Madsense Profits Review: Is This A Fraud Or Not?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Madsense Profits. Can this money-making system let you earn online? Let’s find out in this Madsense Profits review.

In the past, “making money online” may seem like an idea that many people seem to just pass by. But due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our daily lives, it has become one of the trending searches of today.

Especially since the pandemic situation took out a lot of jobs, leaving many people unemployed.

Right now, there are plenty of ways on how you’re going to earn online. However, most of the time, it starts with creating your own blog.

While setting up your own blog is easy, to actually earn money from it, you must maintain a constant stream of web traffic and visitor engagement. Which can be easy, or hard, depending on how much time one devotes to creating content on a regular basis.

But Madsense Profits claims that it can solve that problem, by helping you create a fully monetized blogsite and creating regular content to keep the traffic coming in

While it sounds like a great idea, is it legitimate? Is Madsense Profits the software system that you need to achieve financial freedom?

Or is it just another scam?

Stick around in this Madsense Profits review first, before you go ahead and avail of this system.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Madsense Profits review. I’m not affiliated with Madsense Profits, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is Madsense Profits?

The basic premise of Madsense Profits, is that it creates a blog in any niche you prefer, and monetizes it with ads, mostly from Google Adsense.

And to solve your content problems, it has the feature of automatically generating content from various sources.

Madsense Profits is also a cloud-based software. This means you can use it anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Who Created Madsense Profits?

The author and chief vendor of Madsense Profits is Brendan Mace.

Brendan Mace

He’s a well-known digital marketer, online entrepreneur, and one of the “Super Affiliates” in WarriorPlus.

He has also been the author and vendor of a number of products before, such as…

You can check out more of him via his official websites.

Main Features of Madsense Profits

Here are some of the main features that Madsense Profits provides.

Auto Blog Creator

Madsense Profits Create New Blog

Madsense Profits give you the capability to build your own blog, even if you don’t have any knowledge of blog or website building whatsoever.

You can just fill out the required forms on the page, like the blog name, the author’s name, and some visual properties, like the header and footer color.

You can also add your affiliate links for the product you’re going to promote, as well as Adsense code for either your header banner and side banner. This is required for your blog to be monetized.

Once all of these customizations are done, simply “Save & Publish” your work, and you’ll now have a fully-monetized blog.

Note that with this version, you can create up to 5 blogs of your own, for potential multiple streams of income.

Auto-Create Articles For Content

Madsense Profits Articles

Of course, a blog will mean nothing if it doesn’t have any content.

For this purpose, Madsense Profits allows you to add pre-made articles based on your niche choice. To do it, just click on “Add Articles” on the blog management page, search for your preferred niche, then click “Add Article” again.

You can also add as many articles to your blog as you like. And you also have the option to create your articles from scratch.

Finally, you can also edit some of the pre-made articles there and spin them, so you can have fresh content whenever it’s needed.

Free Hosting

Madsense Profits Website

Madsense Profits also comes with free hosting for all your created blogs and articles.

This means one doesn’t need to purchase another hosting service for any of their blogs created by Madsense Profits.

All the blogs and articles you created with Madsense Profits are already hosted on their own servers.

Madsense Profits One-Time Offers

Aside from the main app itself, Madsense Profits also offers several upsells to the system, that basically unlocks the full functions of the app, plus it allows you to access more menus.

Madsense Profits has a total of six upsells.

  • Front End: Madsense Profits ($16.93) – The front end to this system. You need to avail of this first before purchasing any of the upgrades listed below.
  • 1st Upsell: Platinum Edition ($67) – Unlocks the Platinum Edition for the app, which removes all limitations and allows you to create an unlimited number of blogs (the Front End is only limited to 5 blogs).
  • 2nd Upsell: Done For You (($197) – Allows access to 20 done-for-your blogs from various niches so you don’t need to work for your blogs.
  • 3rd Upsell: Easy Affiliate Profits ($97) – An online training video that teaches various strategies on affiliate marketing.
  • 4th Upsell: $1k Daily System ($197) – More online training videos to show how can you make a thousand dollars in commissions daily.
  • 5th Upsell: Unlimited Traffic ($197) – Gives you access to more web traffic for your blog sites.
  • 6th Upsell: License Rights To EVERYTHING ($197) – The reseller’s license. You get to sell ALL of the author’s products, both past, and future (which includes Madsense Profits), as your own and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

Is Madsense Profits Worth Buying?

A software system that completely automates the more complicated tasks of building a blog AND adding the content needed, may sound like a good idea.

But personally, I have some doubts about this system. And after testing the software myself…

I did find some rather critical flaws that you must know before you decide on buying this. Here are some of those flaws that I found.

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There’s No Reliable Traffic Source Here

Most moneymaking software systems like Madsennse Profits boast of the “free traffic” that they provide. Additionally, they claim that their traffic source is proven to convert to commissions.

Free Traffic

But upon going to the “Instant Traffic” section of the software and trying it out, this is what you’ll see.

As you can see, the main source of your traffic is social media sites. Which is rather unreliable.

This COULD work for you if you already have a huge following list or subscriber list on your social media accounts who are willing to buy your offered products.

But as a beginner, you certainly don’t have that much yet. Which is ironic considering that this system claims to be “newbie-friendly”.

Furthermore, not all of the traffic sources provided there are relevant to your niche. Some of those sites are just purely unrelated.

Like, why would you share your affiliate links on a news site, right?

Finally, the upsells that promise to teach you “unlimited traffic” are far from reliable, especially for a newcomer.

Again, these traffic methods would only work if you have a huge following on your social media accounts. And most of them are willing to buy this product from you.

But if you already achieved that, then you won’t even need this software system in the first place.

The Article Spinner Feature Is Full Of Errors

While Madsense Profits generates automatic content based on your chosen niche, it’s also highly unreliable.

If you look closely, the articles produced are full of grammatical errors that make no sense. And furthermore, the layout of the articles can be hard to read by anyone.

Also, you’ll run the risk that what you’re adding to your blog is duplicate content. This is quite harmful to your website, because search engines don’t like duplicate content at all.

If these search engines detect that you’re just using duplicate content, it’ll negatively impact your SEO rankings (assuming you DID get SEO with these sites). It’s actually much handier and even cheaper to just avail of PLR content from other services, and edit them for uniqueness.

The Free Hosting Service Is Also Unreliable

Free hosting for your websites, all for a one-time payment, and to top it off, the front-end software is quite cheap.

It does seem tempting to buy, given all of these conditions.

But what you get for a cheaper product, you sacrifice reliability.

Because there’s a VERY GOOD reason why most of these kinds of services offer a subscription-based payment model.

It’s to provide the level of support that you’ll need to keep your software working at optimal performance. As well as to keep the server stable enough.

One-time payment software systems usually don’t provide the support that you’ll need to keep it working. Once you purchased the software, you’re on your own now.

Which is bad news for anyone. Software like this has a tendency to just shut down once there’s no money going in.

And if it does, then don’t expect any more support from them.

Not only will the software itself won’t work anymore. All the blog websites you created and hosted on this software system, will also be gone for good. As well as the traffic you worked hard for in this software (assuming you DID get some traffic).

Now you may be thinking that it may not even happen at all. Well, it may happen sooner than you think.

And that’s because these vendors, “super affiliates”, tend to launch 2-3 products on WarriorPlus and JVZoo constantly. So how can they keep support their old products if they keep on releasing “new” ones?

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Madsense Profits Review: Final Verdict

One thing to note of before I end this Madsense Profits review…

It’s also worth noting that the author of this system, Brendan Mace, has already been labeled as a scammer by some reviewers.

With a reputation like that, it’s easy to think that most of the software systems that the author offers, are outright moneymaking fraud scams. Just like the Spyder System and Beast Funnels.

And Madsense Profits is no exception to this rule. This system, despite its name, isn’t ever going to help you earn any money at all.

If you want to start your own website for affiliate marketing, there are more reliable alternatives there. And some of them are even free to use.

And if you want a reliable and surefire way to make money online, keep reading beyond this Madsense Profits review…

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