Kiana Danial Reviews – Scam Artist?

Today, we will look into an internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert, Kiana Danial. Is she legit? Check it out on my Kiana Danial review.

A lot of people with creative and powerful minds tend to create something that can either be extraordinary or flop ideas. 

To cope with the industry that we’re living in today, we must learn how to do new things. Things that can be a factor to change the way of our lifestyle, but for the better of course.

Anyone wants to be able to earn some income while spending time with their loved ones, am I right? Working from home is such a bliss for moms and wives out there.

Kiana’s goal is to make it easier for stay-at-home moms to earn extra money by investing in online financial markets, (e.g crypto, forex, stock market). A method where one doesn’t need to stare long hours in front of a computer or learn complicated math equations.

Is she a reliable teacher, though? Or will she just have your hard-earned cash and walk-away? Learn more as you read this Kiana Danial review that I made. 

Just wanted to add a disclaimer that this is a fully independent review. I am in no particular way affiliated with Kiana Danial. Any conclusions that I’ve made are just my honest opinions and totally unbiased. Other information came directly from online that is available for the public to see.

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Name: Kiana Danial


Socials: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Niche: Online Investing

Recommended?: Online investing takes a lot of time to see changes and profit. It is also volatile in a sense. You need a very large capital and a huge amount of knowledge if you want to see significant profit figures. If you don’t have these qualities, you better be topics such as day trading and scalping.


Kiana Dianal is from a Jewish family, born and raised in Iran. She was a daughter of a well-respected engineer and CEO of a construction company in their homeland. 

We can also say that their family belongs to the above average household, having their own chauffeur and maids. But the comfortable life ended when the Iran-Iraq war happened.

They were eventually lining up for food stamps before they knew it. Kiana understands the feeling of working hard to stabilize one financial situation and suddenly lose it all in a blink of an eye.

Tragedy comes one after the other, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer during the time when Kiana’s eighteen years old. 

Wanting to make a change, she became successful in getting a scholarship for electrical engineering in Japan. But that’s another milestone yet to achieve.

Living in a foreign country, by herself, and eventually knowing the fact that she’s the only girl and foreigner in the class, there’s no one she can lean on but herself.

Fast forward, she obtained her degree, went out and ended up hating engineering. She got a job and started saving up from what she can get from being part of a Japanese TV show.

When the financial crisis in 2008 happened, an idea sparkled in her mind. What if she converted her Japanese Yen to purchase dollars?

Ended up opening her own brokerage account with her host family, she doubled her initial $10,000 investment in just a month. An amount that let her relocate from Tokyo to the global financial hub of New York City.

She landed a job in Wall Street, where 90% of the employees were males and their ways are deceitful. ForEx brokers earn more money when traders lose. So do they just do it on purpose?

Another life-changing idea came to mind and she tried to pitch it to her boss. “Why don’t we simplify this and make it easier for women to get involved?”. The next thing she knew, she was fired from the company.

Alone and broke in another foreign city, she decided to tuck away in her apartment, destroying all the books about financing and investing. Instead of finding another job, she decided to collect all the thoughts that she has learned through the years and make a guide by herself.

That’s where her company, the Invest Diva movement was born.

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The current Kiana Danial is a parent, investor and businesswoman that has earned millions of dollars just by working at home.

She’s also a three-time author who has been voted in 2018 as the Investment Fund Rewards’ Personal Investment Expert of the Year.

She created the Invest Diva to assist people, especially moms and in-house wives to earn extra passive income just by investing in the online financial markets. 

Kiana has written books about it, been featured in countless TV shows to share her wisdom but it’s hardly rocket science. Her ways will leave you dumb-founded after you learned them.

“Our failures are the catalysts that take us to where we need to be. If it wasn’t for those events: spending seven years in Japan doing what I hated, feeling like I wasted my time, getting fired, et cetera? The Invest Diva movement wouldn’t have become what it is today.”

“That’s the message I wanna share with you. You may have a thousand excuses, but the thing is, only you are in charge of your own happiness. Only you.”


Kiana Danial founded Invest Diva in 2012. It is a company that is dedicated to teaching women the ropes on how to invest with their money. 

May it be in ForEx, crypto market, stock market, name it, she has been successful with her ways and it’s time for you to indulge yourself in such success the same way she does.

She teaches investing while emphasizing patience, looking at the bigger picture and investing for the long run.

They present different resources such as books: Guide to Making Money in ForEx and Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies, courses and webinars that you can avail through their website.

To make you want to take part in their movement, they offer a free training session that in the end, they will tell you the “3 secrets” on how to take control of your financial future and make your money work for you.


As I dig into other platforms for reviews and such, I’ve found some people stating the cost of the programs inside Invest Diva.

They have a Prime Investment Group where you must pay $400/monthly for the membership fee in order to get access. You’ll be wasting $400, why?

It is just a forum where you will just listen to some people in the circle talking about stocks. A discussion where you can see and learn from on youtube nowadays, and it’s free, needless to say.

After the free “master class” session, they’ll pitch you on the “super class” course that originally costs twenty grand but will only cost you two grand if you sign up within 5 days. 

I don’t think it is necessary to pressure attendees in this kind of offer if you think that they can really learn something from your methods. You can only leave us the benefit of the doubt.

And if you really want to learn about investing, there are tons of free online video tutorials that you can look into. You just need to do your research.

But if you’re one of the people who wants others to do the work for you, then the charge of $2,000 just to get what you’ve paid for isn’t that bad. Considering that you really do have that extra amount of money, lucky you.

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Kiana Danial and Invest Diva might not be a scam but here’s the thing.

Videos and training materials are  old, which is dated 5 years ago. So what would happen if you used the same old methods today?

Stock market techniques get obsolete as soon as too many people become familiar with them. So if someone is selling you the idea that you can make a lot of money through the stock market, then think twice.

I’ve also read about someone saying that Kiana is not part of the Facebook group. It does not have enough support for their members.

Kiana now focuses on working only with high net worth clients. She already passed down the mentoring to the regular PIG group to her former students.

Aside from her, these helpers don’t have any financial background. The only credential that they’re holding is that they’re good students of Invest Diva.

You’ll just be mentored by past students? I say, meh. I would not recommend you to join such courses if they’re not hands-on and being professional in handling new members.


Thank you for reading this Kiana Danial review.

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