Local Marketing Vault Review – James Bonadies And Jason Mckim Course

I am very excited to write this review because I was also in local lead generation a few years back.

First thing first, this review is going to be completely unbiased and I am not associated with local marketing vault owners by any means.

Edit: [I joined local marketing vault and now it’s my #1 recommendation to make money online for many reasons.]

Let’s talk about it.

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What is local marketing vault?

Local marketing vault is a course by James Bonadies and Jason McKim.

These two hold a good reputation in the lead generation industry.

Lead generation is a business model based on solid strategies. In this business, you have to generate leads for your clients.

Your clients may be in any niche. Your clients may be restaurant owners, real estate agents, dentists, chiropractors, and many more.

It is up to you to choose the best one for you. These business owners will give you money and your service fees to run ads for them. The ads will be on Facebook and Google.

As a lead generation expert, you will have to provide leads to the business owners. Lead means potential customers.

You provide the leads and it is up to them to convert it.If you are providing 100 leads to a chiropractor each month,it is more than enough for him to pay you a thousand dollars.

One thousand dollars is what they recommend you to charge your clients. Let’s talk about the owners first.

James Bonadies

James bonadies is one of the two owners of local marketing vault.He has a huge reputation in this industry.

Edit : I am writing this after I joined the local marketing vault to tell you something about this man, JAMES BONADIES. So, I and James Bonadies worked on a project a few months back. We worked for three months and the project was completed, which was my choice based on just testing some digital marketing offers. 

Our business dealings ended between us, and I assumed I wouldn’t receive any more money since I chose to work with someone else. (Which I now am questioning) Surprisingly, I checked my payoneer account a month after, and there was $1,500 in it. I was shocked he continued to pay me, even after I chose to work with someone else.

2 Months after our business ended, he sent me more money, $877. To me, this showed what a class act these guys are. $2,500 is not a big amount of money that he sent me, but I just wanted to mention the integrity of this man. I was very very impressed by his honesty and will definitely say that he is a man of his WORD.

James is a very professional man. He always wants others to be on their A game and to succeed. I have never worked with a more credible man than him. I hope to be doing business again with him soon! 😉

Jason McKim

Jason Mckim is the other half of the local marketing vault course. Both of the owners provide great value to their students.

The main thing in the lead generation business is to get a client. Who is more than happy to pay you money for your services.

It’s the main and the worst part of the business.

I personally wasted my month or so in this struggle.But the main reason of my failure was lack of guidance.

In this course, they focus on the linkedin traffic.

I think it is the best platform to get the lead generation clients.Linkedin has the quality traffic.

A lot of real world professionals out there.

There are many ways to get lead generation clients which are

  • Cold Calling
  • Cold Emailing
  • Using different social media platforms

Local marketing vault review

The most important thing in lead generation is client.

I rate every course on the basis of this.How they are going to teach you this skill.

In lead generation business more than any business you have to be good at sales.

If you suck at sales, this is not your type of business.

You have to be very good at sales and closings. Local marketing vault is basically based on the marketing tactics.

Marketing and sales are 85% of this business.

In the local marketing vault they will teach you to generate leads from two sources.

First of which is Facebook ads and the second one is google ads.

Google ads looks like this.They basically focuses on the paid ads.

They are not teaching SEO.

If you do not know seo it means to rank a keyword without investing in ads.It is known as organic lead generation.

The strategy is known as rank and rent.It is more DIFFICULT.In this case you do not have to run behind the business owners to buy your services.

Let’s talk about the other one which is facebook ads.

When you see sponsor on any image this means that the company is running facebook ads.

Facebook ads are very tricky and I lost a fair bit of money in it.

They require perfect knowledge about your potential client that you are targeting through your ads.

And it seems that local marketing vault has very vast knowledge about this space.

Local Marketing Vault Pricing

I always get asked for the price of the Local Marketing Vault.

The problem with posting any prices, is they often change. I know for a fact, that this can be priced at $2K+ depending on which package you choose.

The packages all have their main training, but the price difference in each package increases based on how fast you want to succeed. The more you pay, the more bonuses and tools you get to landing your client FASTER. And of course making money.

I also know that they offer a few scholarship pricing deals, which helps people who are in a tough financial situation. They won’t give it away for free, but they will take some money off the total if you qualify.

Lastly, I do want to talk about an important aspect of price. First, they have payment plans, but those are discussed on the phone with anyone interested in moving forward. 

Opportunity Cost. The price you will pay is meant to give you access to knowledge & support, which enables you to get an ROI on your investment. 

Think about it. How can this program still be around for 4 years if it wasn’t getting students’ results? It wouldn’t be, which says a lot about what they have in their Vault. Plus, their trustpilot rating is 4.9 with almost 1,000 reviews on top of being BBB Certified.

I think the question isn’t about the cost, but rather the cost of NOT learning the knowledge they are teaching! That is what a true business owner thinks about.

Ok, now I want to jump into the things that I liked in this course and which ones I did not.

The things I liked

There are a lot of things that I Liked in this course which is as below,

Jordan Belfort

I told you earlier that the business model is based on marketing and sales.

If anyone want to learn sales than Jordan Belfort is the best man on this planet.

I recommend to watch his interview with grant cardone where he totally exposed him.

The two beasts who are recognized by their selling skills.

After that interview, I am convinced that Grant Cardone knowledge is as little as zero in sales.

Ok,coming to the topic.They invite Jordan Belfort to the summit to teach you sales.I appreciate their step because surrounding yourself with like-minded people is very important in any kind of business.

Passive income

Yes, you can earn passive income with the help of local marketing vault.

There is no guarantee of results in the course.Keep that in mind.

Marketing skills

They mainly focus on marketing skills.

This is the backbone of the course. This will help you not only in this business but in the future is well.

Things I Disliked

Unfortunately,I am not able to recall the demerits of this course.It’s actually a very good course in my opinion.


Yes,you should go for it.Local marketing vault WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.FULL STOP!

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