Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

Trying to make money online and came across to

Want to know whether it is a scam or legit way to make money online.

Than sit tight.In this post we are going to review

Whether it is legit or a scam.

Or can you make money from it.Well, First of all I want to welcome you personally to my review.

The question is that is legit or not.Can you make money online with this program.

I did reviewed these websites which were cash website success,,amazon cash website and many more like these.

They all are promoting one thing to you guys.


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When you land on their website, the first thing that will get your attention is $100 a day.

Can you really make $100 a day or it is just overhyped.

Well,yes you can make $100 or even $1000 a day with affiliate marketing,but it will take time.

How much time will it take?

That can be a question.Well the answer for this is probably upto 5 to 6 years.

Yes I am not kidding you.

Why because it takes time to make money with amazon affiliate marketing.

It took me 8 months to make my first dollars with amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate marketing is so much saturated that in my opinion it looks too competitive to sustain this business model.

Why Ieft amazon affiliate marketing is that it is over saturated and it was quite hard for me to sustain even $50 a day with this kind of affiliate marketing.

One thing I want to recommend you that do not go in amazon affiliate marketing as is saying.

First reason is slow growth.

It will take you a long time to make your first $1000 a month with amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate marketing is the worst business model to start in 2020 and moving forward.

Let say if after 5 or 6 years you able to make $1000 a month income stream than you can not grow your business with paid traffic.

It will take at least $5000/MONTH to invest $3000 in paid traffic and scale your business.

And this goal is just a dream in amazon.

You maybe saying that are promising us to make $100 a day straight away after joining them.

Well,they are just trying to get more sales.Nothing more than that.If it was that easy to make bucks online.

We all would be rich.We are  not rich and you know the reason why.

They are making it look so easy for you to get more people into this system.

As I said it took me about 8 months to make my first dollars online.

So,yes it will take you this time.

In my opinion they are over hyped and some are the reason I think it?s a scam.

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Is Legit?

Well, is a complete scam and there is nothing true with this website.

There are lots of red flags that convince me that it is a scam.

I am going to talk about these scams one by one.

The first red flag for me is fake testimonials.

You may seen people on their site claiming that they are making $5382 in a day.

$9290 in a month.These all are freelance actors.

Anyone can hire them from freelancing sites like upwork and fiverr.

Most of the fake sites usually do the same trick to get more sales.

Second thing is that their income claims are totally BS.

They are saying that you can easily earn $100 a day,$200 a day and much more straight after joining them.

This is not the case realistically.In fact you have to work your ass off to make your first $100 from amazon affiliate marketing.

This industry is very saturated.

You can not expect to make money in quick time.

In fact you have to give time to learn the skills that will allow you to make $100 a day from the next one or two year.

I am not taking shit.There is a really genuine reason behind it.The first reason is that SEO takes time.

SEO means search engine optimization.This means that it wikll take time to get ranking on google.

For example a website who has ranking on goolge.,how you are going to beat that on google.It did not happen like that.

For this it will take time.I remember I started to see visitors to my site after few months.Maybe five months.

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Final Verdict 

Yes,in my opinion it is a complete scam and a total waste of time and effort.

The important thing is that no one knows the owner of this website.

This is the most unfortunate thing that you are not going to know the person making you rich.

A lot of scammers do that.Other thing is that I reviewed a lots of websites like,like cash website success,amazon cash websites and

They all are scams and do not worth the time and investment.

A lot o people lost money in these programs.

Yes you can make money back but the time is the most important thing.

You can make money but the time that you wasted is not coming back.

In my opinion is a complete scam and there is nothing legit with that program.

It looks like the previous websites that I reviewed on my website are all made by the same person.

I think that one scammer is running these all websites.I do not want to waste your time on this scam.

If you are serious about making money online than I have something better.

Look I still believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

But there are three kinds of affiliate marketing.

First type is low ticket affiliate marketing.

In this kind of affiliate marketing you will promote a product and get commission anywhere from one dollar to hundred dollars.

Second is mid ticket affiliate marketing.

In it you will get anywhere from $5 to $100 in commission.AmaZon affiliate marketing is based on low and mid ticket affiliate marketing.

Why I recommend high ticket affiliate marketing is because in it you will get commission anywhere from $1000 to $50,000 per sale.

Let?s say your income goal is $30k.

To reach this goal you will need just one sale a day to make $1000 in a day.

On the other hand if you are doing low ticket affiliate marketing you willl make anywhere from $200 to $500 a month.

Selling higher ticket products online is a real skill.

It is the skill that will help you make $100,000 in a day.

But it will take time.It i not going to happen for you overnight.

Overnight success is a myht.In fact you have to work for years to get success in a day.

If you are serious about making a business online and atleast $10k/month than I highly recommend you to go and go in the challeneg.

Invest $7 in yourself.

This will be the best investment that you are going to make in your life.Because I took a lot of courses.

Probably took five courses that costs $1000 each.

The value that you are going to get after spending $7 is more than these courses.

Belive me.It is a game changer for me.It will not make you rich.

The program do not promise you to make any dime online.

But the education that you are going to get in it is priceless.

The education that make you believe in yourself.

That you are going to get successful with any product online.

I think that is enough for today?s review.

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