KeyGlee Reviews – KeyGlee Franchise Cost and Concerns?

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

Today we will be reviewing KeyGlee. Is it legit? Find out in this KeyGlee review.

Wholesaling in real estate is a straightforward and popular strategy for investors aiming to enter the market with lower costs and less risk. In this approach, the wholesaler acts as a middleman, getting a property at a good price and selling the right to buy it to another investor at a slightly higher price. A major advantage of wholesaling is its low entry barrier, making it appealing for those with limited capital.

KeyGlee aims to change wholesaling by building an industry based on integrity and ethical principles. A positive workplace where every team member can thrive and achieve personal and professional goals is what the company promotes and create.

Learn more about them in this review!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with KeyGlee in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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KeyGlee Review: Quick Details

  • Program: KeyGlee
  • Founders: Hunter Runyon and Jamil Damji
  • Website:
  • SocialsInstagram, Facebook
  • Type: Wholesale
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Recommendation: This program is only for people who has a secured high capital and is prepared for the risks involving wholesaling.

KeyGlee Founders

Hunter Runyon

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

Hunter, the co-founder and CEO of KeyGlee, has undertaken diverse roles within the company. From contributing to 40% of property sales to overseeing the transactions department, human resources, and enhancing the dispositions process, he has played a multifaceted role. Additionally, Hunter played a key part in initiating the company’s expansion into franchising opportunities.

Jamil Damji

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

Jamil Damji is a notable figure in real estate since 2002, serves as the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) and co-founder of KeyGlee Investments in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology, he initially focused on assisting expats in Dubai/UAE, later transitioning to closing an impressive 60-80 deals monthly with the establishment of KeyGlee.

Jamil maintains a YouTube page where his contents covers Q&A sessions, industry updates, motivational content, and real estate wholesaling tutorials. Jamil is also featured on the A&E series “Triple Digit Flip,” with a notable 7.4/10 IMDb rating. Leveraging the show’s popularity, he and the cast offer the “7-day Flip Me Challenge” for $47, providing access to a comprehensive 20-lesson course spanning 3 hours and 40 minutes, offering a blueprint for successful house flipping.

Rahima Blaza

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

Rahima Blaza specializes in investment properties and has significant expertise as both a buyer and listing agent. She is proficiently trained in design and project management, having successfully supervised numerous projects for her own companies and other investors.

Originally from the UK and raised in Calgary, Canada, Rahima Blaza entered real estate through construction and small condo development. In the early 2000s, she moved to LA, where she continued her real estate journey alongside her brother and Jamil Damji. Eventually settling in Phoenix, Rahima co-founded KeyGlee, a wholesaling company. In her role as the managing broker, she oversees the entire fix-and-flip department and serves as the project manager responsible for design and hardware decisions. Rahima, happily married to her husband Amya, enjoys life with her two children.

Josiah Grimes

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

Josiah has been in real estate since 2002 as well and is the co-founder and CEO of KeyGlee Investments in Chandler, Arizona. Holding a finance degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business, he also serves as the CEO and co-founder of New Reach Education.

Starting with SRL Group in 2012, Josiah moved on to become the operations manager for Sell Quick For Cash in 2013. He expanded his role by co-founding Aptus Investments and Atlas Wholesale Homes.

Josiah’s real estate impact extends to features on HGTV’s real estate channel and The Dave Ramsey show. Additionally, he authored a free book, “Wholesale Abundance,” detailing the strategies contributing to KeyGlee’s success.

What is KeyGlee?

KeyGlee Reviews - KeyGlee Franchise Cost & Concerns?

KeyGlee is a major player in the U.S. real estate industry, known as one of the largest wholesalers of investment properties. With rapid growth, it has become one of the fastest-growing real estate franchises nationwide. Being one of their franchise owners, you can enjoy a unique advantage with exclusive access to their  sought-after sellers and buyers lists. This benefit you in eliminates the need for high marketing costs, offering a valuable resource that enhances the efficiency and profitability of real estate endeavors.

KeyGlee’s system claims to help you discover the right deals fast, offering access to a large inventory of properties. With a skilled team and a wide network, KeyGlee provides increased purchasing power and flexible options in over 45 U.S. markets. With this simple process, investment opportunities will be within your reach giving you an edge in the market.

How it works?

Searching for an Off-Market Property

You will be able to explore their extensive inventory to find the perfect off-market property for you. Once you’ve found the right property, you will provide them with your name and contact email. You will then receive a Docusign contract to finalize the deal. And since contracts are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, you would want to sign ASAP. Their approach prioritizes efficiency and fairness, eliminating bidding wars. Your quick response ensures you have a favorable position to secure the property you want from their diverse and exclusive inventory.


After signing the contract, preferably within two hours, the escrow account process will begin before the business day ends. Once the account is set up, you will need to send $5,000 in certified funds (through a check or wire transfer) to the specified title company. This prompt and secure financial step ensures the smooth progress of the property acquisition and enhances the overall efficiency of the transaction.

Closing the Sale with the Title Company

After the title company receives your funds, you will work together with them to complete the necessary arrangements and close the sale.

Closing the Sale with KeyGlee

KeyGlee assists you in finalizing your purchase by addressing important details. This includes tasks like obtaining the keys to the property or confirming the presence of tenants in a rental property. Once all the concluding details are sorted out, you are prepared to proceed with the deal.

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My Favorite Program

Other Services


Becoming a franchise owner offers you a distinct advantage over your competitors. With their national reputation and extensive experience in real estate, they have assisted numerous individuals, similar to yourself, in achieving financial freedom. Their established track record in the industry positions you for success as you embark on your journey as a franchise owner.

The investment required to purchase a KeyGlee franchise comprises a minimum liquid capital of $60,000, with a total investment ranging from $124,800 to $274,050.

Benefits in Franchising with KeyGlee

If you chose to franchise with KeyGlee, you will be able to have the following:

  • Investment: When you become a franchise owner with KeyGlee, they are marketing that you are actually investing in something unique. You instantly become a valued member of their family and gives you a  wholehearted commitment to doing everything in their power to support your success in the market.
  • Education: KeyGlee offers comprehensive training and expertise in the wholesale real estate sector to our franchisees. Through an onboarding process, franchisees gain insights into the intricacies of their business operations and understand how they remain a supportive presence as you advance and expand.

  • Teamwork: Franchisees smoothly become part of their nationwide network, accessing abundant knowledge and resources. In their collaborative environment, daily interactions foster collective growth, and benefit from shared experiences and insights.

  • Your Ideas Matter: KeyGlee appreciates your ideas and looks forward to learning from and with you. Their environment encourages the free expression of ideas, and even with their extensive experience in wholesale real estate, we are open to new concepts and perspectives.

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My Favorite Program


They claim to provide an excellent service for people eager to sell their homes quickly. With a skilled team of licensed realtors, they present a fair and clear offer for your home, highlighting their dedication to honesty and integrity in the selling process.

Final Verdict – KeyGlee Reviews

While Keyglee does offer an upperhand when it comes to wholesaling and house flipping, it is rather relevant that you are also aware of the risks that are involve in this kind of business model.

Profits might be less than long-term ownership, success depends on market conditions, and coordinating transactions can be complex. Legal issues may arise from contract assignments, and economic trends and network dependence affect deal availability. Time sensitivity demands swift action, and unethical practices can strain relationships. Managing reputation is vital, and deal closure is uncertain. In addition, a high capital is needed to start a wholesaling business.

Navigating these challenges is essential for those considering wholesaling as a real estate investment strategy.

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