Liver King Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about the Liver King and his net worth.

You may be wondering why a person with a moniker like “Liver King” is famous. It’s not really hard for anybody with an internet connect to carve out their own niche online. Let’s just put that out of the way. It takes a while to carve out a niche. But once you do, it’s really hard to deviate from it.

Still, there’s some questions regarding what exactly he does. And how exactly he became internet famous. This is probably the reason why you’ve clicked on this link in your search results.

If you look at photos of the Liver King online, you will mostly find photos of him shirtless. At first, it may seem like he’s just one of those fitness gurus that you see on places like Instagram or TikTok. But there is definitely a lot more than meets the eye once you dig down deep enough.

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Liver King Quick Details

  • Full Name: Brian Johnson
  • Date of birth: Unknown; though based on an article from BuzzFeed, he’s in his mid-40s
  • Claim to fame: Posting videos on TikTok where he eats raw meat
  • Estimated net worth: $75 million

The Origins of the Liver King

Everybody loves a good backstory. Even if they’ve made numerous iterations of the caped crusader or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you can never really resist seeing somebody’s origin story. And for the Liver King, it starts from within a guy named Brian Johnson.

There isn’t really much I could find about Brian Johnson except little bits from interviews that the Liver King is done. Based on the Liver King’s recollection, Brian grew up in San Antonio, Texas. His father died when he was really young.

Compared to the person that you see now, Brian was a kid who got bullied a bit at school. There were instances where a kid in sixth grade spit on his hand and used that to smack Brian in the face. Or that time when somebody stole his newly bought shoes from his gym locker. I definitely could see how those kinds of experiences would push somebody like Brian to toughen up a bit.

The seeds for the Liver King—an odd thing to say, I know—were planted when Brian started to use weights owned by one of his mom’s boyfriends. It seems that the gym and working out was the best way for Brian to gain confidence in himself. The validation he got from people at the gym was really exhilarating for him. It was when somebody said that he kind of looked like Mark Wahlberg during his Marky Mark phase that it kind of clicked something in Brian’s head.

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Blossoming Into Royalty (Somehow)

After high school, Brian Johnson went on to take up some pre-med degree in college. Because it doesn’t really seem like Brian Johnson exists anymore, there’s no good reason for the Liver King to divulge any information about him. Though on his website, he mentions that he graduated with a degree in biochemistry.

He passed the entrance exam for medical school, but decided to drop out after just attending the orientation. Despite that, Brian went on to work for a pharmaceutical company. His job there paid enough to let him take up hobbies. It was during a snowboarding trip where Brian would meet the love of his life. The person that would eventually be the Liver Queen.

I guess sharing similar hobbies was enough for Brian and Barbara to get into a relationship. When you’re doing high-adrenaline activities outside of the humdrums of a corporate job or a dental practice, that’ll lead you to meet people of the same attitudes as you.

Eventually, Brian and Barbara decided to get married. Barbara at the time was practicing dentist so the two of them decided to start a dentist practice together. For the most part, it doesn’t really seem like they had struggles with regards to money. They both manage to spend money doing the thing they love doing.

The Stakes Have Been Claimed By The Liver King

The Liver King started to fight its way out of the cage known as Brian Johnson when Brian and Barbara had kids.

I guess their two boys weren’t doing so great, health-wise. The kids seemed to be allergic to a ton of foods. And that meant that they were susceptible to get sick and get hospitalized a lot more often. Seemingly, modern medicine wasn’t really cutting it with regards to keeping their sons healthy.

So it seems that Brian went on a deep dive with everything that had to do with nutrition and healthy living. Brian basically put his family on a strict regiment that doesn’t involve any heavily processed foods or GMOs and all that other stuff. You know, things that you can avoid if you’re willing to pay a hefty money for quality products.

But even then, it’s hard to make sure that the food that they were eating was devoid of any of processed stuff. So Brian’s research went deeper until he reached the stone age. And that’s the point at which the Liver King was about to escape from the cage.

Somehow, eating raw beef organs is what did it for them. It worked for his kids? The two boys became a lot more healthy-looking once they started following the ancestral diet. Once his kids were doing great health-wise, that was when the Liver King took over Brian’s body.

That experience lead Brian, er the Liver King, and Barbara to start their own company that sells nutritional supplements. It’s not at all surprising that they named their company Ancestral Supplements. They founded the company during 2016. There was an audience just waiting to pounce on that product.

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Did Social Media Exist in Ancestral Times?

It wasn’t until five years into running a nutritional supplement company that the Liver King started doing posts on social media.

I guess, by this point, there was a movement among certain types of men that were looking for a person to emulate. The main reason for it is that they have a belief that men were turning soft. Both in the physical and emotional sense. And the Liver King exuded this uber masculine vibe because he has a very thick beard and bulging muscles.

Despite following the way that their ancestors ate during the beginning of civilization, the Liver King and the rest of the Liver royalty are living in a mansion somewhere in Texas. He mentions in an interview that they don’t really sleep on beds but on wooden slats. Still, they still a lot of modern amenities despite trying for an ancestral diet. Because you really need some semblance of normalcy in your life.

He started to post videos on TikTok in August of 2021. I guess Ancestral Supplements wanted to reach more people. So they hired the help of a social media consultancy firm to think of ways to promote their products. I guess that lead to them to suggest that the Liver King be the embodiment of the brand in some way. Showing off your muscled body and doing things an alpha would do potentially gets you an audience.


What Is The Liver King’s Net Worth?

I don’t think the Liver King hides the fact that he lives in a large house from the content that you see on his YouTube channel or on his TikTok account. The guy has his own personal chef that cooks for him and his family. If that doesn’t scream that they’re rich, I don’t know what to tell you.

Their supplement business seems to be doing okay? I guess the social media exposure that the Liver King is getting contributes a little bit to their business. Though I’m still not entirely sure that a combined 4 million followers on YouTube and TikTok would lead to consistent gains for the company.

Still, the Liver King has a net worth that’s estimated to be around $75 million.

Some Thoughts

One thing that Liver King would sometimes mention in interviews or on his website is that he never uses steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs in order to gain mass. I mean, there’s nothing particularly wrong about it. Unless you’re a professional athlete, I guess?

But it seems that there might be a chance that he might have been taking PEDs in order to help him bulk up. There’s somehow a one-hour video from a YouTube channel called More Plates More Dates that goes through emails supposedly from the Liver King that mentions that he used PEDs.

I think that the Liver King’s insistence that he doesn’t use steroids to bulk up is why there have been efforts to debunk that. I honestly don’t know if our ancestors did bulk up to the kind of proportions that the Liver King has. Or if it’s just how we mythologized it to that degree.

I guess once you’ve built on a brand that’s based on that kind of thing, it’s hard to shy away from it.

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