Kris Krohn Real Estate Investing Course Scam?[Review]


Hey you…Yes you.Welcome to my review of a course by a real estate investor, Kris Krohn.

He is a youtuber and has fairly large community,maybe the biggest in this niche.

He seems like a master in this field and first choice of people who are looking for a mentor in the real estate industry.

Kris Krohn teaches people how to invest money and buy real estate properties even if you have small capital to invest.

He has a strong personality too.Seems to be a genuine and legit person.But can you pay him to be your mentor?

Does his course worth enough or it is crap?We will figure it out.

Kris Krohn has built a strong presence online.

He often said that he will tell you the tricks that nobody knows in this real estate business.

If you want to get rich by any means than this course looks like your way to go.

In fact there is no doubt that real estate can make you rich.Overnight millionaire,ever heard of this thing?Yup,this business can make you whatever you want to become in life.

Yes it has the ability to change your fortune.But it takes a lot of hard work and consistency.Because being a real estate investor is not easy.

It requires a lot of effort.

You have to learn marketing for it too.I personally did marketing for real estate investor.

Real estate business is all about building your brand(Name) all the time.

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Kris Krohn’s Mentorship Course

Kris Krohn created this course for people who are looking to get into real estate.

He says that after enrolling in the course you will get financial freedom and you will get to see a new world,and what things can be possible in this business model.

We will go in depth of this course.But before this I want to tell you one thing that real estate can change your fortune.

I personally know people who closed one million plus deals.I am taking about profits here.

I am passionate about writing this review for a lot of reason.I have been there too,I tried this business.Worked with lots of real estate investors.Basically was in SMMA.

It is known as social media marketing.I ran their social media platforms.Charge them up to $5k/month.And they were pretty happy with it.

By this you can imagine how much they are making with their business that they are happy to pay me $5k a month for marketing them.

Kris Krohn Review

Kris Krohn net worth is out of boxes.

I am saying this because he is multi millionaire,that’s what he claims.He has a youtube channel and it is growing very fast day by day.

He published lots of books about real estate and mentorship and seems to be a very credible person.

According to him ,he was retired when he was 26 years old.At that age ,he managed to make millions in this field.

I personally watched a lot of his youtube videos and it has very pure value content.

He is giving a lot of stuff for free.For what people are charging big dollars.

It seems that he cares his followers more than their money.

I want to take a second and appreciate you for reading this review.

A lot of online scams and people who fell for it is just for one reason.

They do not read the reviews of the products they are going to buy.

I want to tell you easiest way to make money online,earn one dollar online and make a course on it.

Start putting content on youtube and teach people how you earn that dollar.Work on some youtube backlinks and other stuff.

When you start getting enough views,build trust.After this sell them a course for $1000.This is the easiest way to make money online.

Selling your product is the easiest way to make money in my opinion.

In fact ,you do not need any more extra effort for it.

Now a days every single person has it’s own course.

So,it seems to be very impossible to differ between credible and successful person.

Real Estate Investing By Kris Krohn Scam Or Legit?

So,the question is that real estate investing by kris krohn is a scam or not?For this my answer is no,kris krohn course is not a scam.

In fact kris krohn is a very credible person.He has youtube subscribers more than 400k.


This tells us the legitimacy of this guy.

It is not an easy thing to grow your audience to this level.

For this you have to give real value to people.

He also do the same thing, that is why his youtube channel is a brand now a days.

So,we are going to discuss the cons and pros of his mentorship course in detail.

Pros And Cons Of His Real Estate Investing Course

Let’s talk about the positives and negatives of this course.


1 – I think that he got 400k subscribers on youtube.This is more than anything for anyone to tell whether he is legit or scam.

He did a very good job to build trust on youtube.

I am also a youtuber and I know how much effort one requires to reach that much followers on youtube.

So,this shows that a lot of people loving his content.Also the like dislike ratio on his videos on channel is very impressive.

2 – I want to appreciate Kris Krohn here.I saw a lot of tips and advices on his youtube videos.

These are totally free for you.In fact people are charging money for these kind of advices and mentorship.

3 – He is very creative and innovative person.I saw a lot of new ideas introduced by Kris Krohn.

These are the things that I saw for the first time in this industry.For example,mentorship app.

No body thought of it before Kris.


There are also cons with that real estate investing program.We are going to talk about it in detail like we did for the pros.

1 – One thing which I noticed on his youtube channel is that he makes it look so easy.

Lot of his youtuber followers think that it is a get rich quick scheme.But it is not as easy.You have to work hard.

I want to tell you one thing.Yes ,you can get rich with real estates but it requires a lot of time and hard work.

This thing is the worst that I noticed in his youtube channel.These shiny object syndrome hits entrepreneurs all the day.So beware of that.

2 – Although I appreciate him for giving a lot of free stuff online but 70% of the content that you are going to see on his youtube channel is in his mentorship program.

There are a lot of questions on the quality of his course.

It looks like the course is just a mental game for his followers.

NO MORE THAN THIS IN MY OPINION.Also a lot of content seems to be copied from his books which a lot of his followers already read.

3 – The price of this course is on the large side.

The monthly subscription varies from $99 to $499 per month.

All the hustle will be done by you.And charging this much money for real estate newbies does not makes any sense to me.

4 – Kris Krohn had also gone through the investigation.

He was CEO of a company which faced a lot of allegations in 2010.

This,according to me,a big question mark on the credibility of this man.This is a red flag for his followers.

Final Verdict Of Kris Krohn Course

Yes,there is nothing wrong to invest in this course.You will surely get some nice tips from Kris krohn.Real estate is a legit business model in my opinion.

So,no Kris krohn and his course is not a scam but I will not recommend you to go in real estate business for some reasons.

I think this is the most saturated business at the moment.Every other person wants to go in real estate which is making it hard for newbies.Why go for real estate when there are better business models out there?

Here is a better business model,IF you don’t want to invest in this course.

Lead generation business model,in this business you have to generate leads for business owners.Very less competition and legit,repeatable and sustainable business model.

Let’s say that you have generated a lead for a dentist and he closed it and made $1000 on that single customer.He will be more then happy to pay you $100 for that single lead.

Now,what will happen if you generate 100 leads for that dentist?That’s $30k/month.

How?That’s what we will be going to teach you.

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That’s it for today’s review.


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