Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about Maria DiGeronimo and her net worth.

I have written a bit about reality shows and the people who become known for being in them. The format has been around for more than two decades at this point. So many reality shows have been made during that point.

There are a lot of different formats for reality shows. Because, often, reality shows focus on people who are not professional actors. It can be a competition series like a talent show or one that just focuses on a group of people during a certain point in time.

The latter format is a lot more commonplace. Reality competition series involves a ton of auditions. It’s hard to have new people joining a reality competition on a semi-regular basis. That’s why The Voice and America’s Got Talent alternate once one of the other finishes their respective season. The documentary-style reality shows are easier to produce since you focus more on the personalities and their day-to-day.

So many different subsets of people have been featured in documentary-style reality shows. It’s often families that get featured on these types of shows. There is just inherent drama in being a family. The more dysfunctional the family, the better the drama gets. Like, there’s one that focuses on a family in Long Island that run a hair and nail salon.

Sometimes, a reality show focuses on a group that’s not related by blood, but is related through a common thing. Like, there’s somehow a reality series that focuses on women who either practice medicine or women who are married to those that practice medicine.  It’s such a niche group to focus on. But somehow it has lead to an eight-season run.

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Maria DiGeronimo: Quick Facts

  • Full name: Maria DiGeronimo
  • Birthday: March 03, 1986
  • Claim to fame: Appearing in the first season of the Australian reality series “Yummy Mummies
  • Estimated net worth: $1 million

What Is Yummy Mummies?

So here’s a bit of some background just so we are on the same page. Yummy Mummies is an Australia reality series that aired on the Seven Network from 2017 to 2018. The show is available to stream on Netflix in certain territories.

Also another bit of context, apparently “yummy mummies” is a term that people refer to mothers who they find attractive. You are probably aware of that four letter abbreviation that people use to refer to moms that they would like to have sex with. It’s pretty much the same thing.

The premise of the Australian reality series is that there was a Instagram called the Yummy Mummies of Melbourne. It wasn’t an account that was about all of the supposed yummy mummies of Melbourne. It’s creepy to post people’s photos without their permission. Especially moms.

It was an account that was run by three self-imposed yummy mummies. Looking at their photos, I get why they’d be referred to as yummy mummies even though they chose to call themselves that. They’re relatively attractive women who are either pregnant or already have kids.

The three main yummy mummies are friends Loringska Merrington, Rachel Watts, Jane Scandizzo. They started to post on the joint Instagram account of their lives. Most of the time, it was just photos of them in lavish events around Melbourne and elsewhere. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these yummy mummies are also very rich.

Of course, an account like that would become popular among a lot of people. Who doesn’t follow people they don’t know for inspiration? People do it with fitness gurus all the time. Why shouldn’t people find inspiration in three rich women from Melbourne?

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A screenshot of a getting ready tutorial that Maria DiGeronimo did

So Where Does Maria DiGeronimo Fit In All Of This?

The premise of the first season of the Yummy Mummies reality series hinges on Maria finding out about the Instagram account. Initially, the show was really focusing on the three moms.

Bear in mind that Maria lives in Adelaide. That’s about an eight-hour drive or so from Melbourne. Or an hour and a half if you take a flight. So the Yummy Mummies obviously have to make the trip to go there. I think Lorinska was the one currently pregnant?

The pilot episode for the first episode introduces us to the four women. Obviously, involved Maria into the mix definitely changes the dynamics of the group. The three moms are very close with each other. And having somebody that they didn’t really know all that much changes that.

The first act of the episode introduces us to the Melborne moms. All of them are very well-accomplished women. Both Jane and Loringska are models. While Rachel works as a retail manager for a fashion. Each of their partners are also well-accomplished. I mean, they wouldn’t be rich if their jobs didn’t pay well.

Maria on the other hand doesn’t really have a job. Her husband apparently owns a barbershop. Although I’m not really sure how he is able to fund their lifestyle. But… Maria’s family owns a concreting business. So that’s where their money comes from.

What Happens On The Show

I mean, it’s a reality show. It’s obviously going to have tension and drama in it. That’s why a lot of people watch them.

I have only really seen the first episode of the series. It gives you the sense of what the show would be like moving forward. That’s how you set the tone for any series.

Considering how tight-knit the three Melbourne moms are, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see that they may clash with Maria in some form. Like I said earlier, introducing somebody new to the dynamic will obviously lead to different reactions. It’s easy to not react all that well to something new.

Also, all four the ladies are somewhere along the line in their pregnancy. It factors somewhere into all of this. Although I’m not really sure how.

Maria is certainly a character on the show. Like, I’m still surprised they managed to find her somehow. Though, Maria isn’t really a low-key type of person.

Like a lot of reality shows, all four moms are featured in varying lengths throughout the season. Some will overlap in their appearances. But each of them take up a decent chunk of the episode. You can’t always be with the same people all the time. I guess, unless they’re your family members. So seeing how they are normally is often a breath of fresh air.

It is interesting how Maria is such a really dynamic character of sorts. I do think the series is able to show off their personalities on screen. Sometimes having a larger-than-life personality lends well to television. But sometimes I feel like it could be draining for a lot of people. But it seems that these moms know what they were getting into.

Do All Reality Shows Work?

Sometimes you don’t really know whether a show would work or not. You’re spending a few months recording footage that you can show the viewers. But you can only find out about their opinion once you’ve shown a teaser or the entire season. That’s when the comments start to roll in.

I mean, it’s still a reality show. So there’s definitely an audience for it, regardless. And considering that I don’t really much about Australian reality shows, it might have been sort of successful? They were able to do a second season of it. Though it seems that the renewal happened despite the show being panned critically and not having high enough ratings. But I guess it being available on Netflix outside of Australia helped.

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Maria DiGeronimo in the music video for the song Valentina

So What The Heck Is Maria DiGeronimo’s Net Worth?

In the previous section, I mentioned that Yummy Mummies was renewed for another season. But the caveat to that is Maria DiGeronimo would not be returning for it. I guess the one season that she was on was enough for her.

There wasn’t really any official reason why she didn’t want to return for another season. I mean, this has happened quite a few times in different reality shows. I think Lisa Nicole Cloud, who is married to Dr. Darren Naugles, chose not be part of the ensemble of Married to Medicine after three seasons. Though she did appear in some episodes recently.

I don’t think everyone who becomes part of a reality show has their own spin-off. It’s sort of rare for producers to do that sort of thing. I mean, Yummy Mummies ended after the second season. Nobody seems interested in it anymore. Netflix is even removing the show from the platform after two years. And the show was an “original” series on the platform too.

Still, Maria was able to get a decent following after appearing in the first season. And that’s normal for a lot of reality stars, especially in the age of social media. That translated to her doing sponsorship content on her social media. Though, Maria is only on Instagram. She did manage to earn a net worth of $1 million.

The weird thing about it is that Maria DiGeronimo doesn’t really seem to have a job. I guess social media influencer is a job now?

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