League of Ecom Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as League of Ecom. Is it legit? Find out in this League of Ecom review.

League of Ecom is a program focused on Amazon FBA. We will be looking at what it offers today in this review.

We will be focusing on how unique this program is compared to other FBA programs in the market. Is it any different, or is this one something that could actually teach you to stand out from the competition.

Be sure to read until the very end to learn about how this program can help you out, and if it is worth signing up for or not.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this League of Ecom review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with League of Ecom in any shape or form whatsoever.

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League of Ecom Review: Quick Details

  • Name: League of Ecom
  • Owner: Jay Kambo
  • Website: https://theleagueofecom.com/
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: DFY program
  • Niche: Amazon FBA
  • Recommended?: I do not really recommend Amazon FBA, as there is just a lot of competition. Also, it is not really a good way to make some passive income. You need to always be updated by the market situation if you want to make profit.

What is League of Ecom?

League of Ecom Review - Logo

This program promises to help you sell the following products:

League of Ecom also promises the following:


Upon enrollment in a program, you will be assigned two Account Executives and granted access to the individualized client portal. Each of your Executives is readily available around-the-clock, every day of the week.

They pledge to reply to all messages within 45 minutes during regular business hours. They also provide extended hours outside of normal business hours, including both the weekdays and the weekends.


Their model abides by Amazon’s and Walmart’s policies. Every brand you stock will have a Letter of Authorization allowing you to legally sell it to customers in your shop.

To keep your Amazon or Walmart account in good standing, they promise to take extra precautions beyond just the dropshipping program, including notifying the marketplaces that we are using legitimate dropship distributors and providing all necessary documentation, such as Distributor Contracts and Letters of Authorization.

Since they never violate the regulations, the programs are never in risk of being suspended. At least, that is what they claim.


You will be able to see all of the brands they have applied to distribute, all of the brands they have been approved to distribute, as well as detailed profit data for each product in their catalog.

It’s not a question-and-answer format, but rather an open book. You can revisit this page whenever you like in order to get the most recent details. You may always contact your Account Executives through the site should you have any concerns or issues regarding the information presented.

This program is pretty similar to Amazon FBA Ninja, David Zaleski’s FBA Academy, and Master FBA.

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Who is in charge of League of Ecom?

Jay Kambo, who is based in California, embarked on his e-commerce career by opening a single Shopify store. From ad management on Facebook and Google to web design and dealing with international and domestic vendors, he learned it all on his own.

Taking this information, he opened an Amazon Seller Store and three other Shopify shops. Kambo used a group of Private Suppliers to grow his Amazon Store to over $40,000 in sales in just 35 days of operation.

With the proceeds from the sale of his Shopify stores in late 2019, Kambo launched Urban Empire LLC (doing business as the League of Ecom) to assist and educate other company owners in the art of selling on multiple online marketplaces and to foster a community of like-minded individuals.

Despite his young age, Forbes recognized him as a “Top eCommerce Coach” when they profiled him.

To this day, Kambo and his ever-expanding staff of 100+ people continue his coaching and automation programs, all while seeking new opportunities to expand their reach and become a trusted resource for business owners all around the world.

What is Amazon FBA?

League of Ecom Review - Amazon FBA

It is possible for the Amazon Marketplace to bring in a significant amount of revenue for your company if you use it effectively. However, if you don’t, it might end up costing you a significant amount of money. So, let’s say you’re just starting out in company or you’re thinking of selling anything on Amazon for the first first time.

If this is the case, you will absolutely want to carry out a cost-benefit analysis in order to determine whether or not this is something you should pursue.

Simply put, FBA relieves you of the responsibility of managing the shipping and packing of your products. The preparation facilities obtain the items directly from the vendors and then prepare them in accordance with Amazon’s requirements.

After that, the products are placed in one of Amazon’s warehouses where they remain until a customer places an order for them.

This is a fairly fundamental idea, and adhering to it may spare the owner of a business a great deal of stress and trouble. Because of this, a significant number of individuals have opened their very own online shops there.

League of Ecom Programs

Hybrid Automation

Your first order of business should be to request their assistance in establishing a dropshipping and Amazon FBA operation for your firm. To begin, they are going to establish contracts in order to determine the rate of product acceptance as well as the financial feasibility of the market.

After the Amazon store has proven to be successful in terms of sales velocity, they will then replicate the store on Walmart utilizing the same contracts. This will take place after they have determined the optimal product mix for the site. As a direct consequence of this, you are now the proprietor of not one but two distinct wholesale and drop-shipping businesses.

They will then develop a storefront for you on the eBay marketplace once your storefronts on Amazon and Walmart start performing successfully, in terms of income.

Dropship Automation

Everything will be taken care of for you, from advertising to stock management, when you use League of Ecom’s dropshipping service. They will arrange distributor agreements with dropship providers situated in the United States on your behalf so that you can use their services for your online business.

Also, they promise that they will promote the vendor’s items in your store, and if an individual places an order, the vendor will then ship the item(s) at their own expense if the order is fulfilled.

Because payments to suppliers are not made until after they have dispatched your order, this arrangement exempts you from ever having to buy inventory because you won’t have to. This means that you won’t need to worry as much about the paying upfront for products without having orders.

FBA Automation

League of Ecom will negotiate distribution agreements with American manufacturers, as well as make arrangements for product delivery to an Amazon fulfillment center. As simple as that.

They promise you can always anticipate a higher return on investment because they control our own warehouse network and will prepare products for you at far lower costs than Amazon will.

League of Ecom Features

Emphasis on Transparency

Their commitment to open communication is one of their three guiding principles.

The League of Ecom app may be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store, and it acts as the client portal. You may also reach it by selecting “Client Portal” from the main menu.

This is where they coordinate with their clients and get things done, such as chatting, sharing data, electronically signing distributor contracts, and delegating work. The gateway uses the same end-to-end encryption as major internet firms like Apple and Facebook to protect the conversations.

You will have access to two Account Executives who will keep a close eye on how things are going for your firm and be available via the portal’s message system around the clock, seven days a week.

During regular business hours (Monday through Friday), they promise to respond within 45 minutes. Executive assistance is provided outside of regular business hours and on weekends, with longer wait times.

They will also build an OrderHive integration for your business, so you can access and download information like sales analytics, sales split down by product, stock levels in the warehouses, stock forecasts, profit reports, return analytics, and many more.

In comparison to other firms, they provide their clients with unparalleled access to such detailed reports and information on their business practices.


In the United States, League of Ecom clients have access to a network of warehouses that are reserved exclusively for them.

The method through which FBA shipments may enter an Amazon fulfillment center is governed by a number of stringent policies. There are hundreds of requirements, from dealing with hazardous items (cosmetics, aerosol cans, etc.) to bubble wrapping individual products, that must be completed before a seller can ship their goods through Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Due to the high cost of having Amazon deliver hazmat and oversize items, they only opt to do so for a restricted number of items if doing so increases the return on investment.

In order to facilitate returns and product fulfillment, they utilize the warehouses as a return address for the dropshipping operations.

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My Favorite Program

24 Month Money-Back Guarantee

A full refund is offered for the first 24 months of any of their products.

Within 24 months of enrolling in the program, they promise your company will generate revenue that more than covers the initial program price and any additional profits.

In most cases, clients should expect a full return on their investment within ten to fourteen months, while the exact timeframe will depend on the specifics of your program and your operational budget.

This provision is part of the legal agreement all parties sign before starting a program.

Weekly and Monthly KPI Tracking

Taking into account your monthly operational budget, available contracts, the time of year, and other factors, they will construct a unique set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and divide them into manageable weekly milestones.

They can keep an eye on your store’s growth from month to month this way, and if things aren’t going as planned, They will have plenty of time to modify.

Clients have different products from each other

League of Ecom’s distribution network makes available hundreds of thousands of items to their clientele. They say that they are the only company that can negotiate distributor agreements on their clients’ company’s behalf with any number of different manufacturers.

Contracts are rarely accepted at a rate higher than 5%. Their goal is to help you maximize your profits, so we stocked your store with well-known brands.

Even though their customers often have new businesses, they say that they are able to get them high-end distributor contracts with high-end brands by using their reputation, trade references, and relationships within companies.

A distributor may offer a contract to as few as three people at a time. Once they have a customer under contract for a certain product, the likelihood of securing that product for another client is low.

You have sole distribution rights to the goods we manufacture; but, depending on the size of the contract, other clients may also sell the same brand.

When you enroll in a program, they will examine your Operating Budget and Funding Type to see if any available contracts fit your needs. They can help you launch your company if there are suitable contract opportunities. Otherwise, you will be added to a waiting list.


Hybrid Automation

There are three tiers available to choose from: Hybrid, Hybrid Gold, and Hybrid Platinum.

At the very beginning, a single payment is required. Once the initial payment has been received, the profits from continuous business activities will be split 65/35 between you and LoE, respectively.

In order to be updated with their pricing, you are encouraged to get in touch with them, schedule a consultation, or sign up for one of their webinars.

Dropship Automation

Just like Hybrid Automation, you would need to pay a single charge upfront. Once that has been accomplished, you will receive 65% of the total profits, and LoE will keep 35% for themselves.

To obtain more precise pricing information, they encourage that you get in touch with them, schedule a meeting with one of their representatives, or register for one of their free webinars.

FBA Automation

This one follows the same specifics as Dropship Automation, where the 65/35 profit structure is in place. There is also no pricing information available for this one on their website, so you would have to contact them too to figure it out.

League of Ecom Advantages

Warehouse Network

With the extensive distributor network, they can deliver items directly to your dropshipping customers, and they can also undertake FBA prep for hundreds of thousands of products for their FBA and Hybrid clients.

Website Development Team

Their expert web designers will build a website that helps your company stay at the forefront of its industry. The websites do not have any kind of online store.

As an alternative, they highlight your company and trade references from our network, as well as WHY companies should grant you a contract. Every company’s website is tailored to each individual brand since they know precisely what they’re searching for.

Accounting Team

The company must be licensed in order to engage in wholesale or dropshipping activities. The accounting team takes care of filing state licenses and quarterly/annual state reports for you.

More importantly, though, each and every one of the  programs provides this service at no cost.

Fully Transparent Business Model

Do you want to know which items sell the best, which brands they are applying to carry, which brands they have approval to sell, how much money you make off of each item, or anything similar? The hundreds of reports the AI will compile for you may be seen on your portal.

If you are confused by the findings of this report, you should send a message to your Account Executive so they can help you out.

Final Verdict – League of Ecom Review

You are probably thinking that maybe signing up to any of these programs can help you gain a footing on the eCommerce world. Well, yes and no.

For one, you are looking at quite a hefty investment. As you can see in the Pricing section, there doesn’t seem to be any information regarding specific pricings on their website. The only way to find out how much you actually need to prepare is to get in touch with them directly.

As you can already tell, most programs which deal with automation will charge you with thousands of dollars, and that does not even include what you need to invest in order to get the business running.

So, do I recommend League of Ecom?

Not at all. The 65/35 income structure is quite steep, considering that you probably are a newbie in this business. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even be making money in the first few months.

This means that you would have to pay them, regardless of that situation. Before you even start making money, you are already in the hole. And it could get deeper from here.

You shouldn’t invest in any DFY programs like this one, especially if you do not really have capital you are willing to lose.

Also, before you begin thinking about it, there are a lot of free resources online that can help you out with running a business of this scale. Start slow. You can consider automation once the business is making money.

Overall though, I think that there are better ways to make money online. This kind of business can be stressful, which is why I suggest an alternative in the next section.

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