Ty Cohen Kindle Cash Flow Review – Scam,Don’t waste $697

kindle cash flow scam

Hello and welcome to my kindle cash flow review.

In this review we are going to talk about two youtubers Ty Cohen and Anik Singal.

They both have a youtube channel which you can visit here..Ty Cohen channel,Anik Singal channel.

Making money sounds really sexy and easy money.Isn’t it?

Who will not like to make money from the comfort of their home?

A little fact about me before going into this review.I started in 2017 when I was 18 and after one year of hard work I was making $160/month.

Yes,you read it right,and after one and a half year I was making $9k/month and at the time writing this review I am making $13k/month.

It’s not to brag you but to tell you that starting can be very tough for you.

But having a mentor in any online business can be life changing to any body and it is definitely a short cut to success.

I accept that if I would have paid someone to mentor me I would have achieved success very fast.

The next big question is whether Ty Cohen is a right mentor to go with or not?

First things First,I am not associated with Ty Cohen or kindle cash flow by any means and will not try to sell you in this review.

This means that this review is going to be completely unbiased and from a third party.Without wasting time,let’s dive into this course.

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Kindle Cash Flow review

First thing first.Watch this video I found on youtube…

Kindle cash flow is a course by Ty Cohen and Anik Singal.

In this course you are going to learn how to publish your books on kindle and make money online through it.Not only make money online but also build a passive income through it.

The price of kindle cash flow is $697 or three time $277 payment.

This means that you have to pay them $130 more if you select three time payment plan.

There are many module inside the system which is going to teach you all the process from A to Z.

I have also tried to make money from publishing books on kindle back in 2015,when I was 16 years old.

But instead of making money I lost money because for me it was too much saturated,competition.

Attracting buyers to your books and generating revenue from it is the hardest part of this business model.

How Kindle Cash Flow Works?

It is basically a physical product with Dvds and Cds in which they explain to you different modules.These modules are very in-depth,here are what you are going to get’

  • How to set your account
  • What niche should you chose
  • Books writing guideline
  • How to convert your books into buying magnets
  • Different monetization method
  • Increase your exposure
  • And so on


Being a former book publisher on kindle,I think this content is more then enough for you to start making money from amazon kindle.

Before going forward I want to take your one second and talk about something.

As you can see on the outline,their is a section on how to choose a niche.

I am slightly hesitant on this one.Because if you want to make money from publishing books on kindle then best way to choose a niche is to look at your strengths. What is your passion?

For example my passion was to write about make money online then I jumped into it without knowing anything further.

This helped me to be consistent and do not give up through the hard times.Other than that other point is that let’s say you chose a niche that they are going to recommend you inside kindle cash flow.

From where you will get all the knowledge to share with the buyers?

Or they are going to recommend you to spend time on research and get a grip on that niche?Well,in both cases you are going to waste your time.

Owners – Ty Cohen And Anik Singal

kindle cash flow review

Ty Cohen was working as a corporate finance manager before he decided to come online.This is about 10 years ago,and a life changing journey started since then.

Fast forward after 10 years,Ty Cohen is one of the highest earning individual from amazon kindle and claims that he makes $40k/year.

That’s $3k/month.I mean seriously,I do not get up from bed after listening to $3k/month.

Atleast have big goals in your life.Back to the topic.

After getting success in this field,like any other person in online field,Ty Cohen created his own course with co-creator Anik Singal.

Anik Singal is partner of Ty Cohen in this course and he also taught almost 15000+ students till date.How many of them made money?

No one knows.But the cool thing is that their convincing power is really impressive.I watched his videos on different topics and found it really appealing.

How he narrates and then grabs your trust in second is just amazing.

Anik Singal Previous Products

However,it is not a first course which is created by Anik singal.Before kindle cash flow,Anik signal also launched many courses,here are those’

Inbox Blueprint

It is a course to teach you email marketing.In this he will tell you all his secrets that helped him to generate $50 millions.Wait what?

This guy generated $50 millions just from email marketing?Seems suspicious?

I recommend you to not buy this because for email marketing you need to have a buyer list.Or the email list of people from who you want to promote your product.

Now,It took 2 years for me to start making money from email marketing.

Because after two years I have 2000+ list of buyer and I think that is enough for anybody in the world to start making money.

Publish Academy

It was another course in which Anik Singal taught people how to start an online business by making their own audios,videos and books.

This course was very relatable with kindle cash flow.

Many people spent their investment on this course,whether they made money or not is just another fact?

Copywriting Bootcamp

It was a course to teach entrepreneurs how to sell anything online.

Basically the goal of this course was to teach normal day people how to make an irresistible offer and start making sales on it.

As you can see from the name,’copywriting secrets’ it means to sell anything with words.How to write ads or a paragraph that trigger anybody to buy your product.

I can’t actually say anything about this one,but for copywriting I took copywriting secrets book and worth the money.

It is for $1 and worth the time investment.Must check it before buying this one.

Digital Bootcamp

It is a course in which he will teach you how to make money from email marketing,how to build your website and earn your first dollar online.

Other than this the best part about this one is how to select a niche.

It also helped many people to make their first dollar online.In my opinion this course is the best that came from Anik Singal.

Other than this It Looks like Anik Singal is just making money just by teaching other how to make money.

Other courses of his are Fb bootcamp,fearless entrepreneur,Free traffic Bootcamp and so onnn..!

Inside Kindle Cash Flow Review

The kindle cash flow consists of 6 DvDs with 90 modules and other than this these are the topics which are covered inside this system..

DVD ONE : It covers basic guides to amazon kindle and you will learn each and everything you need to get started.

DVD TWO : This dvd covers many topics like choosing the niche,how to start writing the right way and how to quickly complete the writing phase.

So,you can quickly finish this time consuming part and focus on other parts of the business.

DVD THREE : This dvd is all about attracting the right customers to your books.Other than this they will cover a wide range of topics in this part.

Like how to finalize the pricing of your book,how to choose the right cover and name for your book.

DVD FOUR : It consists of outsourcing VAs for your business.Other than this they will talk about multiple things in this cd.

For example,fiction and non-fiction method,how to scale your business.In this the main point for them is to teach you that how your business can scale to no limits,IF you buy their course.

DVD FIVE : dvd 4 and dvd 5 are nearly the same.In this they will again cover how you can scale your business to a point where you can achieve financial freedom.

SIX : In dvd six you are going to learn about ebook and how to maximize your content.

Because publishing content is not a easy thing.

Especially if you are trying to make money with it.

Other then this,they will offer you many bonuses,which they claim worth $20k.I call it a self made prices and bonuses.

It has nothing to do with your business.

Other than this if you buy this course,you will get access to a private members area in which you will learn many new things and interact with like minded people.

This community is to help each other to pass them through their difficult period.

Let’s talk about things for which you should join kindle cash flow and things for which you should not join kindle cash flow.

Why You Should Join Kindle Cash Flow

These are the reasons why you should join this course?

Facebook Community

Having a facebook community is an indication that this course is totally legit and a private group is to help people make money online.

This group is led by one and only Ty Cohen.

In-Depth Training

The training inside the system is very in-depth.This can be called a con or pro at the same time of this course.


Owners have created successful courses in the past.This means that they are not here to scam you and make some quick bucks.

Things For Which You Should Not Join Kindle Cash Flow

There are many things which I look for in investing in any course.

If it was me instead of you reading this review,I will never buy this course for the following reasons.

Time Consuming Business

It is a very time consuming business and it will take time for you to start making money after taking this course too.

Other than this,as I said that I tried this business personally and due to this I know it is the worst business model to join in 2020 and moving forward.

Let me explain it in a bit detail.I already told you that I was in this business once and end up quitting after one year.

Instead of I was started to make $350/month.

Why?Because it is a hell lot of stress.I prefer you to join mcdonalds if you really want to live a better and happy life.

The biggest reason for my quitting is that I want financial freedom,my income goal was to make $10k/month and when I dived deeper I came to know it is just a dream with this business model.

Once Warren Buffet said..

‘If you do not find a way to make money in your sleep then you will work until your death’

This quote is very deep and meaningful.This is why I recommend my #1.

It’s the only business model which I found after 5 years of online struggle which makes me $12k/month in my sleep.

Trading Time For Money

You are always trading your time with money.In this business you have to work 16 hours a day sometime and have to deal with mental health like me.

I think still getting a job is a better idea.

Not Irresistible,Sustainable and Long Term Business Model

It is not a sustainable business model,and in my opinion not a long term too.If you stop working money will stop coming into your bank account.

Free Content

There is many free content available on youtube which is included in this course.

I think they are just charging you for their mentorship.

If you still want to start a kindle business,then I highly recommend to spend time on youtube instead of jumping straight into this course.

Owners Credibility

No one knows the owner’s credibility.

I mean their achievement in this business model.

Why they stand out from others in this market,and why they are the best choice to be your mentor?

That is why I recommend to learn from the best and that is the reason why I am recommending you to jump on a call with my mentor,made $318 milliona this year.

Kindle Cash Flow – My Final Verdict

Kindle cash flow is definitely a legit course which can help you to make money online.

But I will not give you mine link to join this course which will make this article biased.

You can go to their official website – Kindlecshflow.com – if you want to join it.

But I highly not recommend this program to anyone who has dreams.

Who wants to achieve big things in life.

There is more to life other than waking up every morning and keep on publishing books.

I highly recommend you start an affiliate marketing business right now because it is the best business model online.

I have reviewed 300+ courses online and it is still my #1 recommendation to a person who wants to make wealth online.

Their is a big difference between making money online and making wealth online.

So,if you do not want yourself stressed out and have mental health issues like me,because of the burden of work,then do not buy kindle cash flow.

That’s it for today’s review.

Before leaving check out my #1 recommendation to make wealth online after reviewing 300+ courses online.

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