Growth Cave Review: Is Lucas Lee-Tyson’s Course Worth It?

Today, we’re going to talk about Lucas Lee-Tyson’s lead generation online course, Growth Cave. Is this worth joining? Find out in this Growth Cave review.

By default, most people will think about getting a 9-5 day job in order to earn money. And for the most part, it’s certainly true.

However, the biggest drawback about this work setup is that more often than not, you’ll be losing precious time. But most of the younger people today don’t even care about their time anymore, as long as they can earn more money.

Which, as Lucas Lee-Tyson and others like him have proven, doesn’t have to be that way. There are still other opportunities out there that let you earn money while still being able to take control of your schedule.

The problem is that there are also many moneymaking opportunities out there that are simply scams in disguise. They take advantage of these unaware people for their own monetary benefit.

And this is what this Growth Cave review is for. In this review, we’re going to see what the Growth Cave online course is all about, and what it can offer for you.

So before you decide to invest in this online course, you should read this Growth Cave review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this course and its business method is suitable for you.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Growth Cave review. I’m not affiliated with Growth Cave, or Lucas Lee-Tyson, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Growth Cave?

Growth Cave

Growth Cave is another one in a long list of online courses that can teach you a new business idea to make money online.

And similar to other online courses like Ippei Kanehara’s Job Killing and Ryan Wegner’s Lead Generation Blueprint, Growth Cave will also teach you how you can build your own online advertising agency and offer your lead generation services to local businesses.

Setting up a lead generation agency can be one of the most lucrative businesses of today. But the current pandemic situation has only improved its viability, thus making it more in demand.

You see, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several small businesses were forced to close. But now that quarantine restrictions are being gradually lifted and people are starting to go out again, these businesses are preparing for their re-opening.

And of course, they’ll need someone who can handle their marketing, since some of them either don’t know how, or are simply occupied with various tasks related to their business. And this is where you and your lead generation know-how will enter.

You should also take note, however, that, as with any kind of business, lead generation still requires some hard work, and even a little bit of capital. But due to its demand, the rewards gained are certainly worth it (especially if your clients are extremely pleased)

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The Man Behind The Growth Cave

The man behind the Growth Cave online course is Lucas Lee-Tyson, a young entrepreneur.

Growth Cave: Lucas Lee-Tyson

Similar to most financial gurus who offer online courses like this, he also didn’t start out well enough.

According to his own story, he started out as a freelance digital marketer for other businesses. And all he had back then was $10 and a pile of credit card debt.

After he built up his skills as a marketer, he claimed that he was “on to something”. He decided to find a way to turn his marketing know-how into his own business that can be automated, outsourced, and scaled.

And that’s how he came up with the idea for his Growth Cave online course. It’s basically a culmination of what he has learned so far, and he’s willing to share that knowledge with his students (of course, for a price.)

How Does Growth Cave Work?

To better understand what the Growth Cave online course teaches you, it’s important to know how the lead generation business model exactly works.

Lead generation (or “lead gen” for short) is a business model wherein you generate leads (AKA customers) for other businesses.

The methods can vary, but they usually involve creating a “sales funnel” website first, which contains the contact details of the business in question. Then you run a marketing campaign using either local SEO, or running various ads which can take an interested user to the funnel website.

Essentially, you are marketing on behalf of the business client in question.

This is an effective online business because, as I said before, some local businesses either don’t have the proper marketing team to promote themselves, or simply don’t have enough time for it.

Growth Cave is a course that doesn’t just teach you the effective ways of a lead generation business, it also teaches you can market yourselves to any potential clients so they’ll avail of your services.

Growth Cave: Course Breakdown

The entire Growth Cave course consists of six educational modules in all. Which is comparatively short compared to other lead generation courses.

Each module is meant to be taken in one week, for a total of six weeks for the entire course. Here’s a breakdown of what each module covers.

Module 1

This module is all about getting you into the proper mindset.

It’s completely understandable that some people will find it hard to get into the proper mentality when they’re going to build up their own business. It’s also natural for some to even feel doubtful about their choices for this.

Thus, this module will teach you how you can “hard-wire” your own brain patterns, eliminate all the fears and doubts on this business, and set yourself up for eventual success.

Module 2

The next module will now teach you how you can find the proper niche for your lead generation business. But it doesn’t stop there.

Finding a good, profitable niche is one thing. But setting your business up so it stands out among the competition is another.

This module will also teach you how you can bring value to your lead generation business so that you can give it a good price point that is reasonable for the service quality you can offer.

Module 3

To perfectly define what you can learn from this module, this is where you can learn how to find clients to work with.

This course recommends using a software program called Client Bolt to help you in finding suitable local clients for your niche.

But of course, it would be more preferable if the clients themselves approach you for your services, instead of the other way around.

Therefore, this module will also help you out on how you can advertise your business so that clients will seek you out instead. And since most of the students here don’t have the budget for paid ads yet, this course will focus on using free and organic traffic methods first.

Module 4

Now that you have a prospective client, it’s time now to fully convert them to you. This module will now teach you how you can land a client to avail of your lead generation services.

Here, you’ll learn some scripts that you can use for cold calling and cold emailing, how to handle objections, and how you can collect the payment of your clients once they converted. You’ll even be suggested a payment merchant for this purpose.

You can also watch live call breakdowns of the author himself doing a play-by-play analysis of him actually closing real business owners over the phone.

Module 5

Now that you have some clients to work with, it’s time to get into the actual work.

This module will now focus on the actual lead generation work. Here you’ll learn the effective methods of lead generation there is, using different forms of paid ads.

Interestingly, while the promotional materials for this course mention Google and Facebook ads, the actual course itself only teaches about Facebook ads.

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Module 6

The last module of this course now focuses on how can you “automate” and scale your lead generation business.

Included here are some resource sites where you can hire contractors to delegate specific tasks of your business to them. Also included here is some training on how you can manage multiple clients.

Finally, this module also includes some legal resources that you can use, like client agreements, contracts, terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc. Using these resources can save you quite a lot on lawyer fees.

Other Inclusions

Aside from the training proper, you’ll also get several resources from your Growth Cave membership:

  • FREE 3-months’ worth of subscription for the Client Bolt software. Needed for when you want to find local clients.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with fellow Growth Cave members
  • Eligibility for a mentorship program with some more experienced members on the Facebook Group
  • “Done-For-You” sales funnels, script templates, and other automation services for your lead generation business.

How Much Does The Growth Cave Course Cost?

Growth Cave - Pricing And Inclusions

To join the Growth Cave online course, you have two payment options:

  1. A one-time payment of $1,497 for lifetime access
  2. Three payments of $597 each, also for lifetime access

As with other lead generation online course, this one is also on the prohibitively expensive side. While the price can be justified, it’s still quite pricey especially for newcomers who just want a way to make money online.

Pros And Cons Of Growth Cave


  • It’s quite a comprehensive online course about lead generation. If you want to learn how you can set up your own online marketing business, this is for you.
  • The marketing lessons you can learn here can also be used for other aspects outside of a lead generation business.
  • The author doesn’t rush you headlong into the business. He recommends starting small first, by trying to land just one client, using organic traffic methods. He’ll only advise you on using paid advertising when you’re already stable enough in your business, or when you want to scale.
  • It’s a perfectly legitimate course. Reviews on Trustpilot can confirm the legitimacy of this course.


  • It’s prohibitively expensive, especially if the only thing that you want to do is “how to make money online”, without any specifics on it.
  • The course relies on using paid Facebook ads for getting your leads. It can be effective when used properly, but can also be unreliable at times.
  • There’s little to almost no proper training here on how you can generate free traffic.
  • Setting up a lead generation business still requires quite a bit of work, and can be very daunting for newbies.

Growth Cave Review: Final Thoughts

To finish off this Growth Cavet review, I would like to add some points regarding this.

The lead generation business model is only hard at first, especially with regards to setting it up. But it’s one of those business ideas where you’ll have complete control of your precious time while you STILL earn a decent income.

Thus, if you want a business model that may give you a chance at financial freedom, then you may want to try your hand at this business model.

As for this course…

It’s a pretty good online course for me. The customer reviews are all positive, the author knows what he’s teaching, and it’s quite comprehensive as well.

The only downside to this course for me, is the price. And that the traffic method that it teaches isn’t quite comprehensive (more focused on Facebook ads, less on the others, especially with regards to free traffic).

Regardless, the course is quite good for what it does. It’s certainly not for everyone who wants a bit more for its price, though.

If you want a  lead generation course that offers a bit more training than what is shown here, especially with regards to running an ad campaign, then you might want to try my #1 recommendation for this.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Growth Cave review.

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