Local Marketing Vault Review – Calling Out Haters!

Today, let’s take a look at the Local Marketing Vault online course by James Bonadies and Jason McKim. Is this course worth it for you? Find out in this Local Marketing Vault review.

As the Covid has left many people unemployed and even unable to find a new job, they’re now seeking alternative sources of income for various reasons. To achieve that, most people are now taking up online courses to expand their skillset. Some people are even making their own e-learning websites to capitalize on that market.

The Local Marketing Vault is one of those online courses. Basically, it teaches people how to build an online business from scratch. Or to be precise, an online agency.

In this Local Marketing Vault review, I’ll tell you more about LMV, who created this online course, and why you should (or should not) take it.

This is a completely independent, and neutral review, based on my observation and honest opinion. If you want to check the Local Marketing Vault course for yourself, click below, and tell them that Beastpreneur sent you. You will be given a $500 worth of agency site for free

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Because having a boss sucks!

This tagline couldn’t be any truer, and the local Marketing Vault course is going to change it for you.

The agenda of The LMV is for you to create your own online business from scratch. But the REAL content of this course is to teach you how to start your own Google or Facebook advertising agency.

The course consist of everything one should require to get started with their own digital agency.And I love this business model for a reason.Look,business owners need customers,Right?

And they are going to do whatever to get more and more customers so that they can make more money.

Here you come into play.You go to them,or let them come to you(they teach this all inside Local Marketing Vault).

So,you let them begging you to generate more customers for them.And you do so after getting all the tools and training James Bonadies and Jason McKim teach inside LMV.

After this, charge them monthly $1000-10,000.

They recommend to charge $1000 a month from your client, minimum.Passive income.

What if you only get one business owner,two,three or even ten?Where your life would be?

Yes,in September 2021,one of lmv student made $106k a month.Recurring!!


Who Created Local Marketing Vault?

The makers of the local marketing course course are James Bonadies and Jason McKim. Both of them are well-known names in the entrepreneurship world.

James Bonadies is exceptionally productive in marketing and advertising (usually in Google). On the other hand, Jason McKim is more along the lines of digital businesses, lead generation, and producing income.

Together, they complement one another nicely on this particular training course, and each of their expertise brings something different to the service.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: James and Jason each got their own names featured on Forbes one time. They also have a YouTube channel,James Bonadies, on which they also discuss several topics on making money online.They are invited in next funnel events by Russel Brunson,for making $25 millions.


The Local Marketing Vault: How Does This Work?

The business model around which Local Marketing Vault based on is actually legitimate. And you know what?

If you are reading this Local Marketing Vault review, consider yourself lucky because I have been in this business and can explain it to you from every angle.

Okay. So this course is based on running Google (or even Facebook) ads for business owners.

The main reason behind it is for them to make money, by having their products sold. And if they make money, YOU also make money.

And the other main reason is that most business owners out there do not have enough time to run Google Ads or do their marketing on their own.They don’t have enough skills.

So, they hire an online advertising agency, in which you’re currently studying (if you’re taking this course.)

The local marketing vault teaches you how to use Google and Facebook ads to their fullest extent, essentially making you your own online advertising agency.

And while the course does discuss different niches you can go into, the primary focus for this course is lead generation for many other businesses.


Inside Local Marketing Vault

The lmv course is divided into 14 modules,and they keep adding more and more to their course.But here we are going to talk about only 4. The third module is also broken down into three more “sub-modules”, for a grand total of seven modules, per session.

Let’s talk about each module and look at what they are going to teach you.

Module 1: The Foundation

In this first module they are going to teach you the basics of this business model.

What is this business about. Why you should consider starting this business.

They named this module “The Foundation” as in this module you are going to learn pretty basic things like setting up a website for clients, buying domains, how to make a website from scratch, niche selection and all legal paperwork you will need to start an online advertising agency.

Other than this you will be guided on how to launch your advertising agency professionally.

Do take note that the information on doing your taxes here assumes that you live in the United States, so your information may vary depending on your area. But most of the time, the information can apply in general.

Update : A very big update, writing on 15 September,2021.James Bonadies and Jason McKim is launching a software called agency toolbox,which is going to change the market for sure.I have personally seen nothing like it.This is going to be big.They have a private group of 6000+ students.Yes,you are not the first one to buy this course(;.And all these 6000+ students are literally drooling for this tool.This tool will be launched on 5th October 2021.So,now is the BEST time to jump into local marketing vault.

Module 2: Prospecting and Sales

As a former agency owner, this module is the most important for me.

Because I know that the biggest hurdle in this business model is to get a client who wants to pay you month after month.

So in this module, they will teach you techniques which you can use and get clients.

There are many methods used in this module to reach out business owners like cold emailing, cold calling and professional networking.

In this module you are also going to learn how to close deals and sign a contract with business owners.

This module will also suggest what payment model is recommended for you.

Module 3

The third module is based on three sub-modules. All of them consist of how to generate traffic towards your client’s websites or something else using different platforms.

Module 3A: Driving Traffic with Google Ads

In this module you will learn how to generate traffic using Google ads and make money for your client.

It also includes how to set up campaigns on Google and start from low budget and then scale it according to your needs

Module 3B: Driving Traffic With Facebook Ads

How to run Facebook ads and make money for you and your client.

Setup, running campaigns and how to scale is also included in it.

Basically, almost the same deal as Module 3A, but focuses on Facebook (and possible other social media) ads this time.

Module 3C: Driving Traffic (Lead Nurturing)

Generating traffic is okay, but if you do not convert those leads then it is a complete waste of money.

In this module you will learn how to generate sales and convert leads effectively.

One thing I liked in this module is that they also mentioned closing leads on calls which was my favorite way to sell someone my service.

Module 4: Auto-Pilot

Scaling your business to sky and building a team that can work for you and your business 24/7.

The module recommends hiring freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork. While they’re also excellent platforms for hiring freelancers, on a personal note, you can also try OnlineJobs.ph and ifreelance.ph if you’re looking for excellent freelance workers.

One thing different about this course is that while others suggest building up your business for quite some time before you automate, this course highly suggests that you get it done as soon as possible so you can start making money.

How Much Does Local Marketing Vault Cost?

And now, many of you are asking at this point: how much will this course cost? I wrote lmv review before,and there I told you this in detail.They don’t tell this openly, for some reasons.I think main reason is that sometimes their competitors steal their pricing structure.Well,MAYBE!

Yes. It’s pretty outrageous for a course like this. But you have to book a call to know this.Click the link below to book a call.

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Local Marketing Vault: Pros

  • The course material is based on a legit business. You can actually make money from running Google/Facebook Ads for business owners.
  • It’s comprehensive. It teaches you everything that you need to know about the business of lead generation itself.
  • It’s scalable. Whether you’re a beginner on running online ads or already an adept, there is still something that you can learn from this.
  • The course is well-structured and well-presented as well. Beginners will learn everything that they’ll need to start lead generation, while experienced ones will learn something new and interesting from these courses.
  • It’s created by two well-known digital marketers who know their area of expertise very well. AND they know what they are actually selling, thus adding to its credibility.
  • The course adheres to the KISS principle, which means “Keep It Stupid Simple”. Thus making sure that the concepts taught here are very easy to grasp.

Local Marketing Vault: Cons

  • TBH,I can’t find any bad thing about this course.But if I have to tell one bad thing about LMV is that you will end up making shit 💰.

How Much Money Can You Make From Local Marketing Vault?

Yes. You can make a hefty amount of money from studying the techniques being taught by the Local Marketing Vault course. And while it may not be as much as millions as what the course title says, it’s still enough for you to make yourself some passive income out of this kind of business.

And because the business that you’re making from this is based on Google/Facebook Ads, there are also things that you should consider.

Understanding this Business

Running Google/Facebook Ads for business owners and making money out of it sounds like a very interesting (and lucrative) business idea.

And here are some reasons on why this kind of business can also succeed for you.

  • Most of the business owners do not know how to run ads.
  • They do not know how to use their business on Google, Bing or Facebook.
  • Many of them do not know how to build a website and attract visitors to it.
  • They are too busy for all this.
  • Or he/she is willing to invest, only in things from which their business can grow.

Considering all these things, it is readily apparent that setting up your own online ads agency can help you in earning passive income in the long run.

This is why courses like the local marketing vault can help you with it. While watching numerous YouTube videos and learning from other mentors can help you in setting this up, a full course is needed to get you up to speed on EVERYTHING related to the business.

Why Google Ads Work?

Since this course is all about making the most out of your Google Ads campaign for other business, it’s also important to understand on just WHY Google advertising works, as well as why businesses are eager to use it.

Wider Visibility

Essentially, Google IS the internet right now. Almost anything that the users wanted to find, Google can point them to the right place. Searching for a new household tool? Just Google it. Looking for a new place to eat out with friends? Google can give you directions. And most likely, one of those searches will be problems in which your business can offer a solution. So if your business is more visible in Google than your competitors, even if it’s just via an ad, the chances of the customer picking you are very high.

Surefire Intent Magnet

With Google ads, most of the time, you are not looking for people to advertise to. Rather, it’s the users who WILL come to you for your services. Because if the keywords that they’re looking for are significant to the business that you have, it’s more likely that they’ll avail of your products and services because that is EXACTLY what they’re looking for. Combined with higher visibility on search engines through SEO, you’ll be sure that the leads you’re getting will all be relevant, which means a higher chances of sales.

Workable Budget

You can also adjust your budget allocation based on the performance of your ads. If you notice that one of your ads or keywords is performing extremely well, you can allocate an increased amount of budget on that ad to make it more visible to potential leads. Similarly, if you notice that one ad is underperforming, you can decrease the budget it has to allocate it to somewhere else. Or even make it stop so you don’t waste any further.

Faster Results Than SEO

Now, just a reminder. SEO is still VERY IMPORTANT in any kind of online marketing, and a good and proper SEO setup will always be useful in the long run. But if you wanted quick results and you got the necessary budget, running a Google Ads campaign is almost a surefire way to get search engine visibility. Most of the time, Google Ads and SEO are complementary: If you run a successful Google Ads campaign and a large number of prospects see you, you’ve got almost half of your SEO work done.

Another thing,there are other reviews of lmv on google.And you may read review of  a website named scamrisks.Let’s call out haters now.

So,that website suggest you to go with Thier #1 recommendation and lmv is not thier first choice because they believe in rank and rent business model.I mean,I have nothing against anyone,but why should you work your ass of to rank a site without even knowing whether it will rank or not?Right?Because been in the Seo industry for even 20 years…many people can’t guarantee you first place.And the one who do,they are just lying.

Let’s say that you succeed in getting #1 spot or selling your site to some business owner.Then one of the student of local Marketing Vault setup a simple ad and pay google to beat you.So,his website will be #1.Apart from the fact that you worked hard for 6 months to rank that site and Local Marketing Vault’s student did that in only 5 minutes.


Measurable Metrics

Finally, all your progress in Google Ads is measurable. The metrics are usually shown in an easy-to-understand format that monitors the performance of your ads in an almost-realtime manner. That way, you can make adjustments to your Google Ads campaign whenever you need to, and plan ahead with your budget.

If you also want to know how will Google Ads work if you have a small business, then watch the video below:

Why Facebook Ads Work?

Aside from Google Ads,lmv also teaches you on how to setup and run a successful Facebook ads campaign for other businesses.

Essentially, the benefits of running a Facebook ads campaign are more the less the same as running a Google Ads campaign, along with a few additions:

Builds More Engagement With Customers

This is certainly a given. Facebook is a social media site, intended for communicating with anyone. By using the features of Facebook that facilitate communication with others, you’ll be able to connect more with potential customers. This is very important, especially when customers wanted to inquire about your products and service, or even give suggestions to your business. Remember, engagement is the key.

Further Increase SEO Rankings

While a strong Google Ads presence can also improve SEO, your social signals on your Facebook can dramatically increase your SEO even further. Social signals means every activity that happens on your Facebook posts, which includes Likes, Shares, and especially Comments. With Facebook advertising, your brand posts will surely get a boost on Facebook’s news feeds, which in turn, can create more engagement from your potential customers.

Of course, you’re not alone in this. Each of your competitors will also use Google and/or Facebook ads to some extent, to boost their online visibility. Ultimately, it comes down to which of you have more knowledge in handling your own ads campaign. The Local Marketing Vault course teaches you just that.

Is Local Marketing Vault Worth It?

Personally, I think it’s a big YES.

It may not be one of those “get-rich-quick” schemes that are all too common in some of the lead generation products being offered on the market today (most of which just use spammy blackhat tactics that will only bring more harm than good to you). But lmv is based on a legitimate and effective method of making passive income, and this course will tell you all about it.

Furthermore, the course doesn’t require any certain education level or even skill level for you to grasp the modules here. There’s plenty to learn for everyone here. Any level, whether you’re a total newbie in online marketing, or even an expert, can (and WILL) benefit from the ideas presented in this course.

Is Local Marketing Vault A Scam?

For me, the local marketing vault course isn’t a scam at all.

Furthermore, the modules offered by local marketing vault are actually of high quality, and are very useful when you’re learning about online advertising for the first time. This is a no-nonsense kind of course, wherein every lesson taught here comes from years of digital marketing experience being shared by two experts on the field.

Local Marketing Vault Review: Final Verdict

Overall, I would say that the lmv course is still something worth taking into, especially during these times. After all, people nowadays wanted to learn a new skill that they can use for their new moneymaking venture. And this course may prove to be a very useful thing to take on.

Local Marketing Vault is simply a great product. If you wanted to start your own online business, especially your own online ads agency, or if you just wanted to expand your skillset in the areas of online marketing, then the lmv course is definitely for you.

And if you wanted to take up the course, feel free to click on the link below. Tell them that Beastpreneur sent you. You will be given a $500 worth of agency site for free.

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