Kevin David FTC: Scam Exposed, Fined $53 Million By FTC For Phony Schemes

It’s finally happening! The Kevin David Scam period is finally getting what it deserved, as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began its crackdown on these scammers.

The FTC has submitted a formal complaint against DK Automation, a company owned by Kevin David and his business partner, David Arnett. According to their press release, Kevin David, through DK Automation, has been regularly fooling their customers into signing up for their company, with the promise of big returns and passive income with their “turnkey Done-For-You Amazon business.”

According to the court ruling, they’re also required to pay a total of $53 million, presumably in damages.

This isn’t the first time that they had the complaint, however, as they’re also received several warnings in the past for the same reason. And yet, these people virtually ignored them all, and just went on and continued advertising their business shams to unsuspecting people.

And they continued to do this, thinking that they can get away with it. Well, not anymore.

So at this point, you may be asking. Now that the Kevin David scam is exposed, what’s next for him? Is he going to exit this industry for good (we sure hope he does)?

And what does this mean for all those self-proclaimed “gurus” who claim to offer these “ecom automation” services, that turn out to be scams in the end? For sure, this would serve as a warning for them, but will they heed it?

As a consumer, however, you should be wary of these, so…

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Who Is Kevin David?

One thing that will surely catch your attention whenever you view the ads about his programs, is how he flashes his current lifestyle.

Traveling around the world, flashing his expensive homes and cars, it’s always the typical routine for financial gurus. Kevin David is no exception to this rule.

And this is the very reason that he’s able to scam a lot of people into buying his online courses and so-called äutomation” services.

Kevin David

According to his website bio, Kevin David (real name, “Kevin David Hulse”) claims to be a rather successful entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, eCommerce specialist, and coach. He is often billed as the “Unemployed CEO” because of his known claims of success in several online business ventures.

Unlike your typical business gurus, however, he was already a bit well-off.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State Honors College, Kevin David began his career working as an Accountant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an accounting firm in Portland, Oregon. Soon afterward, he became a privacy consultant for Facebook.

Yet despite having what many consider as a “dream job”, he isn’t satisfied with it. And for a few good reasons.

First, he claims to be a natural entrepreneur. Ever since he was 14, Kevin would find ways to create his own financial streams of income, selling anything from trading cards to candy bars. And he wants to keep at it even though he’s already grown up.

Secondly, while he’s earning a good amount of money from his work, it has a rather steep cost: His freedom to use his time the way he wanted.

As a result, after some time, Kevin decided to quit his current work to focus on building for himself a career as a digital entrepreneur.

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Kevin David’s Amazon Automation Programs

Kevin David offers what he calls “Amazon automation” services. He usually pitches these services as something that can give you a passive income stream, without doing any work at all.

The idea behind this is that, you pay a certain amount of fee, and the rest will be up to him and his team. He will build you an e-commerce store that is based around Amazon, and he will take care of all the products being sold there, inventory, customer service, etc.

The real kicker behind his claims here, however, is his promised earnings. Kevin David promises that this business model will generate 50% to 80% in annual returns.

He also claims that this business model can outperform the stock market, and that purchasers can eventually sell their Amazon business for six-figures.

Of course, all of these promises are false claims. As there seem to be no legitimate testimonials from real users who have actually availed of his business services. Most of the testimonials that you can see on his website, are more often than not, done by paid individuals.

Furthermore, most people who actually availed of his service aren’t even satisfied at all. Most of them even reported losing more money on the business, or at the very least, breaking even.

This only proves that Kevin David is only in it for the money. He’s not rich because he’s successful at selling on Amazon or whatnot.

He’s earning money because people are constantly fooled into buying his online courses and programs. And more often than not, at the end of the day, the only one who’s earning six to seven figures from this business is Kevin David himself (and his business associates).

His Amazon automation programs also have gone through several names in the past. Like AMZDFY, AMZ Automation, Amazon Done For You, Amazon Done With You, Amazon Autopilot, and most recently, DK Automation.

Think about it. If his Amazon automation services are so successful, why does he have to constantly switch its name? It’s only further proof that none of them are working.

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FTC’s Press Release

Here are some of the snippets of the FTC’s press release about the case of Kevin David.

“The FTC’s complaint alleges that the defendants promised consumers that they could ‘generate passive income on autopilot’ when the truth was that few consumers ever made money from these schemes. DK Automation ripped off consumers by manipulating reviews and making empty promises of big returns on cryptocurrency investment schemes and bogus business programs. They ignored warnings that these practices were illegal and paid the price.”

“The defendants sold their Amazon programs under a number of different names, including AMZDFY, Amazon Done For You, and Amazon Done With You. According to the complaint, they promised consumers a ‘100% turnkey business’ selling products on Amazon and charged consumers as much as $100,000 for the program. Their marketing and sales pitches were filled with fake consumer reviews touting huge profits. They also promoted a secret crypto trading bot that could ‘generate profits even while you sleep.’”

Furthermore, the FTC says that Kevin David and his associates harmed their consumers by doing three things:

  1. Deceiving them about potential earnings, making claims, and using testimonials that were nowhere near indicative of a typical result.
  2. Planting positive reviews and suppressing negative reviews by flagging them or threatening to sue whoever wrote them.
  3. Not providing required disclosures that would give consumers a full picture of what’s being sold to them.

Interestingly, a lot of these so-called “financial gurus” are also guilty of doing these things. Most likely the FTC hasn’t caught them yet, but let’s hope that it won’t be long before they do.

Another interesting point here is that the FTC required them to pay a total of $53 million as part of the lawsuit. Which, is partially suspended right now due to the defendant’s inability to pay. Yes. All that fancy cars, fancy lifestyle, big mansions, living the good life on their promotional materials, and they’re not even able to pay that amount of money.

It should be chicken feed for them already if their claims about being highly successful in their Amazon business are true. But the funny thing about this is that they’re not. Which further implies that they’re a scam all along.

Scam Alert 2

What Now For Kevin David?

Now that the Kevin David scam has been exposed, what does Kevin David do at this point?

It seems like Kevin David has gone silent after this. His Instagram has now been set to Private, and there’s almost no activity on his YouTube channel anymore.

Does this mean he’s just going to shut himself out from the public eye? Most likely, given the gravity of the case he’s in. But it’s also possible that he’ll still continue with his shams and will keep on rehashing his Amazon automation services and selling them to others.

Only this time, it’s most likely that he’ll do, perhaps under a different business partner, and a different business name.

Furthermore, will this move also deter others who also offer these ecom automation services to unsuspecting customers? Honestly, I don’t think so.

As long as people keep on believing these shams, these guru wannabees will continue. Therefore, it’s up to you to be armed and knowledgeable enough to spot these scams, like this Kevin David scam right here.

Of course, reporting them to the FTC would be a good start for this. After all, the FTC won’t be able to take any action if there are no people reporting to them.

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