Fiction Profits Academy Review: Karla Marie Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Karla Marie’s Fiction Profits Academy. Is this legitimate? Find out in this Fiction Profits Academy review.

As a writer, you’ll find that there are a couple of opportunities for you to make money online. Most of the time, you’ll be involved in writing various types of content for websites. These can include news, products reviews, etc.

But certainly, as a writer, you may have thought about writing and publishing your own book. In fact, writing a book about a subject matter that you may love (whether it’s fact or fictional) can already be considered a huge achievement for some writers.

Finishing a book you’re writing is one thing. But getting it published is a different matter altogether. A common suggestion among book writers is to find themselves a publishing company, whether big or small, to help out immensely with this process.

However, some authors may not like to go this route due to various reasons. And thus, they may opt to self-publish their own book. Which, depending on the circumstances, can be a lot easier or harder.

And this is where Fictional Profits Academy claims to help you out.

But before you go ahead and enroll in this course, it’s much better if you read this Fiction Profits Academy review first. And hopefully, this can help you in your decision.

Note that this is a fully independent Fiction Profits Academy review. I’m not affiliated with Fiction Profits Academy, or its creators, in any way whatsoever

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What Is Fiction Profits Academy?

Fiction Profits Academy

In a nutshell, Fiction Profits Academy is an online course about how they can leverage the Amazon platform to self-publish their own books. Essentially, you may be able to build an online business earning passive income with this business model. Especially if you’re planning to write a book.

This course isn’t just limited to books that are works of fiction. As the Amazon Kindle platform accepts physical books, ebooks, and even audiobooks, this online course can apply even to them.

I’ve actually reviewed another online course that also has the same business idea like this one. It’s called Audiobook Income Academy.

Nevertheless, if you want to earn a good amount of (passive) income by writing books and selling them, then an online course like thismay work for you.

Having said this, this online course is still not for everyone, even if you’re a writer. Definitely, you can earn money from self-publishing, but it would take a lot of work, time, and patience before you can achieve stability on this business method.

Besides, this is the Amazon platform that we’re talking about. While there are plenty of potential leads and customers for your products to be purchased, you’ll also have to deal with intense competition.

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Self-Publishing: Advantages & Disadvantages

Self-publishing your written works has plenty of advantages compared to approaching publishing companies to do it for you. The primary reason is, you’ll get to earn more profits when your book sells, due to a bigger percentage of royalties.

Another advantage of self-publishing your books is that you have full creative control over the content of your work. Not only that, you’ll earn all the rights to the material once it gets released to the public.

These two advantages are very important, especially to fictional writers. As they’ll be able to freely express themselves through their fictional works, without any outside interference.

Finally, self-publishing your book means that it’s almost guaranteed that your work is going to get published. That’s because you’re not dependent on the schedules of the publishing company, so this means there’s almost no waiting time before your work gets published.

The biggest downside, of course, is that your work is going to be much harder than with the traditional publishing process with a company. Because the responsibilities of the publishing company for your work, you now have to do it yourself. This includes finding the right platform on where you should self-publish your book, editing, etc.

But Fiction Profits Academy is an online course that claims to not only teach you on how to self-publish your books via Amazon Kindle. It also teaches you some of the proven methods that gave the course creators success in self-publishing.

However, you still have to deal with the relatively high costs that you’re going to incur in self-publishing.

The Creator Of Fiction Profits Academy

Karla Marie is the creator of Fiction Profits Academy.

Fiction Profits Academy

She claims to be earning six figures at most by self-publishing her ebooks on Amazon. Which is kind of skeptical as I haven’t seen any bestselling books that have her name on them.

What is legit about her, however, is that she’s a digital entrepreneur (and seems to be quite successful at it), and a mother.

Thus, you can safely say that she has quite the marketer, and a very good one at that. She knows all the various online marketing tools that are available out there to their fullest extent.

She also claims to be successful at publishing fictional romance stories, which is not so surprising. Still, without any proof of her work, it’s very difficult to determine if she really became rich by self-publishing books.

Like most financial gurus, maybe she got rich by selling this online course instead. But let’s not go ahead of ourselves and accuse Karla Marie of being a scammer.

After all, for a very specific niche, this online course of hers could be useful.

What’s Inside Fiction Profits Academy?

The Fiction Profits Academy online course contains a total of 10 modules. These modules will cover everything that you need to learn for self-publishing your book on Amazon. Overall, the entire course could be completed in six weeks.

Here’s a list of the modules that are included in this course. Along with a brief overview of what they contain.

Module 1: The Million Dollar Mindset

As with any other online courses out there, Fiction Profits Academy also starts with developing your mindset for this program. If you’ve already taken previous financial online courses before then you’ll know what to expect here.

Usually, this module stresses the importance of hard work and determination. And also points out the fact that this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, and that lots of hard work and patience are required to succeed in any business venture.

A good thing about these modules is, they don’t just teach you the right mindset, they actually condition in preparation for your path to eventual success.

Module 2: The Basics of Self-Publishing Books

This is where you’ll learn everything about the Amazon platform (especially Kindle) and how the publishing business works. You’ll also be taught here any requirements that you’ll need, and how to set up everything to ensure you have a proper headstart.

This module will also tell you the importance of finding your niche when you’re writing a book. As well as the ever-important element in online marketing: Keyword Research

Module 3: How To Build Your Books?

As the title says, this module will cover everything you need on how to write your book. From the various tools that you can use to make it a bit easier for you, to all the benefits that Amazon provides for you and your online business.

And if you’re not someone who’s into writing, this module will also tackle where and how you can hire ghostwriters to write for you. Complete with the necessary contracts that you’ll need.

Module 4: The Perfect Cover for Your Books

This module will now talk about creating book covers. Here, you’ll learn the best qualities to apply when designing the cover for your book, and what qualities to avoid.

Keep in mind that when creating your book cover, you have three choices to make:

  • Create the book cover yourself, using tools like Canva, etc.
  • Use Amazon’s Cover Creator Tool
  • Outsource your work and hire a professional graphic artist to create the book cover for you.

Module 5: Blurbs and Formatting

In case you’re not familiar with this, a blurb is a short text located on the back cover of your book. This usually contains a brief overview of the content of the book itself.

But this can also give you an opportunity to present a good sales copy to stimulate the reader’s interest and curiosity, and make them buy your book.

This module will cover the importance of having a descriptive and attractive blurb and how to create it. Keep in mind that for blurbs, Amazon has a 4,000-character limit for blurbs, so make sure that you’re making the most of it.

Module 6: All Things KDP

KDP” stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing”. It is Amazon’s platform that gives you the ability to self-publish your ebooks, paperbacks, or hardcover books for free.

Publishing via Amazon KDP not only gives you complete rights over your written work, but also allows you to take advantage of the Amazon platform to have your books reach a wider audience.

In this module, you’ll learn how to create your Amazon KDP account, and to get them approved.

Module 7: The Perfect Launch Strategy

Now that your paperback book, ebook, or audiobook is all set up and done, it’s time for the launch day.

Fiction Profits Academy claims to teach a launch method that most successful self-published use to great advantage. It may not work all the time, but it might increase your chances of a successful sale.

But always remember that part of it is that you’re going to need plenty of legitimate (not sponsored, not biased, not affiliated) reviews. Similar to this Audiobook Income Academy review.

This is so that potential buyers will see you and your product as legitimate.

Module 8: Facebook Advertisements Mastery Course

As the module title says, this is all about teaching you how to use Facebook ads to promote your book.

Keep in mind that Facebook ads are still a form of paid ads. So you’re going to need a hefty budget to maintain this marketing campaign.

It also goes without saying that this platform is getting overcrowded at this point. But nevertheless, this can still be effective if done properly (which is what this module will teach).

Module 9: Creating Raving Fans

This is where Karla Marie shows off her marketing skills to the fullest.

As the module title says, this will teach you how you can build the fanbase for your work. Part of that is being able to create hype and excitement around your published books.

It’s not enough that your written work is great enough for people to read. It’s also all about how you promote it.

Module 10: Scaling Your Business

The last module deals with scaling and optimizing the entire process of your book publishing.

Figuring and analyzing what works for your online business, no matter what it is, and being able to replicate it over and over again, is the key to growing your income. By knowing what works, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals.


Aside from the main course, Fiction Profits also contains various resources that may help you in your book publishing.

You’ll have access to various scripts and templates for various purposes that you can simply copy-paste. You’ll also be given access to a grouping coaching call session scheduled at various times, and a 1-on-1 coaching session that happens weekly.

Finally, you can also playback some of the earlier group coaching calls that have happened before, in case you missed them out.

How Much Does Fiction Profits Academy Cost?

It costs a one-time payment of around $1,997 to enroll in the Fiction Profits Academy. Alternatively, you can pay in 4 separate monthly installments of $649 each. However, this will increase the course’s price to a total of $2,596.

There’s also a refund policy in place if you’re not satisfied with this course. First, you’ll have a no-questions-asked refund policy in place if you don’t think this’ll work for you in 24 hours. After that period, you’ll still be able to get a refund, but only if you satisfy the following conditions.

  • Must watch at least the first 8 modules of Karla Marie’s course in full.
  • You have to attend two one-on-one coaching calls with either Karla or someone from the team inside Fiction Profits Academy.
  • Create one lead magnet and one book/ebook in accordance with the programs’ standards.
  • You have to launch your ebook on Amazon as per the FPA standards.
  • Your effort to make money online with this course must be genuine.

If you’re done all this, and you still haven’t earned a total of $6,000 on book sales within a year, then they’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Some people may find the price worth it, since, on the surface, it looks justified. But personally, since Amazon itself is a rather saturated platform to do business on, it’s not really worth it, especially if you’re not really an author.

Take note that the price stated will only cover the cost of enrollment. You must also consider other costs if you want to do this business method, such as paid ads, registration, etc.

Fiction Profits Academy May Work For You If…

If you’re an aspiring book writer and want to showcase your printed works while earning money from it, then Fiction Profits Academy is the online course for you.

It’s also great for book writers if they want to self-publish their books due to their numerous advantages, but don’t know where to start. The Amazon platform is a great avenue for self-publishers, but it can get quite daunting if you don’t know what to do.

Fiction Profits Academy May Not Work For You If…

If you just want to learn a new business model where you can make money online, then you may want to steer clear of this course.

Even if you’re an avid writer, publishing your own book still requires plenty of hard work. And while the profits you can earn from this business may seem attractive, the amount of work that you’ll have to do for all of this may not be worth it for most people.

And not to mention the amount of capital that you need to spend on paid advertisements and marketing.

Additionally, the Amazon platform itself is too saturated. Like Amazon FBA, there’s no guarantee of success if you decided to do this business method.

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Fiction Profits Academy Review: Final Verdict

Let me share with you my final thoughts to close off this Fiction Profits Academy review.

To be fair, Karla Marie herself is not a scammer. She’s a pretty legitimate online marketer, so you may learn a thing or two from her.

The only issue here is, there’s not much proof that she’s successful in self-publishing books. It would greatly help her credibility and legitimacy for this online course if she could at least show proof of her published books.

Nevertheless, I still think she’s legit. However, for most people, I don’t recommend this business model at all, as it is a lot of work. If you want to focus on this, then you have to quit your full-time job and focus on it entirely. It is not as simple as selling on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

It may be a different story for you if you’re someone who is passionate about writing their own book or not. But if not, then this won’t work for you.

Because even though you are not making any sales, you still have to continue paying for advertising and outsourcing. This business is simply not for people who do not have the capital for it.

Again, Fiction Profits Academy would be a good online course for you to take if you’re quite passionate about writing your own book and selling it. But if not, then the work involved in this would only stress you out, which is not worth it at all.


Otherwise, there are better opportunities out there. In fact, I’m also here to offer you just that. And this one’s perfect for just about anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

If you want to know more about it, continue reading this Fiction Profits Academy review.

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