K Money Mastery Review – Stefan Pylarinos Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about K Money Mastery. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a ton of different ways that you can earn money on the internet nowadays. For the most part, there’s a corresponding program related to it. Usually, the ones that are more common are e-commerce and digital marketing. Even between those two, there are niches with their own market of training programs.

So when I had heard that there were training programs about earning money through publishing Kindle e-books, I was a bit surprised by it. I wasn’t really aware that it was fairly easy to earn money publishing books for the Kindle platform. But the existence of a training program about it proved otherwise.

It seems that this specific method has existed for a while now. But it’s the first that I have seen a training program that’s focused on it. Most of the Amazon-related ones I have reviewed are about starting your own store profile on the platform. Those are the ones that show up most of the time.

Self-publishing has been a thing that a lot of people do. Not everyone has the chance of getting a publishing deal with one of the top publishers. So people are always trying to put there work out there with the hopes of at least one person reading it.

But what exactly can you get out of a training program like K Money Mastery? Seeing as it’s easy to publish a book on your own, why would you even bother paying somebody to teach you? Is there something that you can only know from that program?

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K Money Mastery Review: Quick Details

  • Name: K Money Mastery
  • Founder: Stefan James (a.k.a Stefan Pylarinos)
  • Website: https://projectlifemastery.com/
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Book publishing
  • Recommendation: While it is relatively easy to publish a book on Amazon, I don’t really recommend this course to anyone. It is not guaranteed that you will be earning the same amount of money as is advertised in the program.

Who Is Stefan James?

A screenshot of K Money Master founder Stefan James

Despite having a very elaborate about page on his website, there’s only a few chunks of information that you could get out of it.

Stefan James, formerly known as Stefan Pylarinos, grew up with a rough childhood. It never really gets explained why but he grew feeling negative about himself. I guess his family lived in poverty so that’s why he didn’t grow up well. But all it took was one look in the mirror before everything changed for him.

By the time that he was 17, he went on “a journey of self-development and life mastery.” Again, he never mentions how exactly he did that. Just know that he did something within the concepts of self-development and life mastery. It seems that the journey involved him getting out of his comfort zone, socially.

All of that lead to him starting his own coaching and seminar business at the age of 21. It’s definitely amazing feat for just four years. And unsurprisingly, it was focused on helping other people improve their social skills.

Then that lead to him starting a business online. For some reason, he was relatively lucky at his ventures. Within three years, he was able to earn a 6-figure income. Then three years after that, he was a millionaire. Nothing about what he did was any different from what other people did. He tried it all. E-commerce, affiliate marketing, coaching programs. Pretty standard stuff. And some of the usual ways people earn money online.

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What Is K Money Mastery?

K Money Mastery was a training program that Stefan James created. A lot of people were asking him for help when it comes to making money online. At that point, Stefan was earning a decent amount of money. So he decided to share what he had learned with regards to using Kindle’s Direct Publishing platform.

And it seems that the people who used what they learned from Stefan were able to earn tens of thousands of dollars just from selling e-books on Amazon. After two years, Stefan decided to revamp K Money Mastery and turn it into what is now known as the Mastering Book Publishing course. It seems that book publishing on Amazon doesn’t just stop at e-books. They also offer the option to publish a paperback version of that book that you submit from the platform.

It makes sense why something like this would exist. As Stefan mentions on the sales funnel page for K Money Mastery, people are on Amazon to buy stuff. Considering how easy it is to publish a book through the KDP platform, you can publish a book without having to worry about actually printing a book. A lot of people read books on an e-reader like the Kindle nowadays.

So What Are You Going To Learn From the K Money Mastery Program?

There are five modules in the K Money Master program. Or the Mastering Book Publishing program. Whatever you want to choose. But the latter is the name that it goes by.

You basically start off the process with mindset development. It’s basically a rundown of how you could possibly start earning money from book publishing. This is the part where you settle on the goals that you want to achieve during the entire production process.

Once you’ve reached the second module, you will then learn how to find niches that you could potential write about. This is the point where you start to develop ideas on what the book might be about. Everything is predicated on the niche that has a certain potential to be profitable.

By the third module, you already have an idea on what the book is going to be about. This is the part where you start to figure out what the title is going to be. And what the cover artwork is going to be. Aside from that, you will then start the process of looking for somebody to write the book. This is also the part where you will learn how to properly format your book. And there’s a lesson about trademark protection.

In the last two modules, you’re basically close to publishing the book. Now all you need to do is to create an account to the Direct Publishing platform. This is what the fourth module is focused on. The final module is about marketing the book.

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Final Verdict – K Money Mastery

While it may seem easy to publish your own books through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, I don’t particularly recommend that you go out and pay for the K Money Mastery course. There’s nothing wrong with the content inside of the course. It’s just that a lot of the information regarding how to use the platform is already available on the internet for free.

You could possibly earn a decent amount of money from publishing your own books through the platform. But it doesn’t guarantee that you are going to consistently earn from it. It takes a whole lot of effort to make a book that people are going to be interested in. Even if you find a niche that has the possibility of making your book popular, there are always going to be other books that you’re going to compete with.

A lot of people have already used this course in the past. You don’t think that they’ve already filled out that niche by now? That’s one of the obstacles that you’re going to face during the planning stage for the book. You have even started writing the book, and there’s already other people that beat you to it.

But you could compete in price, I guess? You could make your book cheaper than the competition. Though, that will only take you so far. There’s only so much you can do to market your work. And, at some point, people will stop buying your book and move on to the next one.

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