Location Rebel Review – Sean Ogle Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Location Rebel. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

People are often on the search for ways to earn money online. There are definitely a lot of ways that can do so. Some choose to go into digital marketing. While others choose to go into e-commerce. I feel like you’ll never really run out of options when it comes earning money online. But a lot of people may not have the patience of running their own business.

That’s why a lot of people turn to freelancing as a way of earning money. There are a bunch of clients out there that are in need of skillset that you may have. Most of the time, you’ll see a bunch of different listings for virtual assistants. Sometimes, there are also listings for transcriptionists and proofreaders. A lot of certain skillsets translate well for an online job.

So when I hear about companies like Location Rebel, I am always intrigued by it. Also, there is some level of skepticism. There are a lot of questions I have when it comes to the services that I review. And usually I manage to find answers for them as I write it.

But is there actually something unique about Location Rebel that you couldn’t find in other online training programs out there? Or is it just a pretty standard training program?

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Location Rebel Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Location Rebel
  • Founder: Sean Ogle
  • Website: https://www.locationrebel.com/
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Freelance services
  • Recommendation: I do not highly recommend that you join the program that Location Rebel provides. It’s useful for knowing what kind of opportunities might be out there for you online. But it does not provide complete training in any of the skills that you might need for those kinds of opportunities.

Who Is Sean Ogle?

A screenshot of a video featuring Location Rebel founder Sean Ogle at a beach

It seems that there’s often a throughline with the backstory for these kinds of services.

There isn’t really much that you should know about Sean Ogle. He was just a normal guy who went to school to get a degree. And then used that degree in some office job. In this case, Sean had a degree in finance and he used that degree when he worked as a financial analyst.

He was earning a decent wage from his job. But it wasn’t really something that he was passionate about. Crunching numbers really seems boring. And he wanted to do more things that his job didn’t really allow. It wasn’t really his goal to be stuck sitting behind a desk typing down numbers. He wanted to travel to different places and own his own business.

Before he decided to leave his job, Sean decided to start a small blog called Location 180. It was a place that he used to make himself account. A few months after that, he quit his job, sold his car and moved to Thailand. It’s definitely one of those things you’d usually see in the movies.

The money he had saved up was enough to get him to Thailand. But it wasn’t enough to cover his living expenses. So he decided to take up freelance search engine optimization work just so that he can manage cover his expenses. At the same time he was growing his blog.

Somehow that kind of lead to him to start Location Rebel. The brand kind of evolved. Originally, Location Rebel was the training course. But Sean decided to use the Location Rebel brand for everything, including the Location 180 blog. And that’s what leads us to the Location Rebel Academy.

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What Is Location Rebel Academy?

Location Rebel Academy is the training where you can learn how to start your own online business. It covers a lot of different niches that you can earn money from. There are modules that focus on search engine optimization, lead generation, and freelance writing.

Bear in mind that none of the courses will actually train you completely. They mostly serve as overview of what you might be getting into if you choose a path. You will be able to have a broad skillset if you choose to purchase access to the course. But it will take a bit of time to be proficient in it.

The cost to access the program is either a one-time payment of $749 or a six-part installment worth $149. When you sign up and pay for the course, you immediately get access to the platform that contains all of the course materials. Then it’s pretty much your choice on which of the modules you want to study first. I do recommend that you go in sequence for the first three modules.

In terms of scope, Location Rebel Academy has a larger scope of topics compared to other training programs I have reviewed. Most other training programs I’ve reviewed really focus on a singular niche. They do it well, unsurprisingly. But it seems that Sean and his team tried their hardest to cover as many topics as possible with Location Rebel. And I guess you’re definitely getting a lot more content for the price you pay.

The Blueprints

A screenshot of a video featuring Location Rebel founder Sean Ogle in his office

There are a total of fourteen blueprints that the Location Rebel Academy abides by. Since they are just blueprints, they only give you the foundation to work with. It is your duty to work with the foundation however you see fit. There’s some flexibility to what you can do with those blueprints.

The first blueprint is the Location Rebel mindset blueprint. It’s pretty just telling you what you could be doing different with regards to a mindset for your business. Maybe there are some doubts that you have. Hopefully this blueprint might quell some of your doubts and give you something more concrete to hold onto.

Then there’s the freelance content writing blueprint. Being able to write well is such a fundamental skill to have especially if you’re going to work online. Most clients are often on the look out for applicants who are proficient at writing. Especially in different formats and tones. This blueprint can be paired with the copywriting blueprint and the technical writing blueprint.

Sean has a SEO mastery blueprint. I’m not really sure how updated his blueprint is. But he is aware that things that might have worked before doesn’t work now. It sort of coincides with the pay-per-click ninja blueprint. Then there’s the sales blueprint. You will need to be able to sell whatever skill you have to your clients.

The advanced blueprints cover affiliate marketing, online content creation, e-commerce and social media management. There’s definitely a lot that you can get from any of these blueprints.

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Final Verdict – Location Rebel Review

For the most part, it seems the Location Rebel Academy has touched on most of the popular niches out there. It could be a great resource for anybody who looking for ways to earn money online.

Like I said previously, these blueprints only serve as guides for each of the niches that might interest you. You will still need to practice those skills on your own. They planted the seeds for it. It’s only right that you nurture that seed to make it grow.

The price for the entire course is what might stop a lot of people from joining. And I understand that. Not everyone has $749 to spend like that. But I think, in the long run, you will be able to use those skills to recoup the cost that you paid for.

It’s hard to build up skills when there are so many that you might have to learn. That’s why I advise that you choose what you want to focus on. You should definitely check out the other blueprints though. Just so that you have an idea on what those niches might entail. And once you’ve decided, you should put most of your focus on that.

In case you don’t want to pay for the course, you could still check out the blog that they have on the website or videos on the official Location Rebel YouTube channel. At least you’ll have some ideas on what the courses might be.

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That’s it for my review of Location Rebel. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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