Marco Kozlowski Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Marco Kozlowski. Is he legit? Find out in this Marco Kozlowski review.

Let’s start with a little background on Canadian Marco Kozlowski, who has been marketing his book on profiting off of American real estate to British audiences.

At a London lecture, he promised attendees “30% off real value of all properties that we’re going to invest in,” which translates to steep discounts on real estate.

He does this by zeroing in on homes whose owners have an urgent need to sell for one of five reasons (which he labels the “Five D Formula”: “death, divorce, debt, displacement, and disease”).

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Marco Kozlowski review first.

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Marco Kowlozski Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Marco Kowlozski
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Mentoring
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend this program, as there are just a lot of red flags surrounding it.

Marco Kowlozski’s Pitch

Marco Kozlowski Review - Marco

The idea emphasized here is that the asset, rather than the individual, serves as the key qualifier for the loan. Marco’s own experience as a Canadian citizen without a social security number underscores this point, as he conducted numerous deals in the U.S. during his initial years in business.

The focus is on the power of creative thinking and effective execution to achieve results. Those seeking an alternative to laboring for others are encouraged to pay attention.

In residential real estate, it resembles a hard money loan, where the property’s value determines the loan amount. Credit history is less significant, as the lender can reclaim the property if the borrower defaults, albeit at a higher interest rate.

Marco’s promises

The critical question becomes, can the monthly mortgage be covered with a high-interest loan? Marco asserts that it’s feasible, particularly in commercial real estate. Some commercial asset-based lenders offer loans at reasonable rates, typically between nine to eleven percent, provided that the property’s cash flow can support it.

Using a hypothetical example of a property generating $300,000 annually, approximately half of the income covers expenses, leaving a net profit of $150,000. Depending on location, this property might be valued at around $1.5 million.

An asset-based lender might extend a loan for seventy percent of this value, translating to roughly $1,050,000. This implies acquiring the property for $1 million, with $50,000 allocated for closing costs to secure 100% of the purchase price.

Securing deals

The strategy to secure such deals involves diligent work and effective negotiation to potentially acquire properties below their market value. Despite this, sellers may or may not be aware of the property’s true value.

The reward for successful execution is obtaining the property without personal financial risk or impacting one’s credit score. Even after factoring in a high-interest loan, the potential for a significant annual profit exists.

Marco highlights the opportunity to make minor improvements, increase rent and property value, refinance, borrow more, and enhance tax-free income. T

his approach involves putting in initial effort for ongoing monthly returns from property ownership, offering financial flexibility. Marco believes this approach is underutilized and encourages others to explore it.

For those seeking Marco’s guidance, he offers a mentoring program called Virtually Invest, priced at $2,500. This program includes one-on-one support until the participant acquires their first three-to-five unit building.

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Red Flags About Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski Review - Marco 2

In this section, we delve into the experiences of investors who have invested significant sums in Marco Kozlowski’s real estate mentoring program. These individuals have expressed disappointment, asserting that Kozlowski did not fulfill his commitment to secure full financing for their U.S. property investments.

Until a recent statement provided to CBC News, Kozlowski had been assuring prospective investors that they could access funding for their U.S. real estate endeavors through his organization.

Corrina Tanizawa, an investor hailing from Vancouver, shared that her primary motivation for joining Marco Kozlowski’s advanced real estate training course was the assurance of 100% financing. She committed over $20,000 to the program.

With substantial experience in the U.S. real estate market, Tanizawa elucidated the challenges associated with securing a lender, which made Kozlowski’s offer highly appealing. Initially, she participated in a $3,500 three-day training seminar hosted by Kozlowski’s organization.

However, she soon realized that access to lending resources was contingent upon enrollment in Kozlowski’s mentorship program, which ranged from $15,000 to $150,000 US. Even after becoming part of the program, obtaining loans remained an elusive endeavor.

Tanizawa opted for the highest tier, the Diamond program, which carried a price tag of $150,000, and she chose to make payments in installments. She initiated her financial commitment with an initial payment of $20,000, only to become disheartened when financing for a Chicago sixplex fell through.

Manuela Noel, who, along with her husband, invested $100,000 in Marco Kozlowski’s advanced training program last year, expressed disappointment, explaining that their motivation for joining was the advertised funding referred to as the ‘Bank of Marco,’ which ultimately did not materialize.

In response to what was communicated by Kozlowski’s sales representatives to Vancouver investors, Marco Kozlowski has clarified that he no longer provides funding for students’ purchases.

Mike Noel, another participant in Kozlowski’s program for the past year, conveyed his lack of confidence in the program and its founder, mentioning that he has no faith in Marco’s program or in Marco himself.

He also noted that he is unaware of anyone from his class who managed to secure financing from Kozlowski.

Noel became emotional as he shared his regret for encouraging two young Vancouver brothers to enroll in the program. He disclosed that both siblings signed up for the $100,000 course, even though they couldn’t afford it.

They accrued debt to cover the cost of Kozlowski’s program, only to find that the promised financing never materialized. In summary, Noel characterized Kozlowski as “long on promises, short on delivery.”

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Marco Kozlowski’s Broken Promises

Kozlowski conveyed a different stance on financing, stating that they no longer provide in-house funding to their students. He attributed this shift to the program’s remarkable success, noting that their funding reserves had been depleted more rapidly than initially anticipated.

He mentioned that, for a brief period, a limited number of students faced challenges accessing in-house funding for their real estate transactions.

He expressed understanding of the frustration experienced by these students and emphasized their diligent efforts to identify alternative funding sources.

Kozlowski added that they assist students in need of financial support in finding external sources, including private lenders and other non-bank lending options.

Interestingly, just two days before this apparent change in policy, Kozlowski’s sales staff had been informing prospective investors in Toronto and Vancouver that funding would be available if they enrolled in future training seminars.

In Vancouver, a representative named Robinson explained to potential investors that a dedicated fund had been established for financing student deals, even mentioning that deposits were unnecessary as Kozlowski would utilize his “investor documents” for this purpose.

In Toronto, a speaker informed potential students that access to Kozlowski’s fund was contingent upon paying tuition to learn his system.

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