Maeve Review: Can This Teach You How To Profit?

Today, we’re going to talk about an online course called Maeve. Can this system help you earn passive income? Let’s find out in this Maeve review.

Right now, we are living in a world of uncertainty. And for most people, even their own future looks to be uncertain as well.

The economic impact of the current pandemic has made several people losing their jobs. Given the situation and uncertainty, this may very well be the best-case scenario for most people.

Because for some people, being unemployed could lead to worse outcomes.

Fortunately, the internet has given us plenty of opportunities on how you can earn money from anywhere. Even from the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, there are plenty of educational materials out there that can help you succeed in this venture.

Maeve claims to be one of those online courses that you can take for that purpose. Basically, this course teaches you how to run a paid ads campaign to promote your links and try to earn commissions from it.

It does sound interesting at first glance. But will Maeve work for you as well? Is this going to be the answer to your financial freedom goals?

Stick around on this Maeve review to find out. And see if this online course is just the thing that you’ll need for your long-term plans.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Maeve review. I’m not affiliated with Maeve, or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is Maeve?

Maeve (named after the Irish queen of the same name) is an online course about affiliate marketing.

Basically, it teaches students how to run a marketing campaign using paid ads. Or more specifically, running a Google Discovery Ads campaign.

This training covers everything you’ll need to get started. From setting up your Google Ads account to creating your funnel pages, and even endorses you some products you can promote (all of them come from the WarriorPlus network, so you’ll need a WarriorPlus affiliate account beforehand).

The People Behind Maeve

Maeve is created by a three-woman team of digital entrepreneurs. And they are…

Nanda Brougham

Nanda Brougham

Kafayat Obanigba

Kafayat Obanigba

Paula-Maree Roberts

Paula-Maree Roberrts

The three are collectively known as the Digital Dames. And all three of them are also students of Jono Armstrong and his Ministry of Freedom.

Inside Maeve’s Members’ Area

This is what the members’ area of the Maeve online course looks like, once you’re logged in.

Maeve Members' Area

Out of the 10 menu items presented on Maeve, only 5 of them comprise the main training course.

The rest of the items deal with extras like case studies, as well as various bonuses included with the online course.

Here, we’re going to take a look at each of the menu items, and see what’s inside them.

Welcome To Maeve

This is self-explanatory. Inside here contains a video by the authors welcoming members to the course itself.

Inside here also contains some links promoting Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom course, as well as a link to join the Digital Dames community (most likely, this is a Facebook Group).


In this part, the authors will tell you all about Google Discovery Ads, and why are they effective.

Do take note that Google Discover Ads are still paid ads. Therefore, if you’re going to use this as a beginner, keep in mind that the cost-to-profit ratio may not be as high all the time.

Your Resources

Maeve Your Resources

This is the part where they’ll teach you how to set up your marketing campaign overall. This section is then further subdivided into four parts.

  • How To Create Your Google Ads Account – As the title says, this will teach you how you can start creating a Google Ads account for your campaigns here.
  • Get Setup With Your First Campaign – This is where you’ll be taught how to set up your Google Ads marketing campaign. Note that some of the information here is already covered in the previous training video.
  • Create Your Conversion Pixel – A conversion pixel is a small piece of code that adds a very small, invisible image to your website. They are used for tracking all your website visitor’s actions, like clicking a link, purchasing a product, etc. This training will show you how you can generate them.
  • Market Place Optimised Profile Setup – To simplify, this is where you’ll be taught how to create a Warriorplus account.

Express Bonus Page Generator

Maeve Express Bonus Page Generator

This section deals with everything that you need to know about bonus pages. Aside from the training provided, this also provides a tool for creating your own bonus page that you can use with your campaign.

  • Bullet Express Bonus Page Generator – This training video just shows how can you create your bonus page using the generator they provided. It also has a link to the page generator itself.
  • How To Express Deliver Your Bonuses – This training will then teach you how you can set up your bonus delivery links and add them to your marketing campaigns.

Here is what the Bonus Page Generator of Maeve looks like.

Maeve Page Generator

Most of the products that are suggested here are already affiliated with the authors of this training. Like Profit Force and TweetX.

Express Campaigns Setup

Maeve Express Campaigns Setup

This is where the course will teach you what you need to know to finally use your Google Discovery Ads campaign.

Note that some of the information presented here has already been covered up in the previous modules. But some of them will be explained in more detail.

  • Create Your Conversion Pixel – This is basically a repeat of a previous video from this course. Personally, I have no idea why they did this.
  • Discovery Ads Campaign Setup – This is where the course will finally teach you how to run your marketing campaign using Google Discovery ads. While it can get quite technical for affiliate marketing newcomers, this is the most comprehensive and most important training in this course.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

Maeve Boost Your Conversion Rate

This section will teach you how you can increase your rate of conversion to sales on your campaigns. But in reality, it’s just a promotional page for some of their affiliated products.

  • Tricks Of The Trade – This training is more of a guide on how to use a product called Commission Gorilla. But there are also some useful tips here, including how you can create a bonus page for free.
  • BadAss Bonuses – This is just a promotion page for a product of the same name, which is also created by the same authors.

Case Studies

Maeve Case Study

This section of the training course contains a case study about Maeve. This is simply to prove the effectiveness of the methods used here.


Maeve Debrief

This video is basically just a recap of everything that’s been taught inside this course. In addition, it also gives some links to other training courses affiliated with them.

The rest of the sections only deal with the bonuses that you get when you purchased this course, as well as the one-time offers for this.

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Maeve Sales Funnel

Maeve One-Time Offers

Upon purchasing the Maeve online course, the system will also give you the option of purchasing some upgrades to the system. You can choose to avail of them, or just skip them through.

While the OTO offers have such fancy names, at its core, they’re just the same as with every other OTOs of the products on WarriorPlus.

  • Front End: Maeve ($12.97) – This is the front-end product. Before you can avail of any of the upgrades listed here, you should purchase this first.
  • 1st Upgrade: Ride The Bullet Train To Cha Ching Station ($67-$47) – Gives you 25 pre-made, done-for-you sales funnel pages that you can already use to promote these offers, without building them yourself.
  • 2nd Upgrade: Outsourcing Suite: Your 100% Hands-FREE Solution ($397-$297) – Instead of creating and running the entire marketing funnel yourself, the Maeve team will handle everything instead.
  • 3rd Upgrade: Cheat Your Way To Our Pretty Profits ($97-$67) – Allows the authors to place your conversion pixels on their sales pages to “steal their traffic” from them.
  • 4th Upgrade: Advanced Underground Marketing Strategies (%47-$27) – Allows access to more advanced marketing training from this system.
  • 5th Upgrade: Never Done Before MEGA SALE For Maeve Reseller License ($29-$19) – Sell Maeve as your own and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.
  • 6th Upgrade: Never Done Before MEGA VALUE Bundle Reseller License ($87-$67) – Same as the previous reseller license, but this time covers up to 5 of the previous products made by the authors of this product.

Is Maeve A Course Worth Taking?

At this point of this Maeve review, you might be thinking that this training course may just be the thing you need to take to help you start making money online.

Regardless, if you’re going to avail of this, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

“Is this really the money-making system that I need?”

“Does this system fit my current goals?”

“Is it reliable for me in the long run?”

Because when it comes to making money online, many people can fall victim to the Shiny Object Syndrome. And thus, lose their long-term goals.

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome?


In WarriorPlus and JVZoo, you can find plenty of money-making systems that claim to be a good opportunity to make money online.

Additionally, they’ll even show some “proofs” of their earnings on their sales pages in order to increase the hype surrounding their product or system.

And for the most part, many people will buy it, thinking that it could give them the same results.

This is an example of “Shiny Object Syndrome.

Most people are giving in to the hype, that many of them are already forgetting their long-term goals.

Which then leads to frustration for some people. As many of their current marketing goals would be left unfinished.

This is also an example of people who clearly don’t have a clear focus on what they want to do in their money-making goals.

And instead, they just go with the hype of a new opportunity, and leave their current ones unfinished.

How To Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome?

If you ever get caught in shiny object syndrome, here are some tips that may help you in overcoming it.

  • Assess Your Goals – While most of us have an overall goal in making money online, there are also some individual goals that you must achieve first to help you in reaching your ultimate goal. Make sure that you’re going to complete those first, before you go ahead and start another.
  • Note Its Compatibility With Your Existing Goals – Before jumping in an opportunity you see, check if it’s workable with your current goals. See first if getting that opportunity or product contribute to your current or overall progress.
  • See Past The Hype – Most of the time, those people who are already promoting a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money” are already promoting ANOTHER money-making system a few months before, or even a year before. And they’re even making the same claim of a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money”. Thus, how can you say that the opportunity they’re presenting is legitimate and effective, if they keep on presenting different ones?
  • Not Every “Opportunity” Works – It’s hard to admit, but not every money-making opportunity can work for us. We have different niches, and thus, different specialties. If a money-making system works for them, good. But results can still vary between every individual. So just stick with what works for you, and perfect it.
  • “Just Say No!” – If you think that product or opportunity being presented to you hits any red flag after you’ve gone through all these steps and weighed in the pros and cons, then…just say no. Learn to refuse the opportunity, no matter how good it is for you, if it isn’t something that can help you in the long run.

Paid Advertisements Isn’t Suitable For Everyone

It’s also important to mention here that, since Google Discovery ads is a form of paid advertisement, it isn’t really suitable for starting affiliate marketers. Because they usually act on a low starting budget for their affiliate marketing needs.

If you start using paid ads for increased traffic and these didn’t convert, you may end up losing more money. Of course, it still depends on many factors, like the type of product you’re promoting, your niche, and others.

But overall, using paid ads is only advised if you’ve already built up your affiliate marketing knowledge, especially in optimizing your strategy under any circumstance.

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Good Strategy, Bad Products

Sure, the strategy that they’re teaching in this course is an effective one. But the products they’re suggesting you promote aren’t really the best idea.

The WarriorPlus marketing network is full of products that are only “shiny objects”. They promise that they can make you a lot of money, yet they fail the expectations of most people.

If you’re going to promote these products to your customers, you’re going to end up with a lot of disappointed customers. In the worst-case scenario, they may never buy products from you again.

Sure. The case studies can prove that they earn quite a lot of money promoting these products. But we’re still unsure if they can also gain the trust of repeat buyers of those products.

Maeve Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Maeve review…

I’m not going to mention that Maeve is a scam course. Just like Infusion and Profit Force, the methods that they teach here are legitimate and could be effective.

However, despite what the sales page says, the idea isn’t really a secret hack or brand new. It’s already there, and many others are already using this method for their marketing campaigns.

In fact, you may not even need to buy this course at all, as some of the training here can be availed of for free.

But as always, the decision is still up to you. Let this Maeve review be your guide for that decision.

But if you’re asking me if I can suggest a good system that can help you earn money online aside from this, keep on reading beyond this Maeve review…

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