The Capital Syndicate Review – Lee Arnold Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about The Capital Syndicate by Lee Arnold. Will this also work for you? Find out in this Capital Syndicate review.

The Capital Syndicate is a program offered by Lee Arnold. He claims that you’ll be able to get an opportunity to make a good amount of passive income, if you sign up and join his program.

It only requires an internet connection for you to take advantage of this. No license, credit, or experience is required. And you don’t even have to work too hard or have a boss dictate your work actions just to earn money.

You may have heard about this moneymaking opportunity from several sources online. Most likely from advertisements on Facebook and YouTube.

And you may be wondering if this opportunity is something that is suitable for you. Something that can make you quit your 9-5 day job while still letting you earn money.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. And congratulations on doing your due diligence first before you join this program.

So, for this Capital Syndicate review, we’re going to discuss how this program works. Everything from how it’s going to make you money, to finding out if it’s something that’s worthwhile for you to do.

As a disclaimer, this is a completely unbiased Capital Syndicate review. I’m not affiliated with the creator, Lee Arnold, and his company, Cogo Capital, in any way or form whatsoever.

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The Capital Syndicate Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Capital Syndicate
  • Owner: Lee Arnold
  • Website:
  • Socials: Personal Website, YouTube
  • Type: Training Program
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Recommended?: This may be a good opportunity to earn passive income, but it’s not recommended at all. Seeing as in truth, you’re technically still working under Lee Arnold. If you want something that not only lets you earn passive income, as well as giving you the freedom to be your own boss, other opportunities can provide that instead.

What Is The Capital Syndicate?

Capital Syndicate Review - Company Logo

The Capital Syndicate is a training program that teaches you how to do something called “Private Money Brokering.” Some people may not be familiar with that term, so I’ll explain it here.

The idea is that you go out and find real estate investors who need money for the investment and refer them to Lee’s company (Cogo Capital). If the referral is successful, you’ll earn a commission.

In an essence, it’s like you’re acting as a salesperson for Lee’s company. How much you can earn from this system depends on the commissions that are given to you.

Furthermore, this program claims to also give you access to Lee Arnold’s network of funding partners for your own real estate investments. Thus, in theory, this can solve your capital problems when you’re planning to invest in real estate.

Capital Syndicate states that you’re tapping into a $71.6 Billion industry of private lending. This means that, as they claim, you’ll have no shortage of profits.

According to Lee Arnold, the business model is constantly in demand, and it’s also recession-proof. After all, real estate is always in demand as investors are constantly looking for properties to invest in (but they lack the capital to do so).

However, as you’re technically working under Cogo Capital as their broker under this program, expect some drawbacks that come with it. Such as they can take a portion of the commissions you earn from a successful brokering deal.

All while Lee Arnold and his Cogo Capital company are earning more money, for less work. Some people may not care for that, but personally, I find it a bit unfair.

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Who Is Lee Arnold?

Capital Syndicate Review - Lee Arnold

Lee Arnold is the creator of the Capital Syndicate program. He’s also the CEO of Cogo Capital, a private company that specializes in providing loans for real estate investors, especially for “Fix And Flips.”

According to his personal website, Lee is an international speaker, trainer, author, and licensed broker who has spent many years (around 20) perfecting the real estate and private money mortgage lending process through thousands of transactions.

Lee is a leading expert on private money mortgages and has been featured as an investment strategy expert by Forbes, the Boston Globe, Market Watch, Reuters, and Business Week. He has also consulted and taught for a number of national financial literacy companies.

Needless to say, Lee Arnold is a well-respected authority when it comes to the real estate brokerage industry, and the real estate industry as a whole. And according to some claims, he’s been teaching people all about lending money for deals since 1995.

What Is Inside Capital Syndicate?

Capital Syndicate Review - Mockup

Being an online course, the Capital Syndicate contains a total of 5 video modules that tackle different topics concerning private money brokering. Even though the module count is low compared to a typical online course, it’s actually enough to cover everything you need to know.

Alongside this, you’ll also get access to various tools, resources, scripts, legal documents, basically everything that you need to have to start loan brokering. You’ll even get Lee’s own list of private lenders that you can use for your referrals, or you can use them to get capital for your real estate investments.

Here’s a list of what’s inside the modules in Capital Syndicate.

  • Module 1 – The first module serves as an introduction to the Capital Syndicate program, as well as to private money brokering in general. This includes a roadmap of the course, and tells you the benefits of being a private broker under Lee’s program, and why you should join.
  • Module 2 – The second module introduces you to the different players in the real estate investment market. Namely, the investors themselves, the private money lenders, and of course, the private money brokers. Here, you’ learn the important role of private money brokers and how they make money.
  • Module 3 – The third module deals with marketing your services to others. Lee discusses methods of lead generation using both offline and online. He’ll show you how to use direct mail and social media sites to find your best clients.
  • Module 4 – This module covers lead qualifications. You learn the process of converting leads into qualified clients. Lee goes over questions you must ask every lead and the mistakes you must avoid closing the deal.
  • Module 5 – This video discusses the process of private money funding and how you get paid. It discusses the real estate closing process, including mistakes to avoid.

It’s also said that after you complete all the modules of Capital Syndicate, you’ll get some sort of a broker certification. Meaning you’ll be a fully-certified mortgage agent, but only for Lee Arnold’s Cogo Capital

How Much Does Capital Syndicate Cost?

The cost for joining the Capital Syndicate isn’t actually stated anywhere on their official website. So you first have to book a call with their team first to find out.

Though according to some sources, it can only cost you around $97 to join. But it could easily go to about $2,500, up to $10,000, if you consider many of the upsells that the Capital Syndicate offers afterward.

Personally, even at its lowest price, it’s still not worth it to expend any money on this service. I mean, think about this. You’re going to pay for the privilege of earning money here?

It’s kind of unfair. You’re paying a company to do the work for them as their freelance employee? Even more, chances are, Lee Arnold’s going to earn more from your commissions, while you’re doing all the work.

Simply put, it sounds quite unfair. So it’s not really worth it to pay for this program in the end.

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Pros & Cons Of Capital Syndicate


The Capital Syndicate is a great program for capitalizing on the ever-profitable real estate industry, without having to invest in a house and lot or something similar. By being able to connect investors looking for investment funds, to private lending companies that satisfy their criteria, you can earn a commission from the deal in case they get approved.

Furthermore, you don’t even need any prior knowledge in real estate to take advantage of this program. Anyone, from beginners to experts, can benefit from this business method.

What’s more, Lee Arnold claims that it’s quite easy to do, and can open opportunities for passive income. It can be as simple as sending out a few emails, making some phone calls, and collecting a few documents.

Thus, you can do this even from the comfort of your home. Or if you’re feel the need to expand your real estate network, you can go and attend real estate-related events and seminars to get the leads that you need.


The biggest turn-off for me about the Capital Syndicate is that, despite everything, you’re still technically working for someone else. In this case, you’re still working for Lee Arnold’s Cogo Capital.

You’re basically doing all the hard work while the company still collects some profits with minimal work. So yes, you’re not getting the full share of the commissions that you gain from your deals, since a percent of them is taken by Cogo Capital.

Speaking of deals, your profits are also dependent on the deals that you’re able to close. If the private lender rejects the one looking for the loan, then you won’t get any money at all.

Lee Arnold makes it sound that closing those deals is very easy. But in reality, it’s not. Since you’re going to have to spend a lot of time and money to get those leads qualified.

Finally, the program is very expensive to enter. Plus the idea that you have to pay the company just so you can get the opportunity to earn money, is kind of…stupid.

In the end, you may end up spending more money than actually making money.

Capital Syndicate Review: Final Verdict

To close this Capital Syndicate review, let me give you some final thoughts.

To clarify, Lee Arnold’s Capital Syndicate is not a scam at all. However, for me, it’s something that’s not really worth getting into if you want to make money.

If you want to get a valid real estate broker certification, you don’t even need to join this program. You can simply get it for free by signing up at your local bank. no need to pay anything.

Besides, Lee Arnold himself has faced some complaints about him when it comes to funding. An investor filed a scam complaint with Trustpilot stating Lee Arnold failed to provide private funding for all his deals. He lost a lot of money. Needless to say, that’s a rather ugly record.

It’s also entirely possible that Capital Syndicate makes money from selling you the courses and teaching students to use the program as the funding source for their deals. Basically, they may be turning you into a client instead.

Besides, the fact that they’re telling you that being a private money broker is easier than it sounds, is already something to be wary about. No business out there isn’t easy. It all comes down to whatever is stable and more meaningful for you.

If you ask me, I would just stick to what business method works for me. But you’re also free to try it for yourself. After all, it’s my #1 recommendation for you if you wish to make money online.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Capital Syndicate review.

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