Lazy Profit Builder Review: Is This A Legitimate App?

Today, let’s take a look at Lazy Profit Builder, another money-making system. But is this another scam? Find out in this Lazy Profit Builder review.

It’s a common notion that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest yet effective methods of making money online. After, all you need to do is to promote a product offer and make a commission off it when it sells.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as everyone thinks.

To be able to successfully sell a product, you need to position yourself as a trusted authority for that product. And with a number of competitors to contend with, it could become quite a challenge.

But it’s certainly POSSIBLE to succeed at online affiliate marketing. And when you do, you’ll find that it’s one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online.

Products like Lazy Profit Builder claim to be the solution for your affiliate marketing problems. To do this, they claim to build an effective, high-paying affiliate marketing campaign. And they claim to do what with just a few clicks, with no technical or even affiliate marketing knowledge needed.

But is Lazy Profit Builder that effective at affiliate marketing? Will it really help you get high-paying results in just a few easy steps? Keep on reading this Lazy Profit Builder review, and you decide for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Lazy Profit Builder review. I’m not affiliated with Lazy Profit Builder, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Lazy Profit Builder?

Lazy Profit Builder Review - Bundle

Note that some of the information is taken straight from the official sales page of Lazy Profit Builder.

Lazy Profit Builder is a system that combines a Windows software and a cloud system to help you create profitable affiliate campaigns in no time.

What makes it different from other one-click DFY marketing campaign creators is that it creates a PDF file for your affiliate marketing campaign. In contrast to the others who host their marketing campaigns on a website. The advantage of this is that most users, and even search engines, seem to prefer viewing PDF documents over websites, though it’s still a debatable claim.

Using Lazy Profit Builder, you set up your own affiliate marketing campaigns from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, or JVZoo. It also comes with some products that you can add to your offer as a “bonus incentive” when someone buys through your link.

Who Created Lazy Profit Builder?

The creator of Lazy Profit Builder is quite disputed, as there’s almost no information on who, or what company, created this. The only known reference to who developed this is at the end of the sales page.

Lazy Profit Builder Review - Diego Duarte

This “Diego Duarte” could be the developer, but seeing as there’s absolutely NO information about him can be found anywhere (no website, no LinkedIn page, no blog, etc), it’s still quite debatable.

Does it count as a red flag when buying this software? Perhaps, but one must still be careful when purchasing products that don’t have their developer’s information on them.

Lazy Profit Builder Features

Choose Your Affiliate Network

Lazy Profit Builder can easily create a complete affiliate marketing campaign from some of the top platforms of today.

  • ClickBank
  • WarriorPlus
  • JVZoo

You can also choose your own affiliate network.

Choose Your Bonus Incentives

Lazy Profit Builder also includes a total of 10 additional apps that you can use as a “bonus incentive” when someone buys the product through your affiliate link. Here’s the list of the 10 apps available.

  1. Quick Download Page Protector – Protect your Download Pages with just 1 click! Works with any platform: ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc.
  2. WP Price Bumper – Want to add some scarcity to your offers? Use this app to apply price bumps on autopilot!
  3. Push Convert – If someone is visiting one of your offers over and over but is not buying it, then it’s time to do something!
  4. Special Offers Redirects – Want to prepare special offers for Some specific dates (Black Friday, Christmas, etc)? If so, then this will help you to make it possible.
  5. WP Back Control – If your visitors want to leave your website by clicking the “Back” button of the browser, this will give you a chance to offer something to them.
  6. Easy Trading Signals – Want to offer trading signals on your site? This app will help you to make it possible.
  7. WP Tab Alerts – Instantly call the attention of your visitors if they jump to another browser tab and get them back to your website!
  8. Approve Buyer Comments – Tired of spam? Want to get comments from customers only? This will help you.
  9. WP On Fire – WordPress can consume a lot of resources from your hosting provider. This app will help you to prevent that.
  10. WP Fast Funnel Builder – Want to create a quick funnel without wasting your time? This WordPress plugin will help you to make it possible.

How To Use Lazy Profit Builder?

Creating a full affiliate marketing campaign from Lazy Profit Builder is as easy as one, two, three.

  • 1st StepEnter some info about the affiliate offer. Can be any affiliate offer of your choice from any network (Clickbank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, etc.)
  • 2nd StepPick a bonus from the gallery. They have 10 software apps that you can use and there’s nothing to upload or configure.
  • 3rd Step – Your campaign is ready. Yes, easy as 1-2-3.

After this, the software will create a PDF document that contains your affiliate review and your bonus info. You can then choose to upload it to your own website, or share it somewhere.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to use Lazy Profit Builder:

Pricing & Resale Rights

Lazy Profit Builder Review - Bundle 2

Lazy Profit Builder costs around $17.54 for their so-called “Early Bird Special”.

This not only grants the user full access to Lazy Profit Builder, but also gives them the authority to resell the software.

The Resell Rights consists of six modules, which include…

  • 1st Module: SoftwareThis is the core value of the package and could cost you a lot of money to develop. It’s a Windows Software (Any Windows version higher than XP will be fine for it) that your buyers will love to have and that could make you money for years to come.
  • 2nd Module: Done For You WebsiteSell this product right away using a ready-made website. Includes a Sales Page, and a “Thank You” Page.
  • 3rd Module: User ManualWe’re including a user manual that will help your customers to easily get started with the software.
  • 4th Module: Editable Copy Of The User ManualWant to change the user manual (add an affiliate link, etc)? You can!
  • 5th Module: Editable Copy Of The Sales Page GraphicsWant to Change the Sales Page? You Can! We’re including editable copies of the Sales Page (available in both .PNG and .PSD file formats) so you are free to change whatever you want.
  • 6th Module: Resale Rights – Not only you get this HOT software, but you also get resale rights to it. Everything with flexible resale rights terms.

My Favorite Program

Would You Recommend Lazy Profit Builder?

One thing I liked about Lazy Profit Builder is its sales page. It really says what it does, and it doesn’t overhype any of its features too much. There ARE still some unrealistic claims presented on the website, such as the profit that you’re going to get from this product, but that’s basically it. There’s no “free traffic” claims whatsoever.

The product also uses PDFs as their format when creating their DFY affiliate marketing campaigns, instead of websites. There’s no clear proof if it is beneficial to use PDFs instead, especially for SEO. But if the potential customer prefers to download your sales material and read it offline, it could be beneficial to use PDFs instead. However, there are still no clear benefits and drawbacks to using either, so this can be more of an aesthetic choice.

However, the biggest drawback that I observed about this product, is its choice of affiliate marketing platforms to sell products.

It’s almost universally known to affiliate marketers that ClickBank has one of the better-paying affiliate programs out there. But ClickBank (as well as WarriorPlus) is also no stranger to products that are of low quality and sometimes, downright scams. Therefore, without having any idea of the product you’re trying to sell as an affiliate, your efforts will just be for naught.

Here’s one of those videos that is proof that some products on WarriorPlus are outright scams. But in the end, it’s still up to you.

My Favorite Program

Lazy Profit Builder Review: Final Verdict

Closing this Lazy Profit Builder review, I would simply say that the concept is quite nice, and could be promising. However, it’s only hampered by the platform that it uses. If you think that you’re going to easily rack off a huge amount of profits by using this product, then you should turn away from this.

Is Lazy Profit Builder a scam? Perhaps. Honestly, I would almost recommend this product to others struggling on how to build their affiliate marketing campaign, because of its ease of use. However, at the price point of $17.54, you’re better off just taking some online technical courses about affiliate marketing, or you can just hire a freelancer who can most likely do a better job on the technical side of things for your campaign (like your website).

The decision is still up to you if you want to avail yourself of Lazy Profit Builder. But if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and succeed in it, continue reading.

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