Magnetic Mind Review – Christopher Duncan Is Legit But Teaches Nothing Practical?

Today, we are going to talk about the Magnetic Mind method from Christopher Duncan. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It is always an interesting journey whenever I write these reviews. I never really know exactly what I will get into until I start my research. As somebody who has been writing these reviews, there are still a ton of different courses and programs that I have yet to discover. That is one of the things that makes these reviews enjoyable for me. Sure, it does get tiring writing these every once in a while. Especially if I write a review within a certain niche in succession. How many times will I write about a course from certain niche in a way that is not similar to the last one? That is often the struggle with writing these.

So whenever I come across a program from a niche that I haven’t dabbled in a while, it almost feels like a breath of fresh air. Finally, something different for once. The main problem I am facing now is how to approach the writing for this review. Because if you have seen any of my reviews, you kind of know how the flow of it works. I am often a very predictable writer. That is just how I am, I guess.

Back to the topic at hand, though. I don’t really dabble much on these “inspirational” courses. It’s not something that I am interested in. There is nothing appealing about it for me. If you boil down a lot of these courses and programs, most of them are basically telling you that you are not approaching your life correctly. And the way to approach your life is by following whatever their method they’re selling you. So is something like the Magnetic Mind method from Christopher Duncan different from all of the other motivational coaching programs out there? That’s what we are about to find out.

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Magnetic Mind Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Magnetic Mind Masterclass
  • Founder: Christopher Duncan
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Personal development, motivational coaching
  • Recommendation: I do not highly recommend the courses being offered by Christopher Duncan and his team at Conscious Education. There’s nothing compelling about what you might learn from his coaching sessions. While there is also a potential to earn money from being one of the “accredited” coaches of the Magnetic Mind method, you are better off finding other ways to learn money than being a motivational coach.

Who Is Christopher Duncan?

Magnetic Mind method creator Christopher Duncan

Christopher Duncan is the founder of Conscious Education and the creator of the Magnetic Mind method. There’s not a ton of other information out there about his journey into starting his own motivational coaching company. It does seem that aside from Conscious Education, Christopher runs a couple of other companies like a digital media company, a property investment company and a dating company. So it seems that Christopher has an entrepreneurial streak to him.

But it does seem that early on in one of his businesses, Christopher was struggling a bit to make his business work. That is often one of those things that a lot of business owners experience. Christopher was definitely someone who want to make it work. But it was to the detriment of his well being. He wasn’t getting enough sleep which lead him to gain a bit of weight. At that point, Christopher was feeling a bit burnt out from running his own business. There were moments where Christopher started to think that he might be better off getting a job instead of running his own business.

So he decided to take a bit of a break to clear his mind a bit. By the time that he came back from vacation, Christopher had the idea to observe his employees. He realized that he could do the work his employees were doing in a 40-hour work week within 4–5 hours. It’s great that he was confident in his abilities to think that. He later on decided to put certain systems in place in order to maximize the time that they had in the office. Moreso that Christopher would no longer have the need to oversee every single part of his company everyday.

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What Is Magnetic Mind?

There isn’t really a lot of information about the Magnetic Mind method available when you search for it. A lot of the results for it are mostly those for the training and certification program that Cristopher Duncan offers. But we will talk about that later.

One of the videos that I saw for one of the many training programs related to the Magnetic Mind method kind of gave me an idea of what this method is like. It’s basically just a way for you to live your life without any kind of regret. You’re supposedly going to come in contact with your superconscious in order to release the trauma that is holding you back.

The more that I write about it, the more than it doesn’t seem true. All it really is is just some form of motivational talking. You’re making yourself believe the words that somebody like Christopher Duncan tells you. I’m still not sure how Christopher discovered this method. None of the interviews that I have watched and listened to has him talking about it. Surely, he must’ve learned about this from someone. So it’s definitely suspicious when there is no official explanation for this sort of thing.

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So What Are These Programs Related To The Magnetic Mind Method?

Magnetic Mind method creator Christopher Duncan

There are total of seven different courses that Christopher Duncan offers through the Conscious Education brand. The cheapest among all of them is the Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode course, which costs $495. There’s not really much to the Rapid Recode course except an online workshop. You also get access to the library and the on-demand version of the workshop.

Then there’s also the Magnetic Mind masterclass, which costs $4,995. There are also installment plans available. It’s basically just a supersized version of Rapid Recode course. You get access to an almost daily group coaching session every week for the entire year. Aside from that, you get access to a library full of the previous Rapid Recode sessions. You just get a lot more stuff in this masterclass compared to the Rapid Recode course.

But the income opportunity for a lot of people comes in the form of the Magnetic Mind Certification course. This course costs $19,995. As with the masterclass, you can available of their installment plans if you can’t afford to pay the almost $20,000 price tag upfront. The inclusions for the certification course is 12 months worth of access to the Magnetic Mind masterclass as well as the weekly coaching sessions. You also get access to their 3-day live virtual event and the Magnetic Mind university. And since this is a certification course, you get a certificate as a certified coach of the Magnetic Mind method.

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Final Verdict – Magnetic Mind Review

I do not recommend any of the Magnetic Mind courses that are offered by Christopher Duncan and the Conscious Education Company. There’s nothing about their courses that seems like a good idea. I still don’t fully understand what the Magnetic Mind method even is. That’s kind of my main problem with it. If they couldn’t tell you upfront a summary of what exactly this method is, chances are that it doesn’t really work the way that it should.

The pricing for the courses is definitely on the more expensive side compared to some of the self-motivational courses available out there. Even with the availability of an installment plan, it’s still not a good idea to spend thousands of dollars just to hear someone talk. The income opportunity that comes with being a certified coach of this method isn’t really worth it. I mean, you could definitely get people to pay you to tell them what they’re doing wrong in their life. But is it really something that you truly believe in?

To be very honest with you guys, i don’t actually believe in motivational gurus and in my entire life I have never heard any of them.I still remember in 2018 i had an in depth debate with one of my relatives how these motivational gurus scam people.

Most of them achieved nothing in life and make money by selling motivation to you guys.Listen, you have to do the stuff which needs to be done ,yourself.That does not need motivation ,that needs dedication and hunger.Motivation can work for an hour ,two hour but not all the time.You have to be motivated yourself all the time.That’s how winners think and win at life.

There is no light without dark and there is no joy without pain.I have this quote from world’s most famous guy Andrew Tate in my heads all the time and writing it here.

The way I feel does not effect me.If I wake up tomorrow and feels unhappy, I get things done the same way if I wake up happy.I go to the gym same, I work the same hours ,do all the f**** things THE SAME WAY.The person who goes to the gym when he feels like going to the gym will always lose to the person who goes to the gym regardless of how he feels.Whether he feels happy or sad, he goes to the gym and train the same way.

In short I just wanna say ,save your money from these kinds of programs and learn a real money making skill instead.Which will help you ACTUALLY make money.

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