LendingHome Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as LendingHome. Is it legit? Find out in this LendingHome review.

Accredited investors are required to have a significant amount of money, the majority of which is typically held in the form of real estate for the majority of individuals.

If you don’t do this, you might be passing up a fantastic opportunity to broaden the scope of your investment portfolio.

The objective of this review is to investigate LendingHome in order to establish whether or not it genuinely is the most effective online lending platform that is now on the market.

You will choose whether or not money lending is the most suitable online firm for your needs.

The practice of lending one’s own money out to others is an intriguing approach to generate some additional money.

Even while it is possible to make money with unconventional businesses like these, I wouldn’t recommend spending years of your life on a business strategy that hasn’t been shown to be successful unless you have nothing else to do with your time.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this LendingHome review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with LendingHome in any shape or form whatsoever.

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LendingHome Review: Quick Details

  • Name: LendingHome
  • Owner: Matt Humphrey
  • Website: https://lendinghome.com/
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Loan provider
  • Niche: Real estate
  • Recommended?: Real estate requires you to have a lot of capital before you can even start it, meaning you will definitely start with debt. This is why I do not recommend investing in real estate unless you have capital to start with.

What is LendingHome?

LendingHome Review - Logo

The breakthrough technology that underpins LendingHome has simplified the process of obtaining loans, making it possible for real estate investors with varying levels of expertise to amass wealth and establish successful enterprises.

Since our company’s inception in 2013, we have grown to become the most significant hard money lender in the United States, having made loans totaling more than $5 billion to fund more than 23,000 different projects.

LendingHome has been successful in accumulating over $215 million in venture capital, building a workforce of over 300 individuals, and being named twice on Forbes’ Fintech 50 list because the company combines cutting-edge technology with the expertise of seasoned experts.

LendingHome is powered by cutting-edge real estate brokers platform in the world, which puts it in a position to provide its customers with service that is second to none. At least, that’s what the company claims.

The program is similar to Business Lending Blueprint, Yield Farming, and BitcoLoan.

LendingHome Overview

It is not necessary to have a certain minimum number of investors in order for LendingHome to be able to close a loan because the company makes its own investments.

LendingHome finances its loan portfolio not with money provided by investors but with its own money, as the term “direct lender” would imply. This allows LendingHome to offer more competitive interest rates.

Following the successful completion of a transaction, LendingHome throws open its doors to authorized people as well as institutional players interested in investing in real estate.

LendingHome offers what it calls “platform notes”, meaning that both individual investors and institutional buyers will have the opportunity to take part in this transaction.

Because of the loans, the company and the investors have access to the cash flow that is generated by the transaction, which provides them with a source of passive income.

All of the company’s investment opportunities may be found on its website, where accredited investors can peruse the various options and select the ones that appeal to them the most.

A minimum first investment of $50,000 is required in order to gain access to the retail section of the LendingHome platform.

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How does it work?

LendingHome is a funding organization that provides eligible investors with access to bridge loans (sometimes known as hard money loans) for the aim of repairing and flipping existing real estate investments.

In addition to loans secured by the borrower’s personal property, there are also loans available for investment properties. The LendingHome Funding Corporation issues unsecured liabilities known as platform notes.

These obligations are backed by mortgage loans that were created through the LendingHome platform.

Investors will not be compensated according to the terms of the Platform Note if LendingHome is unable to collect payments on the underlying mortgage loan.

LendingHome will handle the servicing of any mortgage loans that are past due or in default, and they will see to it that you are paid in full.

Prior to making an investment in platform notes, prospective investors have the opportunity to conduct research on real estate projects available on the platform.

If you sign up for the site, it will immediately begin searching for properties that satisfy your parameters for investment, or it will automatically invest in real estate deals on your behalf based on the level of risk and return that you are comfortable with.

Types of loans

The two types of loans that can be obtained through LendingHome are rental property loans and bridge loans.

When there is a pressing need to acquire property quickly, some people turn to “bridge loans,” which are very short-term loans. It is typical practice to use this type of financing to pay off acquisition costs prior to arranging long-term financing or selling the property in question.

The LendingHome bridge financing program is an excellent choice for investors who are looking for a source of operating capital for their subsequent investment in real estate.

It is feasible to obtain financing for investment property if the building has a debt payment coverage ratio that is sufficiently high (DSCR). The Debt Service Coverage Ratio is a measurement used to determine how readily the property is able to meet its monthly mortgage payments from rental income (DSCR).

LendingHome requires a DSCR of 1.0x, which indicates that rents must cover all property expenses in order for the company to invest (such as mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and HOA fees).

How do you join?

If you are an accredited investor and would like to be added to the company’s email list, you can do so by visiting their website and following the instructions there.

After an investor signs up for the LendingHome platform, additional verification procedures are carried out to confirm the investor’s identity.

You have complete access to the LendingHome platform while you wait for the company to review the application you submitted.

Investigate the website as well as the notes it provides to locate investment opportunities that interest you.

In the event that your application is accepted, LendingHome will fund your investment using the specified amount drawn from the bank account you have linked to the platform.

You will be able to begin purchasing platform notes and earning returns as soon as your account has been verified and approved by LendingHome.

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Is this for professionals?

LendingHome is a platform that facilitates the provision of financial assistance to borrowers on behalf of accredited investors and institutions.

As a consequence of this, you are required to fulfill the requirements for both your annual income and your net worth that have been established for authorized investors.

Before allowing an investor to join the retail investor platform, LendingHome undertakes an in-depth investigation on the investor’s previous financial dealings. Imagine for a second that you are no longer eligible to participate in the market as an institutional investor.

If this is the case, the website will request that you validate your credentials once more before allowing you to proceed with the transaction.

Fees and pricing

The coupon rate that is paid out to investors on a Platform Note is reduced by 10% to pay for LendingHome’s service fee, with the exact amount dependent on the risk profile of the property that the Platform Note is secured by.

In addition, LendingHome deducts a portion of its investors’ monthly interest payments to cover the cost of its performance-based fee.

You should anticipate paying anywhere in the range of 1.15 and 2.6% of the total amount.

LendingHome is not obligated to collect the performance fee if the investment does not deliver the outcomes that were hoped for.

The incentive fees help make up for anticipated shortfalls in funding.

Final Verdict – LendingHome Review

It’s possible that LendingHome isn’t the right fit for everyone. Because of the difficulty of the process and the high stakes involved, “accredited investors” are required to make purchases of “platform notes.”

LendingHome is a resource for funding real estate investment projects, particularly those ones conducted by persons aiming to repair and resell a property that they have purchased.

Because of the greater likelihood of experiencing a loss, conventional mortgages are typically unavailable for the types of investments in question. Bridge loans, which are also frequently referred to as “hard money loans,” and platform notes are examples of short-term financial solutions.

In order to repay the loans in full, the borrower must either sell the collateral or secure permanent funding.

Investors that participated in the model of short-term bridge loans offered by LendingHome earned an average return of 8.75% throughout the loan’s maturity period of 7 months, which helped to mitigate the risk of default.

By keeping a diverse portfolio and investing at a modest initial level, you can lower the likelihood of experiencing a loss by taking these two steps.

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