LoopholeLink Review: Can This Make You Rich?

Today, we’re going to take a look at LoopholeLink. What is LoopholeLink? And is it worth investing in? All will be talked about in this LoopholeLink review.

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed many things. In fact, it has completely transformed many aspects of our daily lives, but the changes are more noticeable in how we earn money.

For instance, in response to social distancing protocols, some industries opted for a “work-from-home” approach for most of their employees. Which is also known to have certain advantages and disadvantages, depending on the individual.

But some industries simply decided to cut their workforce, thus leaving many individuals without any jobs.

Fortunately, plenty of opportunities to make money online are out there, and one only needs to have the relevant skill to grab it.

LoopholeLink claims to offer another money-making opportunity to several individuals.

The system claims to have discovered a “traffic loophole” inside a “billion-dollar company”. And with it, this allows the system to “mass promote” any marketing website for free buyer traffic.

Which, in turn, can lead to a steady stream of commissions and earnings for you.

But, is the “loophole” used by LoopholeLink a legitimate one? And will LoopholeLink really give you a huge sum of passive income with less work?

Stay tuned on this LoopholeLink review, and decide for yourself if this is a worthwhile investment, or not.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent LoopholeLink review. I’m not affiliated with LoopholeLink review, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is Loophole Link?


LoopholeLink is a complete software system that is specifically tailored to affiliate marketers. Its main feature is creating done-for-you e-books and website funnels, according to your niche.

Starting your affiliate marketing campaign is quite easy with LoopholeLink. Simply enter your chosen keywords and choose from a variety of built-in templates and content sources.

After this, the app will generate your own customized e-book and website funnel, ready to use for your marketing needs.

The selling point of LoopholeLink is that it claims to offer “free buyer traffic” to your affiliate website by exploiting a so-called “traffic loophole”. Although this claim is debatable, LoopholeLink DOES have a feature in which you can share your affiliate links to different social networks, to get your traffic.

Who Created LoopholeLink?

Branson Tay is the chief author and vendor of LoopholeLink. He is well known for his YouTube videos about how to make money online, and other information about online marketing.

Branson Tay

Branson Tay has also developed other money-making software systems in the past, including ViroLinkUltron and DeepLink, among others.

You can see more of his videos by viewing his YouTube Channels here:

What’s Inside LoopholeLink?


This is what the main dashboard of LoopholeLink looks like upon logging in.

LoopholeLink Dashboard

Here, you can view a summary of how much you used the system.

You can view the total number of marketing campaigns that you created here. And you can also see the total number of e-books and funnel pages that you created.

You can also check out the campaigns, e-books, and funnel pages that you created in the last 30 days.

And finally, you can also see the current status of your subscription (i.e. Front End, Unlimited, etc.)

Creating A Marketing Campaign

To start a new marketing campaign with LoopholeLink, select “Create Campaign”.

Once you’ve given a name for your campaign, you can then choose to create either an ebook or a funnel page first.

Creating An Ebook

Most of the marketing campaigns that you’re going to do here in LoopholeLink rely on ebooks.

You can create a new ebook either by selecting the option on the dashboard or on the “Create Campaign” page.

LoopholeLink Create Ebook

From this menu, you can select the name of your ebook, and the source of the articles that you’ll use for your e-book. The default source is Ezine Articles, but you can also choose from several alternatives like Google Blogs.

The next menu after this will allow you to customize several aspects of your e-book. Like how many articles you want to include in your e-book, and the images that you’ll use for its various pages.

Creating A Sales Funnel

To create a sales funnel for your campaign, you can either select “Create Funnel” from the dashboard, or from the “Create Campaign” page.

LoopholeLink Create Funnel

Inside, you can select from a variety of templates that you can use as a squeeze page for your sales funnels. After selecting one, then you can edit the text to fit your needs.

Each template is specifically designed for a particular niche, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Submitting Your Campaign

Once you’re done creating your marketing campaign, complete with your ebook and sales funnel, you can then submit your campaign.

To do so, select the appropriate option on the dashboard.

LoopholeLink Submit Your Campaign

Here, you can submit your created ebook to any of the sales platforms listed. Of course, you’ll need an account for that particular network first.

LoopholeLink supports several platforms, including Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, ClickBank, Gumroad, and many others.

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LoopholeLink One-Time Offers

LoopholeLink is already a usable system as it is. However, the system will also offer you the option to purchase several upgrades to unlock more features of LoopholeLink.

These are usually offered as upsells once you purchase the front end.

  • Front End: LoopholeLink ($17) – The front end. Before you can avail of any of the upgrades below, you should purchase this part first.
  • OTO 1: LoopholeLink Unlimited ($47) – Unlock all the premium features of LoopholeLink and potentially get “unlimited traffic”.
  • OTO 2: LoopholeLink Done For You ($197) – If you’re lazy enough to build and run your marketing campaigns on LoopholeLink, this offer will let the “expert” LoopholeLink team run your campaign based on your preferences. Basically, this is the “full automation” upgrade.
  • OTO 3:  LoopholeLink Monetization ($97) – Offers even more marketing campaigns and offers that claim to pay commissions of up to $1,000 dollars or more. Also offers more bonuses to add to your offers for your customers to purchase.
  • OTO 4: LoopholeLink Limitless Traffic ($167) – Lets LoopholeLink users tap into their “personal, diamond source of viral traffic for unlimited sales & commissions.” This also includes training and tutorials on how they’re able to do it, as well as case studies to prove that it works.
  • OTO 5: LoopholeLink Franchise Partner License ($497) – This permits you to sell LoopholeLink as your own product. The upgrade also allows you to use their funnels, pages, and other resources. Finally, this also gives you the license to sell ALL of Branson Tay’s past products as your own.
  • OTO 6: LoopholeLink Missing Piece ($97) – Lets you access the “missing piece”, which claims pockets them an additional $100 to $200 income daily, in addition to what DeepLink offers. This includes training and tutorial videos on how were they able to do it.

Is LoopholeLink A Must-Buy?

At first, one can say that LoopholeLink may be the money-making system that they’re looking for.

However, if one doesn’t do their research first, they’re going to be at risk of being scammed.

And that is why honest reviews like this LoopholeLink review here are made. To save you the trouble of losing your money with this.

That being said, LoopholeLink has various problems that make this system not worth investing in.

Using Various Content Without A License

LoopholeLink’s “Create Ebook” feature allows you to gather articles from several sources. And afterward, you can compile them to create an ebook of your choice.

This can create plenty of problems in the long run, both legal and technical.

  • Legal – If you don’t have permission to use the content in question, then you’re going to encounter legal issues all related to plagiarism. This is more likely if the content in question isn’t under a Creative Commons license, or isn’t from a PLR source.
  • Technical – Even if they’re allowed under a suitable license, if you don’t make some extensive edits to the articles in question, then search engines may detect it as duplicate content. Duplicates, once detected, are actually penalized a rank-down on SERP, making your content even less visible to search engines.

The System Is Confusing

LoopholeLink claims on their promotion page that the system is tailored for beginners who wish to earn money online.

But the thing is, there’s no decent of training available inside this system. There’s no mention of how EXACTLY are you going to make money with this.

This can easily confuse many users, not just beginners. What good is a money-making software system if they don’t even know how to use it?

It’s like you just bought an appliance, only to find out that it doesn’t have an instruction manual.

The App Is Full Of Errors

The software itself is also full of network errors that interfere with its usage.

For example, most of the pages in the app load very slow. Even when your own internet connection is fast enough, some of the pages can still load forever.

And in some menus, the feature doesn’t even work at all.

In fact, you may even encounter some login problems with this software.

It’s A Rehash Of An Older Product

If you think LoopholeLink’s dashboard, interface, and even their marketing campaign seem really familiar…

That’s because it is!

LoopholeLink is obviously just a rebranded version of Branson Tay’s previous product, DeepLink. To the point that it shares the same ebook creation feature.

And in retrospect, DeepLink has launched just a few months ago. And right now, they’re selling the EXACT same system, changing the name, and marketing it as “brand new”.

This is a common trend in most of the products sold on Warriorplus. They claim that their money-making system is revolutionary and brand-new, when in truth, they’re all the same.

In fact, many of these products often use those claims as part of their bait-and-switch marketing.

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“Bait And Switch” Marketing Tactics

LoopholeLink is but one of those many software systems that are usually engaged in “bait and switch” marketing.

As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Bait And Switch – A sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.

In this case, LoopholeLink advertises that they’re going to help you earn a huge number of commissions by using this system. And they’re selling it at a very low price.

However, once you purchased the software, what you’ll get is usually just a website builder of some sort that doesn’t even come close to doing what was advertised.

And then, the system upsells you with certain “one-time offers” that claim to ACTUALLY do the benefits provided on the sales page. Which, usually, is priced more than the front end itself.

Adding together, the entire LoopholeLink system, with all its upsells can easily cost you over a thousand dollars. Which is far more expensive than the original price.

And based on experience, it’s quite difficult to trust the words of a vendor who always engages in bait-and-switch tactics.

LoopholeLink Review: Final Verdict

So to close this LoopholeLink review…

I would have to say that LoopholeLink is a scam, or at least, very close to it.

Scam Alert

The software is just full of errors, and it’s quite unusable. Also, the money-making system that it uses isn’t sustainable at all, and it could fail anytime (and in most cases, it does).

Similar to other income systems like Loophole 2 Profits and Traffic Avalanche, LoopholeLink’s marketing is pretty much deceptive. The product certainly doesn’t any value and education to the user.

Hence, it’s not really worth it to buy this system if you want to make money online. You’re only going to lose more than what you have if you use something like this.

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