Lost Creator Academy Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Lost Creator Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this Lost Creator Academy review.

You might be thinking about ways to make money without being tied to formal employment. That is understandable, considering that most people are not really that keen with obeying orders from a boss.

On the other hand though, it is still encouraged for people to have a stable job, while running their own business on the side. This is quite smart, as having multiple income streams can definitely save you when a financial crisis strikes.

The course we will be reviewing today states that they can help you start your very own internet company. Is it worth it or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Lost Creator Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Lost Creator Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Lost Creator Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Lost Creator Academy
  • Owner: Christian LeBlanc
  • Website: https://lostcreatoracademy.com/
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Video course
  • Niche: Internet marketing, content creation
  • Recommended?: Being able to run your very own company is definitely a good thing, however, it is not really a passive way to earn money. You need to dedicate a lot of your time and money to it. Remember that there are more passive ways to make money, which can earn you money even while you sleep.

What is Lost Creator Academy?

Lost Creator Academy Review - Logo

The Lost Creator Academy is a video course that teaches in-depth visual strategies for starting an internet company.

More than 170 videos will teach you all you need to know to develop into a professional creator and content marketer.

You will get knowledge on marketing and distribution in addition to the technical aspects of taking and editing photos, videos, and audio.

The marketing strategies you pick up at Lost Creator Academy aren’t just limited to YouTube; they can be used for blog posts, Instagram posts, and any other type of social media promotion you can think of.

Who created Lost Creator Academy?

As of now, Lost Creator Academy’s owner, Christian LeBlanc, has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

All the videos on his channel are travel vlogs, and as you can see, he updates it weekly with new ones.

After leaving his work in 2014, he immediately began traveling the world.

Christian will show you how to make some decent money utilizing his strategies and share all of his knowledge in his channel.

Lost Creator Academy Overview

Module 1 – Welcome/Introduction 

In this lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of navigating Lost Creator Academy as a whole.

Module 2 – Content Creator Bootcamp 

For people who are just starting out in the world of online money making, this module is designed specifically to instill a sense of assurance.

This module will also teach you the fundamentals of video production, including what equipment you’ll need, how to organize your footage, and which social media platforms you should prioritize.

Module 3 – Creative Basics 

As part of your education at Lost Creator Academy, this lesson will teach you the fundamentals of both videography and photography.

Experts will benefit from this since they will be able to hear advice for the best cameras and software from seasoned professionals.

Module 4 – Videography 

If you want to make high-quality videos, you may learn from their expert advice here.

Storytelling skills and knowledge of cinematic film and audio methods, drones, and video editing tools like Final Cut Pro are all on the agenda.

Module 5 – Photography 

You’ll get a lot out of this course if you’re interested in photography, especially if you want to utilize it for Instagram ads or YouTube thumbnails.

In addition to mastering the fundamentals of photography, you’ll pick up some useful tips on how to take better pictures of people, places, animals, and more, as well as how to edit those pictures in various programs.

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Module 6 – Reviewing Your Content

You may share your work in progress with Christian and your other classmates in the included private Facebook Group.

Small errors may be corrected and creative abilities can be honed as a result of these possibilities.

Module 7 – Business / Monetization 

You’ll learn how to turn a profit from your creations and advance your career as an entrepreneur in this Lost Creator Academy course.

In addition, you’ll find out how to evaluate and price yourself, bargain, and improve your email writing skills.

Also, Christian will teach you the strategies he used to build his 7-figure marketing business.

Module 8 – Social Growth 

If you want to get the most out of your visual design skills, the finest social networks to use are YouTube and Instagram.

You will study the fundamentals of the algorithm for making your photographs and videos go viral as quickly as possible in this unit.

Module 9 – Sell Your Product 

Developing a web-based company is the topic of this module.

You will gain knowledge of the Shopify platform, which will allow you to open an online store, market your products, and manage your sales.

There is also information on autoresponders, reputable service providers, and email marketing.

Module 10 – Creator Coaches

All aspects of photography, from taking pictures to editing them to working in a studio, are covered in detail in this module.

Lost Creator Academy Features

A Lifetime Accessibility

Once you’ve purchased LCA, you’ll have unrestricted access to the software and any upgrades for as long as it’s in existence. You may learn at your own pace and keep up with market developments this way.

Rates Calculator

If you need help determining how much to charge for a project, Christian provides an online calculator for you to use. Freelancing, promoting on YouTube, and running ads on Instagram are all examples.

Email Templates

The email templates Christian provides to reach out to businesses about potential collaborations are one of the most useful aspects of Lost Creator Academy.

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Media Kit Theme

Christian also provides you with a sample of his media package. The media package serves as the content creator’s equivalent to a curriculum vitae or resume and includes information such as relevant work experience, social media analytics, and website metrics.

Feedback from Christian

Typically, Christian or members of his staff may address questions or concerns raised in class. A great way to acquire advice from experts in the field from people who are already working there.

Is Lost Creator Academy for You?

Lost Creator Academy Review - Content creator

You may benefit from Lost Creator Academy whether you’re a complete newbie who’s never picked up a camera before, or a seasoned pro who’s already creating content for the web.

If you have a burning desire to learn everything possible about content creation, then LCA is the place for you.

Christian guides you through the basics of content production, from choosing a camera to learning practical shooting settings and controlling a drone.

He teaches you everything from how to use Lightroom for photo editing to Photoshop for image enhancement to color grading films to backing up your work to designing engaging thumbnails for your videos on YouTube and more.

Even more remarkably, he provides an in-depth look at the post-production process by taking us behind the scenes of one of his own videos in the process of their creation.

This company resembles Commission Hero, Bad Ass Marketers, and Fullstaq Marketer.


Your one-time investment of $799 in Lost Creator Academy will get you unlimited access to all of the course materials forever. For that fee, you’ll get unlimited access to the golf course.

In addition, you will have access to a library stocked with essential templates including collaboration templates (such as those for hotels and tourism) and email autoresponder templates in a number of formats.

Support is provided in the form of a Facebook group and video tutorials.

Lost Creator Academy accepts payments made via PayPal and major credit cards.

If you don’t have that type of cash on hand, they also offer a payment plan in which you may spread out the expense of the program over four $225 monthly installments, for a grand total of $900.

Even if you want to pay for the course over the course of a few months, you’ll still get immediate access.

Additional Costs and Expenses

The enrollment fee is your only out-of-pocket expense before entering the Lost Creator Academy, where additional fees apply for progressing through the lessons and purchasing more content.

You see, some of the graphic tools that Christian walks you through step by step costs a premium fee, and you need to pay for them to produce the entire impact.

You may rest assured that the software you’ll be purchasing is the gold standard in the field of professional graphic design.

If you’re strapped for cash, though, you may recreate Christian’s results with open-source software.

The cost of site hosting and an email marketing provider is also included in the total.

This expense is inevitable regardless of whatever approach is chosen.

Costs associated with maintaining an internet presence are substantial, as is true of any enterprise.

However, you will get a lot of useful knowledge from Lost Creator Academy.

It’s worth repeating that if you want to utilize the same software that Christian does, you’ll need to spend more than $799 on this course.

You can copy it using similar tools, but if you want the finest results, you’ll need to invest.

It is ultimately your choice. If you have thousands of dollars to spare, this is the course for you; otherwise, look elsewhere.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day refund policy available at Lost Creator Academy. You are welcome to request a refund if you are dissatisfied with the course materials.

However, there is a catch to this money-back promise. If you have used more than half of the materials from the course, your guarantee will be null and void.

I believe this regulation limits your ability to use the course effectively while also limiting the potential benefits to the students.

It’s better to make up your decision early on about whether or not you want to take the course. I believe you may buy Lost Creator Academy with confidence knowing that you are protected by the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Lost Creator Academy

Christian LeBlanc’s Lost Creator Academy is a legitimate training course.

This course will teach you all you need to know to start a successful internet business and start making money right now.

Don’t forget that this isn’t a free course, but if you’re serious about becoming a content producer, it may be worth it.

But if you’re strapped for cash, I’d recommend looking into alternative methods of financing your purchase.

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