that working in real estate isn’t really for everyone. You not only have to put up a good amount of hard workload to succeed, but you also have to prepare a huge amount of capital to start.

And if you’re able to put with that expected workload, you might as well just start a system that actually lets you earn money directly.

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Who Is Jullien Gordon?

Jullien Gordon is the founder of the Multifamily Masterplan program.

The Multifamily Masterplan Review - Jullien Gordon

Unlike your run-of-the-mill financial gurus that share their rags-to-riches stories, Jullien Gordon actually comes from a privileged family. In fact, both of his parents are doctors.

He even graduated from the prestigious Stanford with an MBA, meaning he already has enough credentials to land on almost any job that he wants. However, it’s also something that he doesn’t want at all.

From his observation, he felt like the current education system is setting people up to be forever employees. But Jullien also makes it clear, that there’s nothing really wrong with being employed in a company.

But this also means that you will never be free as you will forever be working for someone else’s benefit. In short, you’ll always have a boss that will continuously dictate how, and when, you’ll work. This also means that you’ll never be free to do the things that you want, because of your job.

And so, to accomplish his goal of having financial freedom, Jullien took up real estate. His very first real estate investment is a three-family home in Brooklyn, New York.

Since then, he’s been able to invest in more, to the point that he has around 30+ doors worth of real estate property under his investment portfolio.

Even better, he claims that he has never paid a single housing expense from any of them ever since. Because the tenants themselves are taking care of the mortgages and all.

Aside from being the course creator, he also founded the Freedom School, which is an online university that teaches people how to build businesses that could free them from their 9-5 jobs. He’s also an author of several books, some of which are best-sellers in their own right.

Overall, he seems to be a really credible guy. And we can most likely learn a good amount of information about the real estate industry from him.

What’s Included In The Multifamily Masterplan?

The Multifamily Masterplan contains a total of 12 weeks’ worth of training. It is designed to impart you the knowledge on how you can invest in your first multifamily real estate property (or any property in general).

In addition to the curriculum, you’ll also get some weekly coaching calls with Jullien himself, so that he can assist you with any questions you have.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that you can get from the online course itself.

Week 0: Part 1 Getting Your Financial House In Order

This is basically a week dedicated to preparing for the course. For this week, you will be taught how to calculate your current net worth, as well as your monthly cashflow.

You will also be taught how to setup your bank accounts so you can get the best interest available, as well as to prepare you for your new business.

I am glad that the course has this module, because before you can establish a business, you need to take a look at where you stand first. Are you making the right decision? Can you afford this? Those questions need answers.

Week 0: Part 2 Your First Deal Analysis

For the second part of the preparation, you will be taught how to setup Zillow and Trulia for automatic searches. You are also given a diagnostic test regarding how to analyze a multifamily deal.

Of course, you will be presented with Jullien’s own analysis. You will compare your analysis to his, of course. The main goal of this test is so that you can see what you will be learning from the course.

With this, can you eventually be good as Jullien in the real estate industry? Who knows.

Week 1: Understanding The Multifamily Mindset

Your main goal once you enrolled in this course is to be free of rent and mortgage payments. Basically, you will be given some lessons regarding why multifamily real estate is the best investment. Some real estate myths will also be busted.

Week 2: FHA & NACA Debunked

During this week, you will be learning about different downpayment programs you can take advantage of. You will also be taught about state-based downpayment assistance programs.

Real estate investing is expensive, so you need to look for ways to lower the costs as much as possible in order to save money.

Week 3: Approval & Affordability

For the third week, you will be given lessons as to why you need to put 100% effort on your very first deal. You will also be given various financing options to consider, as well as a wake-up call regarding how much you are willing to shell out for your first investment.

Week 4: Finding A Market & Agent

For this module, you will be taught how to find real estate agents. You will also learn how to find a great market to invest in, as well as the top markets recommended by Jullien.

Week 5: How To Find Deals In Your Own Backyard

There is bound to be a good deal just waiting for you in your area. All you need to do is grab it when you have the chance.

You will be taught how to spot great deals, as well as how you can find off-market deals through research and forming relationships.

Week 6: How To Analyze A Deal In 10 Minutes Or Less Using The Purchase Or Pass Deal Analyzer

This week is all about knowing whether the deals you found are worth investing in or forgetting about. You will be provided with a checklist that can help you sort through those deals. Should you purchase or forget?

Week 7: How To Find & Manage Your Team

Real estate investing should not be a one-man job. It involves a lot of tasks, and it could be quite overwhelming for just one person. You need a team to work with you if you want to be successful.

For this week, you will learn how to find a team that can help you achieve your goals. You will also learn how to work with contractors.

Week 8: How To Find Deals In A New Neighborhood In Your City

For a property investor, a new neighborhood presents a lot of good opportunities. This means that new properties will be up for investing, and what you have to do is to keep up with these deals if you want to achieve financial freedom.

This module will teach you how to look and listen for off-market deals, and how to actually invest in them,

Week 9: How To Buy Right & Make A Strong & Speedy Winning Offer

There will always be people who will be competing with you, especially with great deals. You need to prepare for it. In fact, you need to be prepared for the despair of missing opportunities because of competition.

This module will teach you how to make winning offers so that you get a higher chance of actually buying a property you have your eye on.

Week 10: How & Where To Find The One

Your first investment should be something you need to ponder on for a long time. It needs to be able to be something you truly want, and will give you a huge return for your investment.

In this week, you will learn how to keep evaluating deals you see, and what websites you can use to keep finding more options. The more options, the better.

Week 11: How To Find A Market From A Distance

For this week, you will be taught how you can find a market to live and invest in from a distance. You will also learn how to analyze deals from a distance.

Week 12: Developing The Courage To Make Offers Without Fear

For the final week of the course, you will be learning how to overcome your fears and uncertainties. After all, it’s about time to decide what deal you will be closing.

You will be given a sneak peek at the closing process, like how the process goes, what you need to bring, and some important stuff you need to know before you should go.

Special Situations

These videos are composed of miscellaneous resources regarding some tips on finances. You will be learning some financial terms and situations, like filing taxes, owning your first home, student loan debt, bankruptcy, and many more. This looks like a bonus module.

Property Management 101

Once you finally have your first property, it’s time to learn how to manage it. This module will walk you through all the processes and tasks you will need to learn, such as increasing revenues, decreasing expenses, eviction, and many more.

How & Where To Quickly Find Quality Tenants That Pay Fairly & On Time

Since you are going into the business of renting out your properties to others, you need to learn how to find the perfect tenants. In order to do that, you need to attract them into renting from you.

You will learn how to create attractive property listings, how leasing works, as well as how to host an open house that will surely attract the renters you are looking for.

REI Tax Secrets

As a responsible citizen, you need to file and pay your taxes on time. Once you start investing in properties, a lot of things are going to change. For that, you need to learn things such as setting up an LLC, tracking rent, expenses, and tax savings.


This is composed of bonus material like webinars and TED talks which are all involved with property investing.

Your purchase also gives you access to the following:

  • Weekly Deal Room Call Recordings – These are recordings hosted by Jullien every week to answer the concerns of his students. It is kind of disorganized, but they still provide good material if you want to refresh your knowledge.
  • Credit Etiquette Course –  This is a course where you will learn how to understand, repair, and build your credit. Pretty helpful material if you are looking to improve your credit score.
  • “Generational Wealth” Events Access & Recordings – The course will also give you free passes to Jullien’s “Generational Wealth” conference event, which is held yearly. You’ll also have access to videos of the previous events.

How Much Does The Multifamily Masterplan Cost?

It costs around $3,997 to enroll in the Multifamily Masterplan. And this is also a one-time payment, meaning that once you paid, you’ll get lifetime access to all the course content here.

For me, this is understandably expensive, as there’s plenty of knowledge and information that you can get from this course. Not to mention the coaching from Jullien Gordon himself.

However, this also means that it’s not accessible to everyone due to its high cost. And honestly, before spending that much, you want to make sure if real estate investing is something that you really want to master.

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The Multifamily Masterplan Review: Final Verdict

To close off this Multifamily Masterplan review, allow me to lay down my final thoughts on this.

Personally, I think this is a good course, and Jullien Gordon is a pretty cool guy, quite humble and approachable. If you want an online course about real estate investing, then this could be something that may interest you.

However, keep in mind that the real estate industry is quite tough to get into nowadays. While you can potentially earn thousands with it, the time, hard work, and even the expenses, that you need to spend before you can even land a deal may not be worth the effort.

Also, you won’t be able to do everything on your own. You’ll need a team to help you with various elements of your company.

If you want to succeed in this competitive industry, you must be committed. You must devote both time and money to learning the ropes since being a rookie will cost you a lot of money.

Thus, if the real estate industry is something that you really want to get into, then Jullien Gordon’s Multifamily Masterplan may be a good fit for you. But you must be ready and willing to dive into this industry as this is going to cost you a hefty amount of capital.

Now, imagine if you know a business model that has all the high-earning benefits of real estate, yet it only takes just a few steps and a little knowledge to set up. Sounds interesting, right?

That’s the power of digital real estate. And if you want to know more about it, keep on reading this Multifamily Masterplan review.

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