How To Make Money Online With Google ? Personal Experience with tips

How to make money online with google.SO,you are looking to make money online and want to select google for it.But how you are going to do it.

This is the question I am going to answer for you in detail,but before that I welcome you to my website.

Now there are lots of ways to make money online with google.You can earn solid income by selecting any of these.

In fact life changing income. Will talk about each method in detail and I hope you will find this post really helpful.

I bet that this will be the best article you are going to learn in this article.

I read a lot of stuff online about this topic [How to make money online with google].

But after reading a lot of content I think they are lacking information and not making it clear for you.

So,here we go you guys.First of all before talking about this topic I want to clear one thing.

That is making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.It requires a lot of hard work and consistency.

It is not going to make you rich overnight.Infact overnight success is a myth,You have to work hard for your freedom.

Work hard to change your life.If it was that easy to make money online everybody would be rich.they are not rich and we know the reason why.

So,first of all change this mindset and than work hard.You can make millions online.

Yes millions and millions online if you have vision,hard work and consistency.

Each way that I am going to talk in this topic is by my personal experience.

I tried them all myself.

Spent a lot of time testing and tweaking this thing and now I think that I am the best person to talk about this topic.

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How To make Money Online With Google

How to make money online with google and change your life.Achieve financial freedom and have a life that you ever dreamed of.

Now,I am not going to talk about to earn few dollars from here and there.But I am going to talk about the real online businesses with google.

The business which have potential to give you time freedom.If you are sleeping it keeps generating money for you on auto pilot.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to make money with google but I will talk about the ones that I personally tried.

In some of these I failed and in some I made a decent amount of money.

In fact you can make money on any platform whether it?s yahoo,bing  baidu or social media.

It?s totally upon you guys.

You can make money from google by Google adsense.It is the most common way to make money from google.

It is also known as blogging.

Second way is to start affiliate marketing business which in my opinion is the best online business at the moment.Third way is to sell your products on google.

Fourth is lead generation business.Fifth is flipping domain.Sixth is rank and rent method.

Seventh is dropshipping,amazon fba kind of businesses(too much saturated).

Do not worry I will talk about each one of them in detail but for this you have to read these important lines.

Yes,you can make six figures with any of them.Yes,these seven business models can change your life.

More importantly I think myself as an experience and credible person because I have tried.
As,I said that there are two main and big pillars when it comes to making money online.

First one is google and second one is facebook.Because almost all the world uses these websites.And they have your targeted audience in every niche across the globe.

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Google Adsense

First way which is mentioned is google adsense.
Google adsense is the most common way to make money online with google.But it has not enough potential to change your life.

Yes,it is sad but the truth is that google adsense has very low income potential.

If you somehow managed to make $1k/month it will be considered very abnormal thing lol.
In google adsense you have to do these steps.

First you have to select a niche of which you are going to talk about on your website.
After selecting this write articles around keyword related to your niche.Each keyword has different cpc value according to google.

CPC means cost per click.

If the keyword is difficult than it will high CPC and you are going to make more money.

If Low than ofcourse money will be also less.

But there is no benefit to talk about these things if you do not know about SEO.
For making money online with google adsense you have to learn SEO.

Seo means search engine optimization.Search engine optimization can be of anything.
It can be of your website or keyword.

Mostly it is for keyword to get higher ranking on google,Google has 202 rules on which he gives rank to a keyword or website which is known as SEO.

So,if you want to make money with google than for this you have to learn seo to get your keyword ranked number one on that search term.

So that people will click and you will earn money according to your CPC.

If you want to know my opinion from where you can earn money with google adsense than I will give you advise to follow Backlinko or Neil Patel for this.

They both have very knowledge of SEO and keep sharing their knowledge with people on youtube.
Let me make it even easier for you.Just learn on-page seo to get it going for you.

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Affiliate Marketing

You know what is the best way to make money online.It os affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to start an online business from today.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing ti\\is in which you promote other people?s product and in return you will get a commission.It is as simple as that.

Or in another language if you sell any other person?s product online than it is called affiliate marketing.

If you sell your own product than it will be your own marketing business.

In fact affiliate marketing is the only business model online which provides you with the opportunity of making passive income.

If you do not know what passive income is.

Passive income means that if you do not work for a month or two.

The amount of money still left the same as you left two months before.

This is the best thing about affiliate marketing.

And it is the only business model which gives you this opprotunity.Marketing is the main thing in affiliate marketing.

If you do not know how to market a product online than it will take time for you.Ever listened earn while you learn.

This goes with this business.

These two are basically the best way to make money online on google.

Hundreds and thousand people are doing these two things.

But ,I prefer affiliate marekting.

In affiliate marketing you do not have to deal with customer problems and everything else related to this thing.

So,in my personal experience affiliate marketing

is the best way to make money online.

Whether it is google or any other platform,this is my number one pick.Now,we are going to talk about the third one..

Lead Generation

Lead generation is my third pick to make money online with google.In lead generation you have to deal with a lot of stuff.

In this business you have to work for someone else.

Basically you will be working for 

a businessman.I did it and was earning enough money but I was not satisfied because I was continuously growing someone else?s business.

Rather than working for someone else and increasing their business all the time,I would rather work 10 hours a day for my own online business[Affiliate marketing].

Now,I am going to clarify you what is lead generation.Lead means potential customer.

The person who is more likely to be your customer or your boss customer.

When for example if someone searched for plumber in texas and your website[your boss site] is on top.

Than This person is going to hire you.

There are very much chances that

he will convert this lead into customer and going to make money out of it.

For this you have to do seo for their website and charge for it.

Whether it is $1000,$2000 or whatever you want to charge with your personal experience.

For this you will need to learn SEO.SEO is the way to go.

There is no busi9ness online that will 

give you income that brings passive income without SEO.For seo you have to work for a keyword once and it will feed you for life.

That is the concept of passive income.

For example if you worked for a keyword in your owners niche.Let’s say it is best plumber in newyork.

This search term gets 4000 volume.

Now for this you have to just work once and it will bring money for you in a long run.

If you have seo knowledge and take this keyword on top this means that the business owner is going to make thousands of dollars out of that keyword.

So that he is not afraid to pay you even $10k/month.This business is in my third list in making money online with google.

And the best part is you have to work on the seo of this keyword for one time.

And once it got the top rank than you just have to work one or maybe half hour on it everyday.And remember you are still charging money rom the business owner.

In lead generation business the hardest part is to get a client.Getting client is the hardest part in this business model.I was in lead generation business

for more than six months and everydayi just worked on this.I tried every outreaching method to land a client.

But all of this was useless.

You have to learn sales for it.Also this business is very saturated now a days that every other person is picking up the phone and calling the business owner.

So,i will give you advise to keep distance with this business.It will suck your time.Also there is not any kind of assurity that the business owner is

keep working with you.

IF he says that he is not comfortable working with you than your business is going to explode.

Lead generation is the hardest business I have tried in my online journey.I wasted a lot of time on it.

That is the reason I am very emotional writing this.

I also want to tell you that sometime business owners get so much stressed because of these kinds of sales call that they even shout at me.

I was not comfortable doing this business that is why I left it.You can try it if you want.

Because if something did not worked for me it did not mean that it will not work for you.You can test your luck for it.

But one thing I will strongly recommend for it to get seo knowledge.Seo i the basics of any online business out there.

There are lots of courses on youtube on it.You can learn basics of seo in just two days.Than you are ready to call business owners.LOL!

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Rank And Rent

The third way is rank and rent.It is again basically consist of SEO.

In this business model you will have to do just one thing as mentioned in the name.You will just have to rank a website.

Either it can be on google maps or just keywords rank.But you have to rank a website which is already getting leads through google.

After ranking your website you will have to do one thing.You will just have to sell it 

to the business owner in that niche.It will be a contract.

For example if you ranked a website on keyword like best plumber in houston than you will have to rank it to the plumber not to the lawyer or real estate agent.

Hope you will get this idea.

This is also a term of lead generation business.But it is really easy to make money out of it.

This is because you will just have to found a business owner who is interested in getting these leads.

Of course who will refuse this offer,if your website is already getting tons of leads that can be customers of someone else and can bring hundreds and thousands of dollars in sales.

In rank and rent you will have to get really good at everything.By everything I mean SEO.

SEO takes time to learn.I learned the basics of seo five years ago and I am still learning it.

Because it is a never ending game.Hope you are getting my point here.

If you want to make a life changing income in this field than this needs very high skills of SEO. Because you are always competing on keywords with your competitor.

The other bad thing about this business is that SEO takes time.SEO takes time you guys.

If you are reading this article,it took me four to five months to get the top position and grabbing your attention.

This is the clear agenda of this business.

In rank and rent method may be it took you time to reach that position.

It can be a year or more than that.Because I know how competitive this industry is at the moment.

So,again I do not want to recommend it to you.Because you will spend a lot of time in this business for someone else.

And also ranking a website takes time you guys.Guys it takes time.I do not want to suger coat you things.

I just want to be straight forward to you.

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Selling Your own Products On Google

Fourth way is to sell your own products online.Select a niche in which you are interested in.

After this do a course on it.It is totally up to you what will be the price of it.

You will decide it.Than optimize your articles to bring your content/course in front of people.

Let me explain it in detail.I am in affiliate marketing and I think that I am eligible to make a course of affiliate marketing.

For this purpose I will first show proof/results of my success to people.

It can be in my articles or somewhere in my blog to gain trust of the people.

So,now the main steps come.Where is my targeted audience.Of course on google.Google is the best place to advertise 

any product.

There is a very basic reason of that.

As I said that there are two massive ways/platform that you can make money online.

Facebook/social media or google.But the traffic on google is more educated and quality.

In facebook you are pushing your product to the people.But in google you are pulling people to your product.

For example,the only way people are going to see

your offer there will be only when they will need any help.It is not the case in facebook.

Now get to the point again.This topic is so vast and large that I do not have idea from where to staRt and where to end.

So,bare me with it!

For selling your product about affiliate marketing you will target keywords like affiliate marketing.

There is thousands of queries on this topic.

So,the concept is that anybody that wants to start an affiliate marketing business is your customer.

But if you are new and do not know affiliate marketing than it is nearly impossible.

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Dropshipping/Amazon FBA

The last way that you can make money from google is by setting your online store on a single niche.

This is called amazon fba.

Well it is but I do not want to get in detail on that topic.So,basically 

in both these business model you have to do the same thing again.

I have tried these two businesses also.But all in vain.

These business models are total outdated and in my opinion do not worth your time.

These two businesses are over saturated so we are not going to talk about these two in detail.So,I will leave it here.

These two will be the least and not my recommendation

for you to make money online.

Make Money Online With Google[TIPS]

I want to include some more things here for you.Make money online with google or somewhere else is not easy.

You will have to work hard.But one thing is crystal clear that if you want to make money on this platform than you have to 

sell something.

There are three big ways to make money online.First one is by selling your own product.

SECOND one is by affiliate marketing.Third is by selling your services to someone.Like lead generation or SMMA.

Social media marketing*.

But if you are selling something online you must remember one thing.

What transition the product is bringing in the life of your customer.

Did it is bringing some value like in lead generation in which the business owner is going to make ten times more money or not.

You have to think about others not for yourself.

At the end it is about changing lives.Not just making money by promoting something.

Always promote product that you think from heart will bring massive

value to anyone who buys it.

So,I think we talked enough about making money online and now this is the time to end this post.

I hope that you found it informative.



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